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  1. Yes, he was facing the right direction. Not that it matters. The Tiger alone should have seen them after the first few dozen shots - it has excellent optics. The sniper was just there to drive home the point that it's not in need of 'tweaking' - it's horribly broken and, at patch 1.3.1, something 1C should be ashamed of.
  2. Still broken. First mission, german campaign. Put one single sniper on the hill, prone. Put a Tiger a bit away to attract attention. Watch the russian 45mm guns pound away at the Tiger. See the elite spotting sniper utterly fail to locate any of the wildly firing AT guns. His loss, since the AT guns eventually spot the single man lying in the grass at 800m, doing nothing, and shoot him. So, 1C. Why hasn't the spotting been fixed?
  3. An Athlon 3200+ is much, much less powerful than a Athlon X2. It's single-core, and the game requires dual-core, according to the specs.
  4. So you don't work in marketing. Well, neither do I, thankfully, but I have managed to glean enough understanding of the concept that I don't find it 'utterly unbelievable' when it influences it's potential buyers, for good or bad. And while I'm no slave to commercials (or even close), I do have a very limited amount of time to spend on games and demos, and since I expect the marketing to reflect the game (it should), I don't bother with games (or demos) where the marketing doesn't appeal to me.
  5. Meh. I was looking forward to this game. Was.
  6. 1990-1991 National service, infanteriregemente 1. 10 months. 1994-current National guard, 23:e skghvkomp (archipelago guard company), as a sharpshooter.
  7. The awesome minds of the beta testers say: gmail.com
  8. Yeah, the 'flickering' graphics is usually because a) the user has a dual core or hyperthreading CPU AND is running a power savings mode. The above link to Microsoft's hotfix should resolve the problem.
  9. No-one ever said BFC were stupid... here they have this cesspooler who somehow got hold of a copy before time? Could things BE worse? Well, he could start talking! Nothing good EVER comes from cesspoolers talking, everybody knows that! What to do, what to do... oh yes! Have the bugger sign an NDA! How to make him... hmmm... perhaps a new computer? No? Not interested? What's that? You want Grog Dorosh head on a platter, served with sliced Lars? Well... can't do that right now, seeing as how we're all very busy beta-testing CM:SF. Hey, there's an idea...
  10. Another ones mistake The package arrives early Hear the forum roar
  11. From the article: Yes, poor artillerymen. I sure they toss and turn every night they don't get to kill people. Moron reporters...
  12. Joe, really. Isn't killing him a bit excessive? It's not like he's a lawyer or something. Oh. Nevermind.
  13. You disgusting sheepsniffer! You're perfectly aware that 1.01 isn't compatible with 1.00! May all toiletcrawlers worldwide find their way up your nether regions come your next bowel movement!
  14. Yes, yes, we've all had to avert our eyes at your self-absorbed little gandy-dance on the Forum. Will you continue to actually post photos and insist that we look at the contents of the plastic cup in the future, or will we be able to mercifully draw a veil over the annoying images that your posts insist we look at? </font>
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