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  1. Also, when reloading the saved file I was reminded just how long it takes to load a game. I timed it and it was just shy of four minutes to load a saved game. Four minutes. Then I got to watch my units run in a direction I didn't expect because they couldn't go where I had plotted for them to go (but the game won't tell you that) and that particular squad got shot to hell. Another four minute reload. I think I know why I quit playing in the first place. The game is an exercise in frustration.
  2. I haven't played CMBN in a while but I've started playing recently - or attempting to play - and the game keeps crashing. I've had three crashes so far and I've only attempted two games. I can't remember what happened during the first crash but the second two crashed during the video replay of the turn. Is this an issue that is common or am I just unlucky?
  3. I suggest zipping your turn files. Although this may not solve your current problem, it does solve a potential future problem of people having difficulty downloading what may be nothing but textual gibberish. Jason
  4. In the annals of time, Steve, when he posted to this board often (ie, before CMBO was released) gave his reasons for not allowing this. Basically it was because they wanted to make sure everyone was playing the same game and no one could be labeled a 'cheater'. Plus, if you think about it, if people can do more than mod the look of things there is less incentive to buy a new game. If you could have downloaded someone's vehicle mods of Eastern front vehicles for free months before CMBB came out or paid money for CMBB, what do you think many people would do? Conversely, allowing people
  5. Is there a seek hull down command in CMBO? I don't think there is, but CMBB and CMAK have one. Otherwise you have to do it manually. Go to level one by hitting, not surprisingly, the number one. Then you have to manually zoom around the map attempting to find a spot that might, conceivably, be hull-down to some other spot on the map. You can check to see if you have achieved hull-down status by using the LOS tool 'L' and zooming around the map. In CMBB and CMAK you just use the 'D' key and plot a move just like any other move. Jason
  6. I was going to ask you to a CM scenario so I clicked on the email button. Then I saw your e-mail address and I realized I WAS playing a PBEM game against you. Jason
  7. Here is a simple strategy. Don't give up. I haven't played CM in a long time. Never played CMBB against a human and only played 6 or so games total. Picked up CMAK in March and am now playing 6 or 7 PBEM games. I've had some rather unusual turns of luck in my games. ME QB, 1500 pts, Italy. I set weather to random. I buy a platoon of M4A1 tanks. I discover it is raining and windy. My Shermans can't move worth a damn. Within a few minutes four Shermans are burning from 3 StuGs. My opponent gets to the two flags before I do. A Panther appears. I see fire from on-board guns
  8. Ahh, I see. Loading the mod as opposed to installing the mod. That was where I was confused. I was thinking that you already COULD see the difference between the mods you had loaded or not. But that I was really thinking about seeing the difference between the INSTALLED mods and uninstalled ones. Jason
  9. Copy the NA bmps over the corresponding Italian counterparts. Voila! A bit of North Africa in Italy. Jason
  10. How does this differ from what happens now. I just downloaded and used McMMM and like it a lot. Will this make things better? Jason
  11. You can also play with rarity on. The Allied stuff (well, mostly US) is extremely low rarity in CMAK. The Americans ALWAYS have a Sherman at -10% rarity. Sure, it makes it fairly easy to figure out what your opponent will buy, but playing different time periods really makes for very different games. I agree with the idea of playing scenarios. I'm currently playing my first PBEM game of CMAK. I intentionally picked the earliest scenario shipped with the game - a December 1940 scenario pitting English vs. Italians. The scenario overview mentions that the British ran roughshod over t
  12. Chris, Thanks for the work. I know how hard it is to do a CM database, cuz, like, I made one for CM:BO and it took a long time. Jason
  13. The unit prices aren't perfectly accurate. There are slight differences based on a few factors. One that I am sure of is ammo availability. The prices are for April '45 or whatever the latest date of availability is. Don't forget to ooh and aah at the pretty pictures. Jason (the author of said spreadsheet) PS my current e-mail address is guachi_cm@yahoo.com
  14. To a fellow Jason, sounds like an intriguing idea. When I play the AI in QBs I make up scenarios like you have done. Rather than the same units all the time, I try to make up some semi-plausible scenario and see what happens. I'd be interested in getting my ass kicked by someone. I'm not all that good at CM but I'll give it a shot. Either side is fine with me. Jason guachi_cm@yahoo.com is my e-mail address.
  15. The e-mail address in my profile is wrong. But be my guest and change anything your little heart desires. Jason
  16. I know of what you write about, Xavier. I wrote the spreadsheet. It hasn't been updated in a year and is missing some rarity factors. The rarity factors were ripped off directly form ASL and some I put in myself. I was involved with this board from 9/99 to 9/00 but I took about a year off (gasp!) from CM. The spreadsheet is in a disassembled state as I'm (slowly) working on fixing some things and adding the the missing stuff (field guns and artillery). This means I can't email it to you because it's not in a very useful condition. I'm sure somebody, somewhere must have a copy.
  17. JasonC, You are right, of course. The actual costs are irrelevant. The important thing is the comparison of the cost of weapon X to weapon Y. Automatic weapons are a bargain. The K98 is a rip-off having worse FP than any weapon in the game. Squad weapons are a bargain, especially the MG42. The MG42 has good FP at all ranges and constitutes a huge % of squad FP at long ranges. In addition, squad weapons have a lower chance to be eliminated when a squad takes a casuality. Yes, rifles do have more FP than SMGs at longer ranges. But the numbers concerned are so small as to be ins
  18. JasonC... About increased cost for infantry units by xp lvl. I was fiddling around with the costs looking at the total costs for all squads by xp lvl. And I JUST noticed something interesting. At first, I used Conscripts as a start and calculated the other xp levels as a ratio of Conscript costs. Nothing interesting popped up except that it was obviously not a geometric increase. Then, I went with what you said about the costs being based on REGULAR troops having a base of one. And that IS the case, although not how you figured it. Here are the costs from Conscript to Elite wi
  19. One poster wrote that SS Rifle 45 squads cost the same as a regular rifle 45 squad. That is untrue. The problem has to do with the dropping of decimals by the CM cost routine. The two squads cost the SAME at all experience levels except Elite, where the SS squad costs one more point. This is a clear indication that MP44s cost more than K98s (albeit a very small amount). If you only compare costs at one xp level, you will get nothing but errors. That is why I had to use the total cost of one squad of each experience level. It was the only way to see any small differences. It was
  20. When I write '18 pts', I mean that if you add up the cost of 1 conscript, one green, on regular, one veteran, one crack, and one elite soldier equipped with that particular weapon, the total cost is 18 pts. The biggest reason I used total cost is that it gets rid of lots of decimals. Writing '19' is better than writing '2.64' for instance. And, yes, the geometric cost increase from one experience level to the next is uniform for weapons. The cost increase is NOT uniform for all units, though. Artillery spotter costs, for instance, are far more impacted by experience than tanks are.
  21. Something I'd been curious about for awhile - how much does an individual weapon in a squad cost? This may have been (and likely was) talked about before, but here goes... Calculating individual weapon cost isn't difficult, just time consuming. Methodology - I purchased one of every squad type at platoon level for each of the 6 experience levels and added up the six numbers for each squad type. I chose a base time of March 45 (except when I needed a US Rifle 44 squad) to not have any differences in squad cost because of changes in inherent squad abilities (like Panzerfausts). I u
  22. back in my day, we didn't HAVE member numbers! Now, everyone can see if you are a newbie or an old timer! Just saw that i was 1002! Must be because I re-registered in Jan of 2000 when all the accounts got squashed (or whenever that was) ObCM comment - Haven't been by the forum in a really long time... but CM2 looks GREAT. I'm really excited about it now. Jason [ 09-04-2001: Message edited by: guachi ]
  23. Germans - Pz III. A tank that, in its various incarnations, was available for several years. The PZ III has a large variety of potential Soviet adversaries ranging from awful to very good. It should be interesting. Russians - Anything as I have little knowledge of how an individual vehicle or unit type should actually perform Jason
  24. I just got a MS IntelliMouse optical as a b-day gift. And I like it very much, thank you. I am a lefty, so 'ergonomic' pointing devices aren't very useful. The Intellimouse optical is symmetrical. Jason
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