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  1. I just read about that battle WWII Magazine. I came online to find more info. This is a nice surprise, Ill order the hardbound today. Cash is ok for once and this looks like a worthy effort!
  2. "Latin", aint that the stuff they say in church? :cool: :eek:
  3. Wow, a lot accurate, and well prose statements in here. I’m going to print them on nice paper and put them on the wall around my office! Just like when the Navy started pushing Deming’s Law, many upwardly mobile officers and senior enlisted folks used to put quotes of what we called “Deming ****’ around their spaces. Of course there is no comparison between Deming **** and the "thoughts to fight by" I find here. They will love this around the office: “Remember even a clock that is stopped is right twice a day.” “Remember, you don't have to think allot you just have to think well.
  4. Thanks Longshot, I grabbed the new drives, cleanout the old, installed and now my text is good in XP!!! Also when you load the new drivers several files are missing some help files and a DLL, I found them in the windows/help and windows/system32 directories
  5. Is it possible to get CM to run in a window, instead of full screen? The reason is I run CM on a laptop with a second monitor and would like to be able to drag CM to the second monitor. I tried selecting the resolution of the second monitor duing setup, but CM still runs on the primary screen. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the welcome and the help I tried searching before I posted but I searched for Artillery and morter, which is mispelled, silly me. but now I have the info I need, thanks again Nope Im not from CC2, I go by hammer because I like to think Im a blacksmith but I just play with it and Back in the USNF days I prefered to drop bombs on tanks(drop the Hammer) Im too old for that **** now
  7. I just played my first game of the demo, Im sold I was sucked in real bad. I have two questions how do I indirect fire (spot) morters, I seem to always need a clear los and is ther artilery and if so how do I call it in?
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