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  1. Well Tom I really hope that you get it! You should have got it last week as I did as I am also in toronto... well again lets hope that you get your copy today Deadline
  2. Tom.... The mac version arrived in Toronto for me about 2 days ago...so there is still hope. Deadline
  3. Great! Got my copy yesterday in Toronto! Very cool indeed. Deadline
  4. I got my copy today and it took about a week and a half to get to Toronto!. very cool game indeed. Deadline
  5. CMBB HAS ARRIVED IN TORONTO!!!!!! very cool indeed....Tom it was the mac version. BTS a job well done indeed. Deadline
  6. Nothing in Toronto...hope that it comes this week. (mac version) Deadline
  7. I have to reboot into OS 9.2 from OS 10... To play the game as we all know know that that is the only possible way to play CM for now. That is ok.... Deadline
  8. Runs great on a G4 867 with 1. 2 gigs of ram... Deadline Ps. been away for some time...guess I have been waiting for this 2nd great game to come along, well done .
  9. REVS I learned along time ago that the QB maps just did not do it for me, so I embrassed the map editor and began to design detailed maps based on the regions that CM takes place. I have several opponents that I play on a regular basis and they use my maps and we have had many a great time in combat. Let me know your email address and I will send you a few samples to battle on. Deadline ---MIke
  10. Bump :eek: These sounds are great and deserve to be at the front of the line..the sounds make it feel that you are right in the front lines Deadline
  11. Joshik It worked great and sounds fantastic. Thanks for your help with instructions for the Mac side of the install of these great sounds. Great job Scipio, you are surronded by a whole new sounding game and it sounds amazing... :eek: :eek: :eek:
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