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  1. I'm no professional but when I do dismount at range that is usually at about the effective range of an RPG. So maybe 200 meters out? You will want to be able to spot most firers yet not lose Strykers to RPGs or infantry to close range small arms ambushes. The idea I would think is to get rid of the part of the approach part where you get harassed by long range MG and sniper fire. If there are significant AT threats you will have to dismount a tactical bound back, out of LOS completely.
  2. No indirect firing I'm afraid. Only mortars can do that with the aid of a HQ unit spotting for them (area fire only).
  3. I think the answer to 1 is 25 meters. Is reasonable to assume area fire has a 25 meter radius as well? You can always do some testing with the editor to find out for sure.
  4. It's option a) I very much like the combination of move to contact and a covered arc. The thing is the move to contact order will only react to things inside the arc or if the unit comes under fire. Thus it can be used as an order to move until fired upon. Very handy. Can also be combined with a hide order. Now, you have to think through what kind of reaction you want to something happening at different places in relation to the unit. I will usually shift my cover arcs to face in the direction of movement. But in this case, with a short movement, you may want to keep the original arc. Th
  5. PBEM helper has this functionality, check it out.
  6. You're not alone in this thinking. It's on BF.C's wishlist for CMX2 but they can't say if it's doable or not yet.
  7. I haven't participated in a TacOps CPX before and it was some time since I played TacOps last time but it does sound interesting. I'm game for a junior role! I do have ample CM experience and also some CPX experience from CMMC2. I'm in Sweden (GMT+1) so the proposed time works fine for me (due to the holidays).
  8. It says if the first round fires you're ok. So if it kicks up dust doesn't matter even if LOS is blocked for the second spotting round. That's how I interpreted it anyway.
  9. Very good and thorough write up on arty! The part about spotting rounds is definitely good to know. Might I guess that green line adjusted fire from a TRP is also always accurate? (Well, TRP strikes almost always start at the very end of the turn you target them anyway which places this under the category of an accurate arty strike.)
  10. I usually setup and do first turn moves in PBEM and then move to TCP/IP. It just involves saving the game and then opening it with another play method. That way you can work out a plan with no concern for time.
  11. That peace by Lieutenant Backsight Forethought is just awesome! I had never heard of it before but it should be required reading for all noobs and grogs alike. Great stuff. Thanks a bunch for that link! Edit: Here's a better link to "Defence of Duffer's Drift" http://www-cgsc.army.mil/carl/resources/csi/Swinton/Swinton.asp
  12. Remember that the leader attributes are relative to the experience level of the leader. I think it a bit wrong to over load the high quality units with even better leaders and punish low quality with worse leaders. A vet HQ with +2 command has command like an elite HQ with no bonuses for example. Then your green HQ with no bonuses will be 4 "levels" below so to say. I would rather like to play around with differentiating a bit among the HQs so that you have one guy suited for fire support and another for stealth missions etc. Not one HQ with all the attributes. Just my two öre
  13. I trust my opponents as well. But then should someone look it only ruins a fraction of the games. There is a setup phase after all and the likely OOB isn't too hard to guess at anyway. So I play along thinking I'm in the happy double blind world unless otherwise agreed. Enjoy!
  14. Usually them guns can be of use even as far as 500 to 1000 meters from the enemy. It all depends on the lay of the land. Then moving them around is no problem if you keep the enemy busy at the front while you reposition guns several hundred meters off. Otherwise I have succesfully used the trick to push the gun into LOS in some woods or trees where one side is safe and the other is 'hot' so to say. It's great fun to spring ATG ambushes on a defender who thinks that joy is reserved to himself.
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