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  1. 10 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    This is somewhat similar, for many of the same reasons, to Russia today.  The biggest thing that scares Russians isn't the increasing autocracy of the Putin regime, it's the fear of going back to the times of the 1990s where the economy was wrecked, violent crime was massive, and Russia was perceived as a basket case by its peers.  Putin has spent much of his energies creating the illusion that his leadership is what is keeping people from a return to those horrible days.  People might not like Putin, they might not like the obvious ineptitude of the Russian system of governance, but they prefer "the devil they know" to the one they used to know and might once again meet up with.

    Russians, like Chinese, do not look to the West as an alternative to what they currently have.  Decades of propaganda and genuine shortcomings in the West have seen to that.

    There's few other countries that fit into this sort of mindset.  Cuba comes to mind.


    Venezuela, Iran, North Korea..

  2. 11 hours ago, roadiemullet said:

    I'm not so sure comparisons from what I've said mean that by 'my logic' America loves Trump because there are people that support him there. If that's the message you took from what I have written then you've misunderstood me, which may be my fault in the way I have written my points.

    I don't mean to come across as facetious, but have you ever spent any decent amount of time in China? I have. I've been to every major city along the coast, from Hong Kong to Harbin. I've been to countless factories and met thousands of people in the last 8 years. I ran a project management curriculum for three years and had countless conversations with countless students/business people from all walks of life. I'm not a visitor who comes to China, I live here, and I've been here continuously with the exception of the occasional two-three week holiday and one three month stay back home in 2016, and I'm telling you, I've met maybe 3 or 4 people who didn't think the CCP was just about the greatest thing that ever happened to China.

    Imagine Trump has been in office for 8 years, and every single person you talk to about him bangs on about how great he is. Many bring it up in the first minutes of conversation because you are one of the few foreigners they have met in their life and they are so proud they feel they have to tell you. In 8 years you meet 4 people who said they didn't like him. That's the level. Forget communism, its all about nationalism. Communism as an idea is only ever brought up in the name of the party anyway. The official doctrine is 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics', with the recent wonderful addition of 'Xi Jinping thought on...' added before. Which means that basically whatever the party leadership deigns to be the policy is the policy, no matter if it fits a communist or capitalist criteria by other peoples measures.

    I'm not interested in applying 'my logic' to american politics - the whole reason I started posting in the first place is, as I said, too many people are viewing China through a western lens. Please don't take this response as snarky - oftentimes responses on the internet come across as pretty sharp and that's not the spirit of my writing here.


    We all know that the CCP Government does not abide any criticism, and people who start "causing trouble" really do have a tendency to vanish for months on end, before the family find out they've been tried for "breaking social harmony" or some more serious charge. But that doesn't mean everyone is living under the oppressive yoke and aches in their hearts for freedom haha, again, most people think the CCP are the saviours of China. This is in the face of the great leap forward, the cultural revolution, and the Tiananmen square massace. 


    The idea that students "know they will be gunned down by the PLA" - I'm sorry that's completely ridiculous. I just told my Chinese wife that one and she burst out laughing. Nobody thinks that, only westerners. It may be true, but again, that is NOT the perception here.

    No. I have never been to Asia, only Europe and here in America.

    Im glad I amused your Chinese wife.  I wasnt joking or trying to be offensive.  Frankly the US government would do the same to an serious enough uprising.   But seriously, do you really doubt if there were HK like protests on the mainland there wouldnt have been a draconian response with many dead?  And who would do the killing?  I seem to recall the military gunning down people in Tianemen Square - but perhaps your wife doesnt even know it happened because of the Chinese government.

    All I know is what I read and hear from my position here in the west.  However living in Boston and working as a cleaner I clean a lot of buildings with college students and have met many Chinese students.  They are all proud to be Chinese but the ones from HK that I got to know confided they despised the 'mainlanders' etc and the 3 I got to know more than passively ( one from hong kong 2 from elsewhere) all said they only desired to go back because there family was there.  They said their society felt stifling now theyd lived in the west. 

    If youre reading into my post like its a 'punch back' youre wrong - its just a basic response to your post and so you basically can tell your chinese friends that most of us dont really care or think about china besides passing thoughts much like how you guys probably think of us. frankly most of us dont care or wonder whether the chinese are yearning to rise up or crawl down at all frankly.  the saying 'whats that got to do with the price of tea in china?' doesnt exist for nothing on the other side of the planet.  But no one I think whose intelligent in the west thinks the Chinese are an oppressed, stifled people.  we know they are proud, etc etc. I think we look at them more with a sort of sadness, knowing they will never truly be our friends and feeling we fundamentally view the same issues differently and in toxic ways at times.  Much like any one thinking theres any movement in N Korea to seriously overthrow the regime from within is kidding themselves.  The North Koreans dont even know wtf is going on outside north korea, and are simply trying to survive.

    I know its not half as desperate in china, but I fundamentally distrust how much factual information an average chinese citizen whose only lived in China has access to about all world events and history.  I will say that.  Otherwise I could care less about the entire issue.  Im sure there'll be a war with them some day but I hope not. I wont be alive anyways.  Im glad you found a cool new place and culture to live and exist in and wish you the best - I couldnt do it. I dont like asian women (not curvy enough )or culture enough to do live in it.

  3. 1 minute ago, SimpleSimon said:

    I think the best part about roadie's post is how it highlights how widespread nonsense and disinformation about China is in the west. To me it's incredible because all of it is shameless repetition of canned arguments and propaganda literally recycled from the decades of the Cold War and now combined with a crude sort of euphemistic racism against Asians. 

    The most important bit people should consider is the one that in fact there's popular support for the Communists and whether or not its a clear majority or not is irrelevant. The Communist Party has tied itself successfully to improvements in the quality of life in China because these are improvements that they have legitimately brought to the country. There were consequences to this and the improvement has not been universal but the idea that student protests are about to explode into a mass overthrow of the Communist Party is unrealistic. Not to mention the idea that Chinese Leadership is hatching some long term plan to take over the world. Classic demagoguery and nothing more. 

    roadie perhaps you can add. My impression of Chinese leadership is that for the most part, it is highly decentralized and for the most part Beijing does not normally concern itself in rural or regional affairs. Federalism is present but its resources are rather limited and this goes further to explain failures (of any kind) in the Chinese response to the virus than HURR COMMUNIST REPRESSION does. 

    speaking of racism against asians and stuff....






    but its just against blacks you say.. and oh no here comes Mr Whataboutism! "Yes! It is I! Sirwhataboutery! What about American racism! you hypocrite! you just hate chinese people!"





    every side does ridiculous stuff.  the Chinese government if nothing else is no victim though its citizenry is.    Thats kinda  the problem since they all know theyll disappear  if they dont say positive stuff and you cannot put anti government stuff out there.  And sure we know  there isnt going to be any revolution of students there.. because we and the students know theyd be gunned down by the PLA. Look at trump in the us.  you say theres no doubt theres support for the CCP but of course  noone knows how much. One definitely can say theres support in America for trump.  I can also tell you his supporters are a minority, just a very loud one.  Id also add hes probably one of the most hated presidents ever by far.  Yet by your logic since some Americans support him America loves trump. 


  4. 17 hours ago, Erwin said:

    The problem with China is that there is little data that can be independently verified.  All we have to go on is eye-witness accounts of people who have been there and more importantly an examination of the effect that China has had on the west and on the US in particular over the last 25-30 years.   

    People that I worked with around 25 years ago are the ones that alerted/educated me as to what the Chinese seemed to be up to.  Since then we have had several administrations starting with Bush Sr. that have ignored the warning signs and sold out the ordinary people of the US and the west in exchange for more profits.  Many folks have been warning about China since the 90's in some official circles , but those opinions were very unpopular (and harmful to careers) due (one assumes) to the above mentioned profit motive. 

    What am certain is noticed by many readers here is that (what has happened with regular frequency in the 20+ years of these BF forums) when folks are losing an argument, they resort to making their arguments into personal attacks rather than finding better arguments.  When one does that one has lost.

    In any case, it's unlikely that anyone here will have their minds changed by anything anyone says.  General chat forums like this are the equivalent of a bunch of old fogies sitting around a cafe or pub expounding on their world views.  Time will tell who was correct.  Either Trump will win or lose in 7 months.  China will have to make reparations and have their economy slowed down, or they will bounce back and overtake the US in the next few years.  All we are doing here is speculating for entertainment.  


    Im on quora alot. I noticed when I debate people if they cant debate without getting personal and have no good argument they almost always run to insults or ad hominem attacks. its almost always a surefire sign your opponents got nothing.  As you you noted youre already fighting a losing battle on that.

    What did people alert you the chinese seemed to be  up to 20 years ago though?  I missed that.

    What I think is alarming and shocking and most Americans seem to not care is most of our media is now censored by the chinese communist party!  Look at the game contest where a winner held a #free HK thing up. blizzard took his winnings and banned him for life! because chinese pressure.  In top gun 1 maverick has a  taiwan cruise patch.  The patch has been erased in top gun 2.   The reason it made no sense in Red Dawn 2 that N Korea had occupied the US was because it didnt.  it was supposed to be china but they flipped out and wouldnt show it in china, so we changed it because we want money.

    our own greed is slowly letting a avowed adversary into our abode, and telling us what to do

  5. On 4/26/2020 at 7:16 PM, Battlefront.com said:

    I just heard the Governor of Nebraska give the "boy who cried wolf" excuse for why the Federal government did nothing until everything had gotten out of control.  Sorry, not buying it.  What should have happened?  In January a task force should have been formed to monitor the situation in China.  I mean, who in the current US Admin trusts the Chinese?  Nobody.  So they should have understood that things were WORSE than was being reported.  And since the WHO's info was only as good as the Chinese allowed, the WHO should not have been used as a gold standard either. 

    CM analogy... you see some of your units getting hammered by something unidentified.  Do you a) do nothing or b) do something?  If you chose A, then I think I've got a new PBEM opponent in mind :D

    By very early mid to late January it was abundantly clear, even to folks like me, that this thing was pretty bad (relative to previous flu type viruses) and was going to spread.  How soon and how bad?  Not my department.  The aforementioned task force would have been assessing it and start taking appropriate measures behind the scenes.  Like checking on if the masks in storage were worth a damned and replacing them if they weren't. 

    CM analogy... you now see that the threat to your flank is a bunch of tanks with some unknown amount of infantry.  Do you a) do nothing or b) do something?  Again, if your style of play is "do nothing" then you're my kind of opponent!

    By very early February it was clear that the virus was going to spread outside of Asia, by mid February it had done exactly that.  At this point the non-existent task force should have been doing things like working with State CDC organizations to make sure they were ready for what might come, demanding that they do their own risk assessments, inventorying their PPE, etc.  Still largely behind the scenes stuff.

    CM Analogy... the flank has been compromised and you're starting to receive fire from an unexpected location, quite a ways away from the previous fighting.  Do you a) do nothing or b) do something?  At this point I don't want to play anybody that is still opting for A, because obviously my time is being wasted.

    By late February all alarms should have been going off all around the globe.  The non-existent task force would be leaping into action to take measured PROACTIVE actions to contain and limit the spread.  This would involve a calm and measured discussion with citizens about what might come.  Behind the scenes polices would be implemented for quarantining, tracking, etc.  Travel restrictions from affected areas (not JUST China) would have been put into place, prepositioning some supplies in the obvious epicenter states, etc.

    CM Analogy... the objectives you're defending are now coming under direct threat by forces that have already overwhelmed or severely compromised your front line positions.  Do you a) do nothing or b) do something?  Only a total and utter moron would still be selecting A as the prime go-to choice.

    By March things should have been going full tilt to get ready for the influx of hundreds of thousands of cases.  Now the months of planning would have gone into action in a coordinated, phased, context sensitive way.  The public would have been informed about these measures and why they were necessary.

    CM Analogy... the enemy is now moving in towards what you are trying to defend.  You have a pretty good idea what is at stake, you also know most of what you need to know about the enemy's capabilities.  Do you a) do nothing or b) do something?  Unless the person was suddenly medically incapacitated, I doubt anybody would still select A at this point


    Now, think about how the response to COVID-19 played out in most countries (not just the US) and you'll see that playing PBEM against most of them would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  For 3 months option A was the prime go-to choice Especially the leaders and supporters who somehow came up with option C which was to actively deny anything was happening (which is worse than doing nothing).

    To be clear... this was a fudgeup of epic proportions by many governments.  It is their job to figure stuff like this out before it happens and to cry "wolf" as soon as they lay eyes upon it (not after it's biting).  This was no earthquake or tsunami, it was a relatively slow rolling crisis driven almost exclusively by Human activities.

    In the words of the youngsters out there... EPIC FAIL.

    So now what?  The complete and utter dereliction of duty and gross incompetence left us with a mess that made the world economy shutting down inevitable.  If it wasn't done proactively, it would have been done reactively when the health care system collapsed.  Proactive shutdown was definitely the right choice, but now we need leadership on how to get things open again.  After that, we need a much better plan for what to do when the next one comes up.  Option A for four months should not be repeated.


    too bad the POTUS cant rage quit and stop answering emails and make a new battlefront.com acct 😃

  6. 18 hours ago, sburke said:

    when dumbasses lead the charge


    We waste a lot of time and end up back where we should have started - with the guy who actually knows something.

    On Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, Oz said, “I think there is so much data coming from so many places, we are better off waiting for the randomized trials Dr. Fauci has been asking for. Otherwise, we keep reacting back and forth for studies that show an opposite result.”

    no I didnt mean someone pro 2nd amendment. you know exactly the type. the ones saying walmart garden centers are fema holding cells made for when they take ARS the types who formed militias, post online they hope for a civil war, helped the oregon gop evade arrest..

    same extremeists with other groups

    and yes antifa et al make the left look bad

    BUT trump will refuse to disavow white supremacists. the left WILL disavow antifa

  7. 23 hours ago, Erwin said:

    Uh... need to remember that you are using denigrating labeling to describe about half the population of the US.  Can't wait to hear the denigrating labels when Trump wins again in Nov.

    Re Payment Protection for small businesses in the US... Be interesting to investigate how many businesses that had over 500 employees fired the excess so that they could qualify for the free money handout to businesses that have under 500.  


    how is naming those groups a denigrating label? I didnt say that was all that comprised the GOP. however every group mention is pro trump and in say david dukes case trump refused to disavow his support.

    second no, its more like a third of the US.

    Trump very well may win in November, it doesnt change its a biarre coalition of single issue voters that normally would hate eachother.

  8. On 4/21/2020 at 4:25 PM, Holien said:

    Thanks for the explanation Sublime, for me I saw a nurse posting asking those folks to stay at home and in her post she said something along the lines that folk will say she is a snowflake. I do thank the Americans here posting either side of the political spectrum as it helps me understand better your pov's.

    My last post was more playing devil's advocate because it seems those protesting are cloaking themselves with patriotismen it could be viewed the other way..

    BTW in the UK snowflake is not a common term being used...

    patriotism is used heavily as well.  also tds( trump derangement syndrome) is used to describe anyone whose vitriolic against trump and implies the persons deranged because they dont like trump. ironically the right adopted the term after it being used to describe the personality cult vibe around trump a few years ago.

    the right here invented the term snowflake though and uses it much how someone would in like a combo of sjw/wuss.  except its use is usually a give away as to the persons leanings.  patriotism has been continually used to try to shield trumps comments, criminal leanings, everything. 

    I cant emphasize enough, to understand a movement you have to understand the followers. we all like ww2, yet theres a taboo ( and I get it here and elsewhere) , about discussing politics because its gotten so hateful here its considered almost unpolite.  The problem is if we ignore the elephant in the room sometimes we dont understand something. if we didnt discuss the average german in ww2 we wouldnt get the nazis or hitler.  And understanding trump is understanding this bizarre coalition hes cobbled together of people who probaby literally pray for the deaths of other members who vote like them and are just there for single issues.  Its got to be the strangest coalition in political history - david duke kkk head, neo nazis, 4chan, qanon, proud boys, 2nd amendment types, the gop, tea partiers, racists, anti abortionists, anti immigrationists,  some big industry and some foreign parties and you have the trump goulash, which personally makes me ill.

    sorry sburke, I know you didnt want me to go back to this but holiens post made me unable to resist.

  9. 6 hours ago, Holien said:

    Hmmm just a thought about this debate that seems to be hitting the USA at the moment...

    While I don't  use the term "snow flake" as it is effectively just name calling to paint a group as "worthless" I do wonder if those complaining about how they are suffering because of their perceived "loss of liberty" could be the snow flakes as they are not prepared to suffer a bit of hardship to save lives?

    If this is a war surely our leaders would be saying "man up" so we save people from death?

    Of course it seems to have been twisted that those enduring the hardship by staying at home are anti American when nothing is further from the truth. They are staying at home because they love their country and are prepared to pay the price for lives.. IMO a truly noble act...

    Just my 2p YMMV

    Oh when I mean the term snowflake Im talking about this aggressive political movement in the US that was printing shirts that said things like F your feelings trump - pence etc but play the ultimate victim on almost every subject and all trump does is act aggrieved and harmed unless hes constantly feted and praised. look at his reaction to a reporter calling him on his video 'tribute' to himself that he claimed was for 'all the american heroes' it was really just  the gop self fellating itself and the journalist rightly called trump on it who harrumphed.

    my point is this guy who will say 'oh why would you ask such a nasty question' when a reporter asks him about his failings, has no problem with people shouting 'shoot them!'' in response to his question about what should be done with illegals (he laughed actually, pensacola rally)  and Ive noted his supporters do the same.  They all hate hand outs, but I bet theyre all glad to receive the stimulus check eh? 

    As far as the debate and saying its un american to quarantine those people are just damned fools. that had no reflection on my mention of the term snowflake and whatnot.  The people protesting or not able to self quarantine are being incredibly selfish and essentially un american.  The thing is of course, I consider many of trumps moves and actions inherently anti american and thereby his supporters as well.  but enough about that.

  10. 18 hours ago, kevinkin said:

    Never called anyone a fool but questioned the country's backbone. It's not like I am the first to say we are collectively softer than our parent's generation. As of the last count there are over 700,000 healthy people unemployed in NJ with, as of yesterday, a little over 4000 KIA. Most KIA were not in good health. It's unknown how many died from the China virus or with it in their systems. That will take months to figure out. There are claims that hospitals are cooking the books for additional funding.  It is also not known if social distancing is having any impact. It might actually extend the agony for the unemployed since we are delaying the immunity we would naturally obtain. It does not look like the health care system was overwhelmed even in NY state or the city. So we upended the lives of >700,000 people (not even counting the kids) to err on the side of caution to save an unknowable number of people. What do we say to the unemployed in states with <1000 KIA?  When the after action report comes in, I am pretty sure we will conclude this was an overreaction and were ways to stop the spread without destroying so many lives. So yes, I believe the cure will be determined to have been worse. But will government say so? Maybe not to cover themselves. BTW I was in a foul mood last night and I got the discussion off to a foul start. For that I am sorry. 


    You know theres literal records of Socrates bitching about the younger generation.

    every goddamn generation does it. and guess what? every generation has stood up.  name a US generation that hasnt yet.  Im sick to death of this continual (and always seemingly from GOP boomer types) snow flake talk when their demigod is the biggest snowflake of all time

  11. On 4/18/2020 at 7:39 AM, John Kettler said:

    Reimagining the 1950s. Love how weird this is. Pic's a bondage shot and the apparatus custom made, She has an air hole in the top, too. Mind, it's only about te diameter of a silver dollar, so she has to keep maneuvering to stay at the air hole. I find the juxtaposition of the severe looking metal, the thick glass, her predicament, the 1950s style dress, shoes and hair, the bizarre element of goldfish swimming around inside the apparatus and that all this is set, not in some dungeon but out in nature to be fascinating. Had never seen anything remotely like it when I first encountered it years ago.



    John Kettler

    JK youre a serial killer arent you?

  12. 3 hours ago, Wicky said:

    It was Kettler ' tiresome way of trying to hide / bypass directly linking to his conspiracy source. Most of it was a rehash of an earlier rebunked posting earlier in the thread - which BFC have repeatedly warned him of posting.


    oh I looked into it. I didnt feel like even doing the work you did of explaining,

    as far as Im concerned any evidence  from kettler about current events THAT USES THE FCKN WAY BACK MACHINE...

  13. On 4/12/2020 at 11:49 PM, John Kettler said:

    Apparently, the US intercepted Chinese communication regarding CV fatalities--at least 20.9 MILLION for period of December 2019 to March 2020 as detailed in a classified report to President Trump. The Chinese officially reported a microscopic 3300!



    John Kettler

    this is total BS.. if it was true you wouldnt be hearing 'news' on the way back machine.

    John just because its on the internet doesnt mean its true. Yes I know about the 21 cell phone accounts. That doesnt mean 21 dead by the most eextreme metric, the cell phones dropped were favored by the poorest and migrants and college kids and had to be 'recharged' -they would have went offline in a lockdown in Hubei Prov anyway.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Erwin said:

    I do miss Bernie.  We would have been given the opportunity for some very interesting and needed debates re inequality, healthcare etc.  He was screwed by Hillary and the Dem machine in 2016, and am shocked that some of the other firebrand candidates like Elizabeth Warren didn't support Bernie when they were forced to drop out (for what seemed like vindictive meanness).  They did the US a huge disservice by backing Biden who hasn't a hope in hell.

    However, Bernie raised an amazing $181 million with most donations being under $200.  Am thinking that most of that is still unspent.  Can he use that to fund an organization that promotes his ideas, or even to fund running again in 2024?   


    Erwin bernie would never have beem elected.

    Theres tape of him buying in wholeheartedly.to soviet propagamda in a USSR visit in 87.  Thatd be devastating.  Trump was supposedly planning to make his election fight socialism "whether or not the drms were socialist"

    Bernie would habe beem the perfect bogeyman

  15. 17 hours ago, Erwin said:

    The big question is who is the alternative.  Biden...?   His moronic son with no experience of anything other than hanging on daddy's coattails gets a $1,000,000 pa job in Ukraine oil company?   One wonders why.  Surely not a brazen attempt to corrupt a potential presidential candidate?  Think of the resentment that many ordinary folks who don't have the advantage of those sort of connections to help their kids will feel about that. 

    The problem for the elites who run the Democratic Party is that they have utterly lost touch with their base.  Hence the recent scandal of rich democratic Hollywood actors trying to bribe/buy their kids into elite universities etc.  One presumes that they are surrounded by like-minded elites and simply saw nothing wrong with that cos "everyone (they hang out with) is doing it".  

    Bernie was the only viable competition with integrity imo.  

    It's easy to criticize with 20/20 hindsight.  But, I well recall the fuss over other threatened pandemics like SARS, bird flu, swine flu, and Zika...  If the US had panicked and gone off the deep end responding to those potential threats just think of the criticisms re destroying the US and world economies for nothing. 

    But, in the west, there were a very few tragic cases but compared to annual flu deaths, nothing happened in those potential pandemics, and doing very little turned out to be the correct decision.   Moral: It's very tough to make these calls when making the wrong decision can have devastating consequences.



    'hanging off daddys coattails..'

    you just  perfectly described trump

    corrupt family?

    trump.  at least biden probably would have the class to not openly force their security clearance and force install them in WH positions.

    I agree Biden sucks. terrible candidate.  The problem is trump is downright dangerous to america in my opinion.  And not in the benign way biden may be, like dementia.  Trump I really can see setting the stage for the GOP refusing to step down.  Theres a lot of theories on this that sound kettlerian but hear me out a little - I havent made my mind up either

    any idiot can see the GOP is being bred out of existence.  They wont have a platform or voters in 30 years.

    Unless....  Gerrymandering, and other things, and then if they get total control, and after perhaps changing LOTS of judges and rules, simply refusing to leave power,  or demanding some new government structure 'to protect their voters' or somesuch

    Look at what theyre doing now before I get shouted down for dramatics.  Like many people who lack empathy I believe trump gauges other peoples reactions. trial balloons.  They like it he does it. horrified 'heyyy just joking!'  he keeps 'joking' about extra terms.  he also keeps 'joking' about his love for dictatorships over our allies and LOTS of other stuff youd have never stopped hearing about but he sets a new fire everyday.  So what are they doing?  Well already shutting the fed govt down over politics.  Already gerrymandering and voter suppression..   Denying russian help and outright asking china to do the same.  Helsinki.  The Nork stuff. The unprecedented actions of the gop in the 8 years of obama culminating in the criminal actions of depriving Garland his SCOTUS seat.  McConnel when asked a year ago what the GOP would do in the exact same position roles reversed smiled and said 'we would fill it in a heartbeat'.  The whole 'let us in' charade by gop congressmen complaining about 'secret hearings'? those secret hearings were framework put in place BY the GOP during the benghazi era. Also half the congressmen were allowed in! and hadnt been attending the hearings anyways! BTW does ANYONE have a SINGLE time trump took responsibility FOR ANYTHING? AT ALL?  Because I clearly remember HRC after all being said and done about benghazi and it being painfully clear she didnt deny forces and there were none around still said 'its my responsibility. I was head of the DoD and the buck stopped with me.'  Thats a million more percent of leadership than djt ever had.

    on HRC - shes not super likeable and not my favorite.  That said she did 11 hours of congressional testimony. djt wasnt even trusted to be interviewed privately without perjuring himself! this is our POTUS!! I dont get the gop obsession with hillary btw.  Its bizarre. 30 years of a microscope and they got bill getting a bj. thats about it.  I doubt djt would stand to true scrutiny of the last 4 years let alone last 30.

  16. On 4/9/2020 at 10:38 PM, Erwin said:

    Well, that is clearly indisputable and irrefutable proof that no one can argue with.  Case closed your honor.  Get the black cap on..   ^_^

    look just be glad I didnt take the Cicero litigation

    "yes your honor, but may I remind the jury this mans wife is a slut!"

    judge: 'lol your right case closed.'

  17. 3 hours ago, kevinkin said:

    Actually with the State in control of most movements and ability to work, BS would never of had a chance since we are now living through his "utopia". Everyone is so ticked off, that the dream of a Marxist takeover of America is now doomed. The media is salivating over "never let a crisis go unexploited".  But they are so stupid they don't even understand they are throwing the primeist red meat across the aisle to their enemies on the Right. When the smoke clears, it will be understood that the private sector got us out this mess in a way that a doddering angry Brooklyn limousine socialist could have never fathomed. 


    just dont allow yourself to be taken in by so many others - the other parties head guy is another sleazy corporate limousine fat cat. hes just from Queens.

    He isnt one of you. He isnt one of us.  Unless you were born rich and your father 'only' loaned you a few million (actually turned out to be a lie and he got a lot more)

    he is the establishment. he isnt gonna take it on or shake it up.  if he gets reelected oh well, Ill laugh and watch his supporters to crazy contortions verbally to explain his failures are the medias fault.

    "he tells it like it is" until he says the wrong thing. then its fake n00z or a deep fake or a media plot.

    anyways sorry for bringing up politics everyone.  I think tomorrow ill take advantage of the lack of crowds and go look at Logan airport, and picture our brave militias storming the flight lines, shooting the Red Coats and seizing the airfields for our freedom, like our courageous GOP president said.

  18. 7 hours ago, Erwin said:

    That was down to lens focusing.  If you use a longer focal length lens you can make objects look close that are actually not.  There may exist legit criticisms of Trump, but they are always undercut when people who want to vent personal animosity get hysterical over made up nonsense as that erodes their own credibility re legit criticisms.  Hysterical reactions to every little thing that certain people dislike about Trump erodes support for their position (and is what will help get him re-elected).  

    It would be great if Bernie Sanders got the Dem nomination.  He is the best fighter the Dems have, and even if he didn't beat Trump, we would finally see a real discussion of radically different viewpoints as to what direction the US should go re social and economic issues.

    And the debates would be very entertaining of course.  Max ratings.

    I dont know man, ive seen it from multiple angles. even if HRC is lying (she said she could actually feel his breath on her neck) why was he following her around from behind like that anyways? theres no way to explain it except for what it was, an instinctive almost stalking movement meant to intimidate a woman of much smaller stature.  thats my take and it was pretty clear to me.

  19. On 4/5/2020 at 5:55 PM, John Kettler said:

    Used to think the vast numbers of award and medal Russian genral and admiral was out there, but the North Korean People's Army bigwigs make the look positively amateurish. How is it possible to keep a straight face while looking like this?!


    John Kettler

    third from right. whats the medal that seems attached to a penis piercing?

    that musta been a helluva citation. I wonder if he was the opposition commander when we had op paul bunyan. he was trying to erect wood we were cutting it.

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