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  1. I am of the opinion that young Palladium is a reincarnation of a rather more aged Cesspool denizen, certainly knowledge of the olde '300 post limit' is not to be taken lightly.


    Regardless, I like it more than spurke already and will take it to squire should it prove to have the necessary cahonies. I believe Leeo was my last squire and look how how turned out...surely I must be due a break in squires sometime soon.

  2. I executed a prisoner once, I think he was one of Boo Radley's guys. Held him to ransom too over a couple of turns, negotiated a release package in the Cesspool but dumb old Boo insisted on an Obama-esque 'we don't negotiate with terrorists' stance so poor Johnny Appleseed has to take a bellyful of 7.62 as a result.


    Did I mention Boo Radley is a roight prick when it comes to concern for his troops? I bet he didn't even write a nice letter to Johnnie's parents...


    It was recorded on film as a warning to others...



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