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  1. newcomers are free to plead their case

    i dont want some idiotic fawning or talk of generosity, I want you to tell me you grew up obsessed with x battle or why you will be playing whatever cm game after im dead. please  - it brings me joy to help others as I have been helped so very much in my life.

    just pm me, no one need know anything about this, nor is there any need  for embarrasment. im shocked no one has messaged me asking,

  2. Reaaaly sorry if your name wasnt headlined its not a prefential thing.

    im generally always poor

    Still am but i got a little cash and its legal.

    Ironically.. ive never had this much money in my life.  Its a pitiful amnt (less than 10k) to cost of you. I frankly dont kniw what to do with it.  I findbgreat joy in buying my.son and mom.stuff and also buying someone a book and stuff.  But otherwise.. its true its a curse. Maybe if it wqs enough for permanent life of leisure. But all this has done is cause me.to obsess over a balance. Smh.

    Nidan bless him.. is gone.  Sburke youve gifted me stuff. What would you like?

    I shall be trawling thru my order history (also if someone at bfc is bored and wants to tell.me wat was gifted)

    I want to.settle.accounts.

    Also im not rich but in honor of nidan I want community input (privately pls) on newcomer most likely to.stick arnd and most into the series. I will gift them a game of their choice.. as long as they choose a cm game

  3. Notnthe stimulus.  Theyre giving covid unemployment relief.

    This isnt reg unemploymemt and most ppl.legally qualify. We.re talking 7k retro and 867 a week to july then 267 a week in MA to december. Nothing owed. Legal

    Theyre not suoer advertising it because its significantltly more.money. but 600 of.my money is federal.so all you qualify too!

    I will help anyone interested on even checking. Unless you either 

    Are still.working on the books

    Are rich over 100k

    You can get this legally

    Google.it seriously. I will help as a couple things are tricky - rhey wont email you sayinf youre approved. I can tell 99% a comp is just approving the things anyways but i think they did a few things to weed out bots and dead people.  I.e you jabe to login even approved and reup as it were (answer the same questions) and the money suddenly.will come. Otherwise it will.just sit.

    Second.. dont be greedy.  Mid march is a reasonable date.


  4. 27 minutes ago, Erwin said:

    You should copyright that, mate. 


    LOL Thank goodness no one important monitors this thread.

    There is a logical (or illogical) issue with the Chinese situation.  We all expect that the real Chinese infection and death rate is far higher than they admit.  However, if they really have so few infections and deaths cos they shut down travel so quickly to avoid infection transmission, then how come there was so much infected travel allowed to foreign countries?  

    The fascinating insights from roadiemullet describe a nation with very "irregular" efficiencies.  Re his examples of dealing with authorities... some of the authorities seemed to be on top of things, other had no idea what was going on.  It was almost a comforting picture of scattered incompetence. 

    However, we also know that China is working as fast as it can to institute a "1984 on steroids" society in which everyone is monitored and AI can figure out what you may be thinking/intending from facial recognition.  Your "Social Capital" - based on whether you conform and don't complain - an abominable corruption of social media, will decide if you can buy a plane or train ticket, can travel period, can even get a job...  

    Then you look at China's aggressive militaristic expansion to take over the undersea oilfields all the way down to Indonesia.  Add in the annexing of Tibet and more recently making inroads across the Himalayas into Bhutan and confronting India: 


    Then you have the infiltration into the west's institutions (when I lived in Tempe I heard that ASU has a similar issue):



    One has to see the "big picture" to see what is the nature of the Chinese junta and what China is really up to.  Only then does the Pearl Harbor reference makes more sense.

    dude I could confess to way more than buying some punkass 3 dollar apiece prescription pills online and nothing happen.  For one its still hard to convict you based off blathering on the internet, this could be someone posing as Jeff.  Second of all, they got better stuff to do, and frankly, Im not important.  What is important is a nice lady, albeit one with a small problem with drugs ( that somehow would be sympathetic more if it was booze?? ) died over.. nothing.. 

     I hadnt personally known anyone to die or even get sick. it sucks.

    China? how about VNs claim of ZERO deaths? LOL

  5. 19 hours ago, kevinkin said:

    It could be due to "strains" but more likely due to the population density in NYC and the fact that people there are living on top of each other. That is, many multigenerational apartments where a bedroom serves as a nursing bed for an elder. Especially a problem in Brooklyn and Queens. Some elders just want to die at home. I don't blame them. Grandma might be cured of the China virus and then pass away from a urinary infection developed in the hospital. Our elders know that going to a hospital is very risky one way or the other.  Again, if the POTUS closed travel from Europe the same day as he did China, the US would be open to a large extent and only perhaps 10 or so million would be out of work. A Recession vs a Depression. The POTUS made a bad audible at the line of scrimmage. 

    Im on a methadone clinic. this nice old lady on the clinic... got jumped by some junkies for her take home (methadone to take home) because shes so sick

    they bruised her ribs so she went to the hospital. shes dead 3 days later because she caught covid in boston med center

    I knew her years but we werent close close. Id buy klonopins off her sometimes. but ****. I feel so bad for that lady.

  6. On 5/7/2020 at 12:44 PM, rocketman said:

    We here in Sweden had a report yesterday that they suspect we could have had a case as early as late November, so community spread could have started much much earlier than any could have anticipated or reacted to. Then we have a week of from school in the end of February when a lot of people go skiing in the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria) and that's when a lot of cross-infection occured, they came home and started to spread even more. Not all felt sick. And with incubation time and all, it was another couple of weeks before things became worrying and then too much time was already lost. Pretty soon the realization was that containment would be near impossible despite efforts of contact tracing. 

    I have heard, but not sure if it is confirmed, that the strain on the US west coast is not as deadly as the one (European) on the east coast. Not that surprising that NY got hit so very hard as most air travel from Europe goes there or through there.

    One slim hope, not a solution at all, is that the virus will mutate into something less deadly. After all, from the virus' standpoint (not that it is really something living), being deadly is a failure as it needs a host to survive and over time the strain of the virus that will be most spread is less of a threat.

    Then we have the problem of multi-resistant bacteria, but that's another can of worms...

    same here they had bodies deep frozen.

    theyre getting to their autopsies and finding

    1. lots of old ppl who died from natural causes died from corona... awhile ago.

    2. lots of strokes in young people are corona!

  7. 17 hours ago, kevinkin said:

    Don't confuse LA with New Jersey. Those are fighting words. We in NJ at least pick up our dog's ****. They don't even pick up human **** in California.

    Just give it a year ... it will be proven that the spread in the NE came into JFK Newark and Boston. And that the spread in the NE closed the entire US economy. The west coast has little to do with why we are all closed down. Think. Wall Street. And the NE media corridor. 

    In what jurisdictions were mild mitigation policies ever considered?  Seems the hammer and sickle came down around St. Patrick's day and no one had a say in the matter. 

    the NE corridor from NYC to about boston is the most dense part of America bar none

  8. On 5/6/2020 at 10:21 PM, kevinkin said:

    Nay ... any Guy from Boston can be my wingman once salty pubs open up along the shore. The worst of this is not getting to "discuss" face to face and agree to disagree over shots. Voltaire would have been as pissed as we are now. Nothing enlightening going on at all for the past 2 months. Nada. 


    youre on

    expect a lot of weed

    dont worry its legal here now

    and I know the bars that dont close despite rules and have special services with some females if youd like ;)

  9. 3 hours ago, kevinkin said:

    Not sure what you mean. Many Universities are public and many K->12 schools are private. I think you meant all K->12 schools are teaching courses fit for all Universities and all Universities are teaching courses fit for all K->12 schools. This is just not the case. K->12 Schools in NJ taylor their daily teaching to the community and individual students they serve. 

    Tell that to a student getting a Bachelor's Degree in chemical engineering who has a guaranteed 6 figure entry level job at a company like Exxon. Knowing who Voltaire is isn't going help you size a pump to efficiently and safely transfer a volatile liquid from tank A to tank B. If the engineer fails at that,  workers die and the engineer is fired. It will not even help at the company xmas party. Some of our society's most important skills are learned in STEM. Learning about Voltaire is an elective. I would never discourage anyone taking philosophy 101 as an elective to fulfill a requirement for graduation. But an engineering student might want to take additional classes in chemistry or electronics etc. with the same money. Knowing who Voltaire is does not provide any tangible advantage to STEM students or others in technical fields like medicine.

    But I would 100% expect an engineering student would know who Gibbs is. However, I do not expect a newly educated voter will enter the booth thinking … gee what did Voltaire or Gibbs think about anything a century ago. 


    youre absolutely right

    I mean BESIDES my epic record F UP which bites me in the ass, knowing all the history in the world is worth ZERO.  I can tell you about Voltaire too! I can tell you about  Rome and obscure WW1 and WW2 and Korean and Nam stuff. I  can do all this ****, and its considered useless in America.  It doesnt put ANY food on the table.

    I screwed up - if Id chosen a vocational school instead of college Id have finished (and then not gotten my 2nd drug arrest in college damning my financial aid) Id have not followed my heart and interests, but Id have been done in 18 months ( I lasted 4 years of deans list, I coulda handled that) and would have had a guaranteed linemans job for Comcast starting at 45 an hour.

    the US doesnt value the arts. not like the rest of the world.

    but hell even anywhere else my knowledge is useless trivia.

  10. 8 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    Most undergrads, given a multiple choice question, would likely answer c) Sick DJ.  Me?  I know the answer.  Spock's uncle on his father's side.

    I am a product of my environment.


    god youre getting old steve

    repeat after me


  11. 5 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    If I lived in Russia, the first thing I'd do is put unopenable metal grills on my windows.  I'd also offer to pay everybody else in the building to have grills on their windows.  That way I could be assured of dying of a "heart attack" instead :)

    In economic news, we're starting to see a culling of the retail herd here in the US.  The first major bankruptcy of a retail chain (J Crew) was announced a couple of days ago.  Earlier a buyout of Victoria's Secrets was put on hold and is now officially scuttled.  There will be a lot more of this, much more.  Even before COVID-19 hit the economy these companies, and many more, were in the equivalent of hospice care.  One report I was reading a while back predicted that within a few years (2025?) fully 50% of all retail mall space would be unoccupied.  It doesn't take a retail industry expert to see the shutdown has greatly accelerated this trend.

    Funny side note.  A few weeks ago I rewatched "Minority Report", which takes place a few decades in the future.  There was a scene in a GAP store inside a mall.  My wife and I chuckled a bit and said "there's two things they predicted wrong".  Sure enough, a few days later GAP announced they have enough resources to survive a year, then they're done.  It's interesting to look at science fiction set way in the future and see what they got right and wrong.  The "Foundation" series has a lot of hilarious misses, yet still one of the best series ever.  Harry Harrison had a future universe where disposing of outdated telephone books was a central (humorous) plot point.  Etc.


    Dont be so sure.  Putins thugs could just use the journalists playbook on you -

    mugged in a stairwell and murdered.

    Or hell, murdered on the bridge by the Kremlin and only one camera is on.

  12. 2 hours ago, SimpleSimon said:

    There tends a corresponding increase in the amount of vitriol and rhetoric that emerges from America as its slice of world GDP declines and another power's rises. We saw this most recently in the 2000s when China's growth began to takeoff, we saw it in the 1970s as Japan's market power grew rapidly prompting American pundits to launch into vicious and dishonest tirades about a resurgent Empire of the Rising Sun taking over the Pacific through bank accounts and not warships, as if the Americans weren't abandoning the Gold Standard to do precisely that. In the end Japan's growth fizzled out as its population growth capped, and China's was slowing before COVID, but no one was sure it would continue to lose steam and in fact it may be ideally positioning for another growth cycle while our consumer markets are crippled. 

    What I have no doubt about is how the growth of China's GDP slice will prompt many, not all, but many American leaders and media pundits to double time their circulation of vicious and contemptible filth anchored on many tired (but clearly effective) entertainment-media industry cliché's. Rise of the Asian menace, oh no the Soviet Union is back, they're just jealous of our freedom, etc and other Great Hits on this Album!  Some Americans have a bizarre perception that the world is some sort of zero-sum game where there's only one winner and everyone else is a loser and while many obviously don't think that way the question in American popular-electorates will be as always how many believe that. Even the more seemingly benign mythology, like the false-equivalency stuff comparing American "liberties" to Chinese "oppression" is loaded but i'm sure we will be seeing more and more of that in the coming decade. American leaders of all backgrounds know that the path to power is never a question of the entire electorate, just the electorate you need to cross the barrier. 

    Issue to me now, and here is a big mistake American Social Liberals (and many right wingers) have made. The logic of zero-sum games, of one winner in a world of losers, that only the strong deserve to survive, etc will be an assumption taken for granted by all of that rhetoric. The foundation of all it will be, basically, that either America has to be first, or it's last. This is in fact utterly Hitlerian reasoning and will almost certainly be the grounding for American fascist movements if it isn't already. Unfortunately the last 30 years of Nazi Wolf cries has left everyone a bit tired of the cliche but that's where America's media has genuinely failed it. Not because our media circulates lies, but because it circulates nothing except advertising. By exhausting the meaning behind the term to push ratings up (and ergo profits) Americans are clearly less informed and totally ignorant of what Nazism actually is, which leaves them really defenseless to it. Because they think it's about the superficial items, the flags, the tanks, the rallies, the salute and not the ideology which is totally anchored on (discredited) notions of Social Darwinism, and behind that, Eugenics.

    Perhaps I will be proven wrong, but the lessons of history have not reached a sufficient number of people in my view. 


    the first time I read this.... annoyance at the anti americanism...

    towards the end decide to read again...  yeah you kinda nailed it.

  13. 7 hours ago, roadiemullet said:

    Morning guys, I can see this thread is starting to move on so I'll make these my final observations, and just talk about one or two topics that have come up.

    Part Six


    Everything you have said here is on point. I was just in the middle of writing up a response to something else but as you've brought up some points here I'll frame my answer a bit more around this.

    I feel exactly the same as you in that what other counties do, and how they go about forming their societies is totally up to them. I live here as an observer with the caveat that if I don't like it I can bugger off back to where I came from or go somewhere else. I used to be really "passionate" about western values and my perception that the Chinese are being trodden on. A few years here has rubbed that out. It is sad that some of the answers to problems in Chinese society are right there for the taking but due to the way they run their country, they just can't fix them. To go to your points though;

    Firstly, would the Government resort to machine gunning down masses of students like they did in 1989? This is not such a clear cut answer as you might think. On the one hand, they've done it before, and by nearly any measure, they totally got away with doing it. It worked. They survived the international backlash, they convinced the public at large that the movement had been hijacked by foreign forces and needed to be dealt with, and wiped the slate of any future attempts, and today there are people here who think they did the right thing.

    You can bet your bottom dollar after 1989, such plans to reactivate such a force have been refined, the most trustworthy people chosen to be key players in the organisation, and the methodology to match a modern technological environment has been perfected (shutting down all social media, for example). The shutdown due to COVID I'm completely convinced used the some of the same logical channels. They can snap their fingers and *poof* everyone has to stay at home.

    Tiananmen was as brutal a shock to the party as it was to everyone else observing the events. Again, going back to the factionalism that makes up the party, there was a schism that ruptured the top powers and the army leadership. The aftermath of Tiananmen and what happened to the commanders of units who refused to take part when they realised what was going on is a sad coda to the entire nightmare.

    (This would be a great place to insert a reference to an account of a brigade commander I read a few years ago but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it and I've spent about 20 mins trying to search it to no avail. If anyone else knows what I'm talking about, please throw a link)

    On a slightly side note, for those that have mentioned they have been to China, you will probably have noticed the security guards on every building entrance and residential area. The Chinese name for them is 保安 Bao'An. They are everywhere, and when I first came here my impression was definitely that all of my suspicions were confirmed, that this is a police state. The real every day experience is more like a retired Mall Cop though lol. Their job is first and foremost to prevent petty crime, rather than spying on residents. Sometimes when you read about the military strength of China, you get references to a millions-strong paramilitary force. This is in reference to the Bao'An "force", if you can call it that. Most of them are Grandpas who want to earn some easy money sitting in the sun playing Chinese Chess, or young guys/girls who maybe don't have the best qualifications. China is a society where stereotypes often dictate jobs, and being a Bao'An is the job for old farts.

    There are other 'police' units that exist within the framework of everyday life. The police themselves, the 警察 Jing Cha, are self explanatory, though they play a functional role in everyday administration that doesn't exist in our world. For example, the law states that every time you stay for 24 hours in a place outside your designated address, you must register with the local police station. I'm yet to meet any Chinese who are even aware that such a law exists, including the police themselves. I'm aware because the rule is more strictly enforced on foreigners. Or rather, the stamped bit of paper you get when you do it is needed every time you want to do something official, like renew your visa, driving licence, etc etc. Nobody bothers (an example of a law by Beijing that is ignored for the most part outside the capital), unless they need that stamp for something, in which case they go to the local police station and apply. I'm talking about foreign nationals here, Chinese themselves don't need the stamp as they have national ID cards that are the backbone for all their administration needs (the Chinese LOVE, and I mean LOVE red tape). The law about registering when you move around though is still true for everyone, but again, nobody does it and even if they wanted to and went to the local station, they police would just tell them to forget it. I've been to some police stations to register and they have the dedicated officer waiting behind a desk, and yet you go to another and they have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    A similar experience I had was trying to get registration forms for my dog, as is the law. I bought my dog from a wet market (more on that later) and I've had him vaccinated as per all the requirements, but after a run in with a neighbour who totally overreacted to my dog approaching her, tried to exploit me for petty cash by calling the police and saying my dog scared her. This is a common method of arbitration by the police when dealing with arguing parties - they become mini judges and decide who has to pay or apologise to who when dealing with petty arguments. I apologised, lost face to everyone's satisfaction, and the argument was closed without needing petty compensation (as a "rich" foreigner though she was trying to get some decent payout out of me). As it happens, the Bao'An at the gate to our residential area came to my defence and afterwards told us she'd tried this with other dog owners in the area. There's more to this story lol but its starting to derail from my point so I'll try and keep on track. 😂

    In the aftermath we decided to get the dog fully registered so that the police wouldn't confiscate him if something happened again and we didn't have him sorted. My wife looked up the relevant requirements on the net and found that we needed to register the dog, which we hadn't. We spent the next two weekends being passed around different offices in the city as nobody had a clue what to do or who should deal with it. In the end we gave up. This is a level of involvement by the state in everyday lives that just wouldn't fly in the west, even if in many respects it isn't even properly followed throughout China. (Different places have varying levels of enforcement. I'm sure if you wander over to XinJiang or Tibet, you better pucker up that butthole and have your stamped forms ready.)

    Anyways, back to the Tiananmen point, the other forces one encounters are the 特警,TeJing, which means 'special police' and is translated as SWAT on google translate but really they mostly perform checkpoint duties, and seem to spend most of their time unarmed. You see them in subway stations checking ID cards (Chinese ID cards double up as subway cards that can be loaded with credit. Pretty nifty really).

    Another force is the 城管, Cheng Guan. Their job is as an auxiliary unit to enforce city and town health and safety practices, and to clean up hawkers and people selling wild animals and other illegal stuff. You tend not to see them so much in the last three years or so as the public backlash against them after a video made the rounds was pretty bad. In the video, while enforcing the rule that shops cannot put goods on the street outside their shopfront, blocking the pavement/sidewalk, a group of ChengGuan started trashing some bikes outside a bike shop. The thing was, the bikes belonged to a bunch of customers who were visiting the shop and had parked up outside. Obviously nobody is going to be happy to walk out of a shop and see some idiots in uniform kicking in what looked like really expensive bikes, so a fight ensued between the spandex clad bikers and the ChengGuan. It sounds kinda funny but it ended with one guy being knocked over and then a ChengGuan jumping on his head.

    The backlash was pretty severe, with protests going off about their behaviour. The city authorities (I can't remember which city, maybe Hangzhou near Shanghai) came out with apologies and the lame excuse that the jumper was only a temporary worker who had been quickly sacked. I'm not sure if the biker got compensation or not. Since then I haven't seen them about. To be fair the ones I've seen in my city again were just regular Joe's doing a job, clearing up the annoying pedlars selling fake goods on street corners.

    My point behind listing these different 'police' units is to highlight how much of a presence the state has in everyday life. Bao'Ans are everywhere, I can walk to my balcony right now and look down on some across the road. Would they be used in party with the PLA to start murdering people in the event of protests? Maybe, but not without a degree of resistance. Because they are so embedded within local society, they are part and parcel of the fabric. I know all the Bao'Ans in my area and they know me. They know all the names of the kids in the area, not because they are spying but because they see them every day, smiling and giving a friendly 'good morning' as we walk through the gates. Would they turn an AK on us and start spraying because Beijing ordered them? I don't know. Its not clear cut. History has shown that amazingly sometimes people do become like this.

    I'm not under any illusion that given the right circumstances, the friendly Bao'An downstairs would be telling a team of TeJin which apartment I live in so they can kick my door in for crimes against the state. The PRC does some shady stuff, locking up human rights lawyers is just he tip of the iceberg. Last year a local lawyer in Guangzhou started an online campaign for the city's utility workers to get better pay and working conditions. He vanished and hasn't been seen since. Earlier last year in the city south of here, Shenzhen, some students who had apparently been taking Mao Zedong's teachings to heart decided to help local factory workers form independent workers unions. The two students involved vanished and haven't been heard of since. Will they be quietly murdered? Certainly not. They are in some jail somewhere that unlike in our countries, the government doesn't feel it has a responsibility to divulge with the families.  The right to a speedy trial isn't even mentioned, they'll be there for ages. In the end they will be released - Probably. 

    The other counter point to this Tiananmen question is that protests take place in China all the time, every day. There have been two major protests in the city I live in since I've been here, and many smaller ones. Most cities have public squares outside the main government offices for this very purpose. Some protests are contrived - the big one happening when I arrived in 2012 was the protests over the DiaoYu Islands dispute with Japan. Anti Japanese sentiment is a poison that pervades Chinese society, so its easy to stoke up. I learned a few years later from a factory boss that he had been paid by the local government to shut down for a day and encourage his worker force to go protest, with meals provided for everyone, banners provided and all in all a jolly good old jap bashing throughout the day. Sushi restaurants in the city were smashed up, and anyone unlucky enough to have parked their Nissan or Toyota in the path of the protest march came back to find it flipped or all the windows smashed in. 

    The other big one was about 4 years ago, when the Chinese version of Uber, called Didi, was launched. Taxi drivers across the country went up in protest, and there was a major demonstration that lasted days in the city centre here. The police cleared them using the same tactics used in my own country. Nobody was crushed under any tanks. Other demonstrations happen across China all the time. Entire villages get together to protest some local government decision. You can easily google vids of villagers beating up police with metal rods, and going well beyond the acceptable line of protest anywhere in the world. And yet nobody gets shot. It seems that the risk of something spilling out into a bigger anti party protest is so negligible as to no even enter the thoughts of the authorities.

    What about if the Hong Kong democracy protests had taken place in China? Would there be another Tiananmen? Again, its not so clear. I mean, why don't they just pull a Tiananmen in Hong Kong? Is the city *really* so well protected by outside influence that they couldn't do it? I'm not convinced. I was sure they were gonna start doing it at one point in the protests. They still might. I think though that they are trying to use HK as a statement that they don't need to crush the demonstrators with tanks. Not yet anyway, it would be pulling the pin on the grenade. They certainly have violated the non-interference clause however - you can easily find videos of Hong Kong "Police" speaking mandarin. 


    If you could understand Mandarin and Cantonese, you could see what a totally incongruous thing it is to see a supposed HK Police officer speaking Mandarin. Its like A French Policeman in Paris suddenly talking in English with an Alabama accent.

    I think most of the points I'm making here are probably things that most people are agreeing with anyway, but just thought I'd add some insights to show the complexity of the picture. There are so many points about many topics I could add, but these posts are really long.


    Lol I'll make sure to tell her.


    thanks for the fascinating response. Actually my knowledge of Tianeman Sq is barebones at best - I only know the extreme basics.  I didnt know some PLA units refused, I wasnt even aware there was a backlash internally in the party. If you could elaborate?

    Look people in America make the exact. same. argument.  They say 'dude if the govt did x the military isnt going to do y, or the cops I see every day are gonna side with the people'

    And some would.  Thats what causes civil wars.   The problem though is with tech like now, and large powerful countries like america or china your neighbors or the BaoAn you know wont be doing any shooting.  Indeed theyll be shot as well, or at least heavily questioned in the aftermath of how they allowed such a thing to happen.   My take on it is if there was a large insurrection in America the government wouldnt be stupid enough to send local Natl Guard in - theyd send in regular federal troops.  You think some farmboys from AL are going to be as hesitant to shoot some militia in Oregon?  Or going to China, all those police - thats all fine.  But at Tianemen it wasnt the police that were the issue - what stands out in my mind is the tank footage.  The PLA was doing the machine gunning.   In that situation it wouldnt matter if you knew your local law enforcement as they wouldnt be called upon, or if they were wouldnt be callled upon to do the actual shooting.   Thats my assumption.

    I have seen how the Chinese use their phones / ids for almost everything now.  Again its interesting to note our divergent POVs. it does sound very slick modern and interesting.   A little nugget about me - Im an ex criminal/heroin addict.  Im insanely mistrustful of any authority and government and police.   So to me while 'nifty' I also see ENDLESS potential for the CCP to monitor EVERYTHING its citizens want to do.  And whilst they may not enforce many laws, the laws are still there right?  This is a trick cops in the US /the US govt uses too. We simply dont get rid of laws. its still illegal for women to have sex on top in MA (religion thing)  now the sex thing is just silly but the other laws?  ITs a way of burying someone for crimes they dont even know exist if theyre bothersome.   Indeed its probably good in an authoritarian/police state to have several laws that are on the books but largely unenforced and ignored.  Because then you can arrest anyone at anytime really and its actually a lawful arrest too!

    On the students and being shot - well I could say the same if it were the 40s and we were discussing the USSR.  They didnt shoot everyone they took in the night. It doesnt change they shot A LOT OF PEOPLE.   And it doesnt change the fact they had a joke that you either got  10 years, 25, or shot.  So yes, maybe they wont be shot. Of course since they're just.. gone.. how would anyone know?  And dont even get me started on the Uighar situation.

    the Anti Japanese stuff is almost comical.  Ive seen clips from Chinese action films where a soldier does a flip kick on a grenade and takes out a Japanese zero with it. (seriously) VICE news did an interesting piece on it a few years ago.  They even have the same like 10 actors as Japanese in all their films, and theyre told to act as rapacious and stereotypical as possible. and of course they have their anti japan museums that foreigners arent allowed in.

    No offense to bring your wife up again, but since you mentioned her laughing at the idea of protestors being shot.  I wasnt describing some small protest. I was talking about like HK or Tianemen once the tear gas starts getting shot.  Even in America dozens end up dead in those situations.  But seriously, am I really off the mark so much as to spark out right laughter? Or is she also biased?  I mean, to play devils advocate, if I learned to say in Mandarin Mao Zedong was a bastard and started shouting it with a megaphone do you really think Id only be punished with disturbing the peace?  Or say if I was Chinese and started posting pictures of Tianemen on their internet - how long do you think Id be in circulation? Seriously now.  I mean I have zero doubt the US federal government would kill people in any insurrection as theyre now traitors and treasonous - I highly doubt the PLA would be more restrained.

    AHH ! how interesting! Ive been answering and scrolling up to read and I got to your video which did EXACTLY what I was describing but in a more insidious fashion! That is, not sideline local LEO but just insert military or police from 5000 km away.


  14. 58 minutes ago, sburke said:

    On a different note I have been watching the debate on contact tracing apps for mobiles and people's reactions and I can't help but laugh.  Apparently most people have no idea how much they are already tracked and by pretty much anyone that wants to pony up a little cash.  If the thought of having a contact tracing app on your phone concerns you I'd suggest reading the article.  Your phone is already snitching on you.


    oh your phones been snitching on you

    I laugh at dark web types who sneer tor browsers are unbreakable by the government. I mean sure. the US Navy made a program and didnt leave a backdoor. riight.

    also that snazzy facial recognition software or fingerprint unlock?  The police cant force a numeric or writtten password out of you but they can hold your phone to your face and unlock it or place it against your handcuffed hands to unlock and now theyre in.

    this is also on top of it automatically pinging towers on the regular which is another way it tracks location.  so if you go within the realm of government they dont even need apps.

    but yes sadly our informations been - illegally I suspect - sold and traded around endlessly by the mega software companies

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