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  1. Oh yes, you should get them both without hesitation! I enjoy them so much and ererything that has been said so far is correct - Marines - Pack a massive punch, you should see a Marine squad assault! Brits - Fragile and tactical. Head on clashes are not recommended!
  2. I was wondering what is the general "play style" that you guys implement as virtual commanders. Mine certainly changed in the past year... I used to be very cautious, I treated each soldier with maximum care. If my troops died I took it personally and I found myself reloading a saved game here and there - especially if a lot of my guys died because of a bad tactical decision I made. However recently I tried to think more as a "General" and less as a "Squad Leader", it's a war and it's bloody, and soldiers do die. Sometimes casualties are unavoidable in order to accomplish an object
  3. Thanks a lot for those Scipio! I am still amazed how fast you brought these mods online, I mean the brtis are barely "out"
  4. I just played the Demo for a couple of hours and I noticed that it runs much better on my system than my current full game (CMSF + Marines Module) at 1.11 I didn't run any actual FPS figures, but it feels much smoother. Do you notice better performance in the Demo as well? Or is it Version 1.20 that improves performance, or maybe it's just my imagination. Bottom line is, if the 1.20 full game runs like the demo I will be extremely pleased
  5. It won't happen before Friday 24/07 around 6PM European time. My bets are to see it on the 27th though - that's the original Release date for CMSF two years ago
  6. Great Video George!! This video really builds anticipation for the module. Can you please post your PC specs? The animations looked extra smooth considering you also used software like FRAPS to capture the action. Thanks again!
  7. This thread went down the drain of time with not "progress" Any chance someone from the MOD community do this request? Thanks!
  8. Hello All, and especially to the Beta testers! I am seriously considering buying the BF module when it comes out, but I have a few questions that I need clarifications about, and I am sorry in advance if they have been answered elsewhere around these forums. 1) Do you feel that the Brits play different than the US forces depicted in the game so far? (Firepower, Mobility, survivability) 2) Do you need to play different tactics with your armor? do you feel more "secure" driving the vehicles or you still try to keep them away from the enemy as much as possible? 3) What is the one thin
  9. This is OT obviously, but still an interesting game in the making. It has been a while since we saw a "realistic" tactical squad game. Here is the link - http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/sixdaysinfallujah/news.html?sid=6207816&om_act=convert&om_clk=picks&tag=picks;title;2 Itai
  10. Does this battle sounds familiar? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Battle_of_Fallujah Itai
  11. Well guys, you are forgetting the biggest advantage of the AAV - it has protection against sea corrosion ;-) I let my marines out of that metal box ASAP. Seriously though, I use it as a support role for 40mm grenade fire - much like I did with the M7 "Priest" 105 gun in Normandy. I also make sure to keep it at least 500m distance from any threat if possible. Itai
  12. If there is one thing I would like to see in a mod, is different colors for the status of the soldiers in a squad. You know - the green text on the bottom left of the screen, where you can see in detail what each soldier is doing i.e. Cowering, Firing, Moving and so forth. I use Pinetree's base icons and they are amazing. I think that if one of you talented folks out there can give different colors to the text it would be a valuable feedback to any CMSF commander. In particular the Casualty and Cowering text, it's hard to distinguish between the two in a firefight. Thanks! Itai
  13. Version 1.11 is awesome, I enjoy it a lot. Just two suggestions that will help in my opinion: 1. Text Labels over vehicles when hit so you have feedback to what happened - those were great in previous Combat Mission Games. 2. The Status Bar of what the soldiers are doing like "moving" "Firing" "Casualty" etc. it would be nice to give different colors to different situations, at least highlight casualty soldiers in red text instead of green. It's hard to distinguish between "cowering" and "Casualty". Thanks, Itai
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