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  1. also this is because of a huge argument on quora.

    an OP basically claimed I was wrong to say the SS were a bunch of war criminals because 'your judging them only on their wartime behavior'  WTF!? LMAO

    Anyways, Im debating, and its friendly and this guy I presume is russian jumps in.  he immediately accuses me of trying to censor the other guy and not allow him free speech. Which is false ( i can link thread)

    more ironically he began abusing the report function to try to censor my answers

    Annways SOMEHOW optics came up

    and he claims their optics werent special, and further he claims to have looked through a german sight and russian one and said the T34 site was superior....

  2. On 6/17/2011 at 11:55 AM, Loaf said:

    I would not be surprised if the desire for an all-white Free French formation was politically rather than racially motivated, and stemmed from De Gaulle's desire to present his Free French forces as the true liberators of France. De Gaulle's political campaigning ensured that the Free French 2nd Armored got to liberate Paris, after all...


    De Gaulle wanted to create a myth that Free French forces and partisans were instrumental in France's liberation - essentially, he wanted (and seems to have succeeded to a remarkable extent) to convince the French that they more or less liberated themselves from the Germans. This involved massively over-playing the numbers and significance of both partisan and FF formations. At the same time, French collaboration with the German occupiers was under-stated.


    I don't think it would have fit the De Gaulle spin to have a bunch of non-white colonial soldiers roll into Paris - he didn't want the French to think they were saved by their colonies. For obvious reasons, even white FF units were disproportionately made up of men from the colonies, and I don't think that fact got highlighted much by De Gaulle either. He wanted people to think that the FF forces were made up largely of people like him - men who refused to accept Vichy France and fled to Britain to carry on the fight.


    De Gaulle was thinking ahead to post-war France and his desired role as its leader. The US and Brit leadership saw De Gaulle as a pest, but he got a lot of what he wanted from them.


    Anyhow, my larger point is that Ike's interest in any Free French formation would be marginal and his goals would be A) appeasing De Gaulle; B) maximizing the propaganda value of French participation in the Normandy invasion; and C) maximizing the benefits of the limited manpower available from Free French forces. Probably in that order... So I very much doubt you could get to the bottom of the whole decision to ban black French colonials from Normandy without considering the behind-the-scenes political wrangling between De Gaulle and the Allied leadership. The decision could have been a result of straightforward US institutional racism, but I would be willing to bet there was more to it...

    This French view has persisted and become fact to the French themselves.

    Look at Quora answers.  They get REALLY PISSY if you mention that most the partisans were communist and the partisans all preferred to fight eachother after the Germans were kicked out by Allies

    They also dont want to hear about the Vichy gunning down US troops and throwing their weapons down when the US troops finally got close - or the yacht full of high ranking allies who demanded to their superiors to be able to sail in and talk - they knew a lot of the French officers and they had been allies! Yeah that yacht got lit up.

  3. 3 hours ago, IanL said:

    Great to hear. Walking to work is pretty damn nice too.

    I NEVER had work in Revere every job I had ever took at least a hr to and from.on subways and buses. Thats huge. 13 an hour is great for me - Ive made more legally *once*

    After 90 days automatic union membership. Its stop n shop and its overnites so I wear st clothes and dont deal with customers. I like manual labor or my mind wanders.

    Ironically my backround check totally passed. (Ill take that)

    Marijuanas legal totally here but companies domt act it so I had to get creative with handwarmers and its hard to find someone with no pot im their system now but its done! Im in start tmrq nite. They were on abt orientation now theyre just like 11pm and you can get a whole shift. Im pleased as hell.  And like I said Ian you have helped me particularly pls feel free

  4. I didnt think it would as its a legit thing in the GDF forum.  Its not a sale - someone is *gifting* a key.  Feel free to report me friend. I did *think* and I disagree with your opinion frankly.  I never in my 20 years posting here have sold anything or acted like anything was a swap meet. Nor have I propagated posts where people sell legal or illegal stuff.

    This is a WW2 sim that someone is *gifting* keys out to people who are enthusiastic but may have financial difficulties.  If many including you my friend hadnt gifted me stuff in the past Id never have played RT onwards.

    All due respect to you.

  5. On 5/5/2019 at 8:46 AM, Erwin said:

    Seeing them side by side, Hitler's painting look quite good.  Wonder which artist people would prefer to have displayed in their home?  Maybe we should do a survey?  

    Churchill would always win.people wont be able to seperate the maker from the art.  Maybe in a thousand years.  Probay by then Hitler will have grown into am evil demi god ppl argue over whether he existed and whether its true he had horns as a birth deformity.

    More likely we.ll all have been extinct 900 years though

  6. 17 hours ago, DerKommissar said:

    Think early 2000s rap.

    "Happy people have no history." -- Tolstoy

    Diseases were more rampant and deadly, in the past. Life expectancy and living conditions were poorer. In both respects, relative to their temporal peers -- Stalin and Hitler were not significantly below average. Indeed, most famous historical figures were not illiterate peasantry. I'd say that most scientists, inventors and philosophers had very good upbringing.

    Fun fact: The first Polytechnic, that Einstein applied to, rejected him!

    Ahhh ur awesome thanks for a laugh

    Early 2k rap hehe

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