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  1. Waaaay off topic, but thanks for the speedy and effective reply to my dads email about changing the shipping adress Steve.. Jeff C
  2. Eastern Front 1941-1945.. maybe 1939 included for Russo-Finn war?
  3. The cursor when I play the game, it blinks. not like at a regular rate, it blinks erratically when i move it, and you cant see it a lot of the time, which makes it very distracting.. this is PBEM by the way..
  4. Probably.. I've heard of people marching them through minefields to get rid of them. But then again whats the point? They're worth more points alive anyways (no pun intended) But if you wanna get rid of them you may be able to target them (never tried) or you can just do an area target.. or you could just get a single squad member, split a squad, or maybe some left over tank crew?
  5. Mods can screw up a game I agree.. but they can also help a lot. Of course this doesn't seem to apply to CM since it is excellently made but if you had a game.. say Close Combat mods are the only thing to save it.. CC3 sucked but realred and westfront helped a lot..
  6. I've been lurking (gasp) here since about the time the beta demo came out.. I was about to start a PBEM game a bunch of times but held off.. I guess Ill let someone kick my ass if they wanna =)
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