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  1. DirectX 8.1, No tweaks, No luck with toggling FSAA. The age old problems (many moons ago) with CMBO fog and NVidia prompted a switch to the new drivers when they came out. Just to check I have uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled in the last few days. CMBO works fine, including the alt-Tab. Puzzling. Cheers MRD
  2. System 1 GHz P4 1 GB RAM Win2000 Pro NVidia Quadro2 Pro with 30.82 Drivers Crashes CMBB on Alt-Tab to desktop Unhandled Exception C0000005 at Address 72d9af42 Annoying...anyone else with the same problems? any word from BFC on similar issues? Cheers MRD
  3. That the Radeon boards haven't managed to invoke the DirectX fog table is a plain old shame. It is the one critical factor in my upcoming purchase. For most graphics applications I find the GeForce and Radeons are interchangeable, except for video work. The tuner and TV-out features of the Radeon are without peer. GeForce cards disable the monitor when using TV-out (skimpy hardware architecture) and provide limited resolutions and (arggg!) a black border (just plain lazy driver support). It is plainly beyond my understanding why Nvidia does not support their GeForce drivers more. Ho
  4. Anybody check out the monthly video drivers which seem leak out? For example: Driver Webpage I'm holding off on a new desktop purchase and would prefer to get a Radeon 8500 if it would just display fog correctly. cheers Murray
  5. Sorry old sod but I'm on an enforced CM diet of late because of work...especially after 9/11. Another month or more at least before my release papers get through. Until then my sig has been I lurk therefore I am
  6. It is with a heavy heart gentlemen that I must announce my withdrawal from the Tournament (and CM PBEM). The real world has been nipping at my heels for quite some time now and I have tried my best to ignore its incessant yapping. Unfortunately, a prolonged hiatus of at least two months is almost assured just to put things to right. If only my family considered food and shelter as luxuries, I could continue my slothful pursuits. I'll be looking in at the forum and watching you knuckleheads batter away at each other, so keep up the chatter. Cheers Murray
  7. Terry, Thanks for the heartfelt thoughts ya bastage! Berli's departure brought a tear to my eye as well. :eek: You've managed to best my Yanks in two previous engagements and the last contest witnessed some "remarkable" tank v tank battles. As this contest is for all the sipping rights I'll not chance the experimental stuff of the past. Maybe I'll try out the Jerries for a change. OK? Mike my good man, could you fire off one of your maps to Terry the Pirate and I? Great Wacking Amounts of Pain and Suffering to Any and All. Murray
  8. SH*t P*SS M*F**K'N WH*RE'S Breath! Thanks Berli...really...anytime I can do the same for youse. :eek: From the top to the bottom in one easy step. Didn't I tell you all earlier that it's been Kick a Physicist Week lately? Cheers...NO DAMMIT! No Cheers for you all. Instead I wish you all Great Wacking Amounts of Pain and Suffering! Murray "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire." Winston Churchill
  9. Aye it's been a bitter week for yours truely. First I am driven to distraction by the realities of work and home. Then my Tournament games go completely astray. No one to blame but the commander unfortunately. Jarmo: As we have heard I found myself watching and seemingly endless parade of 95mm Cromwells. Nasty buggers have speed and the ability to wipe out armour up to and including JagPanthers with ease. I was not aware of them before. But as the saying goes "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I'm an idiot". Shandorf: Excellent little battle which which played here. A
  10. Please god....before another idiot comes into my office and attempts to get me to volunteer for some lame review panel...SOMEBODY SEND ME A CHALLENGE! Oh no...the doorknob's turning...maybe if I squeeze myself under my desk...ok..tuck the keyboard in there first...ugh..ack... Ok...I'm all set...nobody will find me here. Cheers Murray
  11. The soil has loosened around my gravesite enough during the past few nights that I can now extend one thin and scabrous claw to peck out a few games of CM. Jarmo has kindly sent many of my valiant troopers to reside with me in my eldritch abode. I expect a 35/65 loss in that contsest. Shandorf either knows not how to end a game or he is just toying with my emotions. HA! Little does he know that I have none. At least none that survive a liberal dosing of peaty spirits. I need games! Is Fionn still in this mess? Last I heard Mike was still awaiting his purchase list. I need
  12. The news of my death is greatly exagerated. Just a note to let everyone know that I am still in this...just that my turn rate has slowed of late. I hope Moon reconsiders. If not that then at least finishes our game. Cheers Murray
  13. Mike, Does that mean games in progress proceed? Or is the slate wiped clean and all players (including Berri-Berri ) get a mulligen? It seems like a total re-do is what is being proffered here. Maybe even the Irish Juggernaut will not have as easy a time of it in the "new and improved" Tourney. If a re-do is truth, will you make up new maps for those games that are to be redone? Some of these battles were blind purchase thing-ies. Also, should the field remain stocked with the quality players we had before, I have no problem continuing my prize offer of one bottle of the Dew of
  14. -- key music - Disney theme - lots of strings -- -- small rodent steps in front of a microphone and begins...-- When the TofS was born Rules were scarce and very few One of them was this Win or lose, toast with a brew Ah...when you were a Tourney Star made no difference who you are Pommies, Krauts and Frenchies too All marched for you First those gamey moves my friend caused poor Mikey's heart to rend now no request is too extreme for your dear troops -- music swells...a group of mangey CM players recognizable only from post office notices rise in the darkened theater, jo
  15. Mike, Mucho gratis mon amigo. I'd continue the Tournament regardless of what rules were decided...it's the PLAY not the winning that matters here. That being said though I always play to win. Most of my opponents are represented by small effigies which are hung upon my wall, taken down in moments of picque. The eldritch and arcane rituals intoned over these figures ensures the loss of my opponent and the eventual withering of their manly parts. Obviously the closer the effigy resembles the actual player the more effective these incantations. Having played Fionn previously I hav
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