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  1. All right Gentlemen what are you waiting for M&B Warband is available for purchase and you can be part of the beta until the actual launch day. So far Multi player is great. Unfortunately they just updated to .850 and can't get in to update it. Otherwise they added another faction and it is a unique idea in MP that as you win or not die and win you get money that you can buy better equipment. Although better equipment still doesn't keep you from dying by those blasted "HEAD SHOT".
  2. Sorry meant to say the Original V mini series was 4 hrs.
  3. Not to mention they crammed a 4 hour miniseries into a 1 hour Pilot. Yeah to Firefly cast. Now we need a cameo by Robert Englund and Marc singer and ...........
  4. -E what did you have to do to get them working? I have both but have not loaded them as I have a hard time getting the older games working. I have XP Pro.
  5. Here is another site that might help. http://www.gamekorps.net
  6. Check out Half-price books if you have one near. They have copies of CM Strike Force for $8.00.
  7. MeatEtr does your WAW have a license sticker over another number. I had to read the original number and then it let me upgrade. I have a white sticker over a yellow sticker that both have license numbers.
  8. Bad sign when they didn't expect that handing out a limited amount of beta keys would generate so much interest that there server croaked. If it can't even handle people trying to sign up what happens when the game actually gets going.
  9. I have a map of the Huy area in Belgium from 1977 That is 1:50000 that I have scanned. The map goes from left to right 1-3 and then right to left 4-6. I also created a top(stitch) and bottom(stitch2) of these. You can get them from the following links. Huy1 Huy2 Huy3 Huy4 Huy5 Huy6 Huystitch Huystitch2 I have a map of the Liege area and one of Omaha Beach. If anyone is interested I can scan them. They are from 1977 but they have good contours on them.
  10. For those of you interested in the music. I believe this is the website for the Artist. http://www.soundrama.com/ Check under music and look at the right Military game/menu screen. Sounds great.
  11. I had to reregister because it would not accept my username and password. I just tried to log in with the new name and password and it will not accept them.
  12. If you hit the space bar and bring up the tactical map you can right click on your vehicle or others and select the extract command.
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