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  1. This is not from the game but I have read of several times where rico's would damge or knock out vehicles-ie armor and such
  2. Hi guys -- if it is going to be a while on the B&T site --I would like to have the Ponyri scenario -if possible and not a lot of trouble --but I hope you get B&T going
  3. This is not a really AAr but just some comments on the battle-- I have played it 4 times and have kept one of the endings because the map looked so cool -- I think you did a good job in bring this over into CMBB thanks
  4. have not played CMBO in a while but am begining to want to - MohAA & Spearhead Panzer Elite MBT by camo workshops Looking forward to Steel Beasts 2 CMAK -- the Maddox game of WW2 plus what ever else somes along
  5. good job on the game -- I have not played the version you have the S.D. but will -- oh my Tiger 1's and as usually the mess kit tins commonly known as Mk 4 got smacked- it was fun and now when i read book on Kursk I have a little feel of the trouble the Russians gave the Germans
  6. I wondered about the "88 mm rooster tails" of dust --what has been said makes sense thanks -- also just think these would --I guess- have been the flak 18 or basically the L 56 of the Tiger I-- not the much faster L71 or pak 43 which should really raise a dust tail-- I won't tell how Seige turns out-- another good book imho-- is Rock of Anzio -- I have read it several times and will again as CMAK approaches--
  7. Army at Dawn by Rick Atchley is about the the US in the Tunsian campaign-- good read lots info on the in -fighting and how hard the real fighting was. Lots of good ideas here for the gamer-- the other is Seige A novel of the Eastern Front 1942-- Russ Schneider --very grim but a good read and good for gamers. After reading about the Tunisa stuff I am even more looking forward to the up coming CMAKO One thing though -- I really miss the tracers-- in one section of the Army at DAwn -- a GI told of there being so many green German tracers in the air that you could read book by them:0- also most
  8. If you want to send it out one more time I will take a try -- I am for anything Kursk ljtharpe74@earthlink.net
  9. Why would anyone not get CMBB -- I keep telling my self i will go back and try CMBo but so far I keep starting up CMBB - really if you liked the first i see no reason not like the 2nd as it is more of the same and better of the same
  10. ME 2 I also!! I have made and have been working on a Ponyri but I got carried away and it is 24000 points but is is fun--love to try yours ljtharpe74@earthlink.net
  11. I e-mailed some folks trying to get them into this game and the series --doing my bit
  12. I have played this game three times now -- first as the Germans -- it was a no contest for them- and that is no surprize-- then as the Russains and the Ai killed me -- so after studying and reading the above AAr -- I tried again- it ended with the Russians 54 the Germans 47 not overwhelming but I learned and enjoyed and that is what the game is for- thanks for the info-- I will probably try again in the future --if it were not so long I know I would but it is long my game went 49 turns
  13. I was playing around making the battle of Kolomak -Panthers--a few MK4s and for a total of 18 and about 80 t-34s and Kvs-- the result is the same unless the Russians can close the distance it is a total defeat -- I lose the mk4s but rarely a Panther and the often take out as many as 56 of the attackers-- --at a distance the Panther is tuff
  14. well I finished this battle last night-- I sorta lost by just a little-but it was fun now for a litle AAR warning this has a spoilers in the following.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ok stayed with the designer setup as to unit placment -- the left arm of the three pronged attack was lost to flanking fire except for 4 HTs the far right and the center did fine and advanced to the second flag of the town - I did not bother with assualting building much --usually I just blew them down--the two Panthers were the real saviour of the fight--but I lost them when as they were advancing
  15. Send it to me I will try it -- I have been working on Ponyri but got side tracked ljtharpe74@earthlink.net
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