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  1. Heh, I remember reading long ago about the switch from KE to HE for anti tank rockets. The allies apparently had decided that KE rockets would be anti-tank and HE rockets would be anti shipping. As it turns out (and as is mentioned previously), the KE rockets were darned hard to get on target, and only hits counted, whereas a near-miss from a HE rocket could still do some damage. What was also happening was that the air forces were finding out that the HE rocket wasn't so good at the anti-shipping role either, since short rounds just blew up on hitting the water and didn't damage anyth
  2. You can work it to your advantage too. I basically turned the open area in the middle over the ridge (where one 'normally' sets the Stug up in Hull down) into kill zone with 2 Stugs to the left with Schrek support and the remainder of the Antiarmor assets to the other enfilade position. AI sent shermans charging over the hill, spring ambush, boom boom boom, no more shermans, tho I did lose the 2 left side Stugs when the AI engaged (1 to a simultaneous mutual kill, cool to see). But then the enfilade position opened up on rear shots and kill the remaining tanks (schrek to rear I think)
  3. Well, the Tu-4 (think that was it) was a carbon copy of a B-29 that was forced down in the USSR, but as for down to the serial numbers, I dunno. I guess the design bureau *could* have taken the order to 'copy the plan' literally, you never know..... --Mad
  4. Arg..stop stop stop... yer all making my memories come back.... ... Actually yes, firepower was cool one you get into the optional rules (Oh damned M16 jammed *again*). Watch that M203 HEDP take out the BMP,... And I *still* have my Ambush! (hardly used, anyone want it? If so I'll stick it up on some auction site) in a moving box somewhere...I am quite sure it's got all the pieces still there. I liked firepower tho, made for some tense and intense squad to squad games with my neighbour. ah... the good ol days.... --Mad (my normal sig is MG!, but in light of another thr
  5. If memory serves, the use of WP purely an antipersonel weapon (at least from an arty barrage) is not allowed according to the Geneva Accords. I once got in trouble during a planning excercise when I plotted a 100% WP initial barrage from my supporting mortar platoon in my battle plan. . The task was for 1 platoon with 1 Engineer squad and 1x6 tube mortar pltn in support to delay an 'enemy' Brigade(!) for 3 hrs in a mountain pass. So I figure, heck, let's burn some stuff, that'll stop them. I plotted a 36 bomb HE barrage with a 3 min pause followed by 72 bomb WP to get stuff burning. Tr
  6. 1 word - SWEET. This game just doen't cease to impress me. Espcially since I can actually make all those tactics I learned ages ago work for real now. Yeah, I ended up using the crews of my KO'd pillboxes and 150 as guards for the unit I overran in the counterattack. Didn't want a bunch of them running about my rear. Thanks for the info. Kudos to the game designers again!... ------------------ --MG!
  7. Last night as I was finishing up my first successful run as the Germans in VoT, I noticed something odd. During my counter-attack into the village, I heard the sound effect 'We Surrender' (which is pretty damned cool, I might add) and noticed an American FO unit raising it's (his?) hands. Then another smoke barrage came down and broke LOS from all my units to that FO unit. Next thing I knew, it wasn't marked 'Captured' any more. Does this mean that 'Captured' units really need some kind of guard presence, whether it simply be LOS to a sufficient number of Enemy units or an actual p
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