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  1. I been on this board longer than about half the posts I see now (beta demo release - Im a lurker) and Im a 10th grader dont make generalizations, there are just as many idiotic adults, and much more examples, historical and here of them than us.....
  2. I/O error... you can play the valley mission in straight up CM... just copy the .CMC or .CMB file (the valley one) from the demo folder into the CM/scenarios folder...
  3. Utrechtseweg by Moon.. thats my fav... you can download that at most sites now..
  4. You cant specifically capture people, usually enemy units of lower quality when pinned down or really torn up will surrender if your men get close in.. Specific squad type weapons such as Panzerfausts, Gammon Bombs, Rifle Grenades, satchel charges, and even regular grenades are used by the squad at their own will. Engineers don't blow up bridges in Combat Mission, though I'm pretty sure you can have tanks or guns target them.
  5. looking for opponent(s)? Pref. for an op, maybe I could get defense as German? if you prefer german its fine......... mail me if anyone wants to play
  6. Closing With the Enemy Michael D. Doubler Chapter 4 Battles of Buildings and Cobblestones, page 105: "The Actual capture of a village took only about an hour, but commanders needed several hours to coordinate artillery, mortar, tank, TD and infantry fire support and to brief their troops." I think the time frame in CM is about correct, CM isnt modelling an entire battle or anything, its modelling a small tactical part of the battle.. i.e. The Assault on the small village of Plomville in Valley of Trouble back in the gold demo days...
  7. I was under the impression the comp experience made the comp play better.. not long ago someone made the analogy that at +1 it graduated grammar school, +2 it graduated high school, and at +3 its the teacher..
  8. in case you didnt get my mail I'll beta it if you want =)
  9. Geez.. people lighten up,or start sticking coal in your ass so we can all get rich with the ensuing flood of diamonds.. some of you people really need to relax and stop yelling at people all the time for suggestions or just jokes.. the attitude of the board really has declined since the game's release..
  10. Lotsa different stuff Sex Pistols works pretty well most punk rock does Sepultura... Deftones.. Sublime... Rage Against the Machine.. Nirvana...nofx.. Prodigy.. System of a Down and others... Im prolly the only person here who's heard of half of these since Im one of the VERY few wargamers/cm'ers who is 15..
  11. I wanna test it! i wanna test it! count me in =)
  12. Can you gimme a link to the webpage you mentioned last week with the Geforce for sale for '100 bucks less and overnight shipping'? Thanks =)
  13. Someone needs to edit in the Greek Cross.. I could care less about the Swastika but I like the way the Greek Cross looks better..
  14. i have the problem with voodoo 2.. its REALLY annoying..
  15. Manx, the Utrechtsweg (Sp?) Op on your site I downloaded doesnt work, whenever I try to play it in CM it crashes me to desktop.. every other scenario I've downloaded works except that one and McKinley's battalion..? Could you check those, the Utrechtsweg Op is one I really want to play =)
  16. Hey dumbo good job! I played it last night as the Germans.. the Germans suprise was a good touch and it saved the battle for me, fairly tough fight and i love the map put together and the force balance was really good.. though i think the British may be a bit weak... Only problem I noticed was the squad specific names in the briefing? I knew which squads you were talking about by location, but I think the squads you chose in making it had one set of names, then the game randomized them or something whenever someone else plays...?
  17. I played as germans, full fog of war, default scenario setup, no advantages either side.. on the first day I lost the town you were supposed to defend, both panthers and a bunch of pillboxes. I knocked out at least 10 allied tanks and killed many infantry though. That night I pulled back into defensive positions near the main town, and used one of the reinforcing squads with a STuG to attack into the town, I took the last three buildings in the town and held them.. no casualties.. The second day the Americans assaulted again, but with fire support from a 120mm mortar spotter, and bravery of
  18. Hey dittohead.. where you live? we should meet up sometime! Icq or mail me!
  19. Waaaay off topic, but thanks for the speedy and effective reply to my dads email about changing the shipping adress Steve.. Jeff C
  20. Eastern Front 1941-1945.. maybe 1939 included for Russo-Finn war?
  21. The cursor when I play the game, it blinks. not like at a regular rate, it blinks erratically when i move it, and you cant see it a lot of the time, which makes it very distracting.. this is PBEM by the way..
  22. Probably.. I've heard of people marching them through minefields to get rid of them. But then again whats the point? They're worth more points alive anyways (no pun intended) But if you wanna get rid of them you may be able to target them (never tried) or you can just do an area target.. or you could just get a single squad member, split a squad, or maybe some left over tank crew?
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