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  1. Keep the manual. It has no list of bugfixes. Thats all anyone really cares about.
  2. Just saw this this morning with a split AT team. I decided to fire this game up again after 6 months or so (I dont know why), and had my whole attack bunged up because one stupid team was having a siezure. The AI pathfinding in this game has been retarded from the begining. They cant get it right after 3 or 4 patches, it aint never going to be fixed. (they're already working on the next game...fix this POS first.)
  3. Are we ever going to see it? (A dx10 engine for CM?)
  4. LAV-25s are recon units, they only carry 4 Marine scouts. My brother (marine scout) rode with the A company, 3rd LAR all the way into Baghdad. Theyre alot meaner than Strykers (25 mike mike).
  5. QB in CMSF wasn't even going to be included originaly, and was added as an afterthought. Strange, seeing how this was one of the best features of the old CM. What we have for QB now is a half-baked add on/mod they tacked on at the end.
  6. Fixing a game that was released in alpha after people shell out $50 bucks isnt customer support. Thats covering your behind, so you don't lose your behind on your next buisinness venture. We should all recieve a pro-rated cash rebate for the time we've been sitting on a lemon.
  7. I dismount 2 squads from bradley and they're stuck. Ramp door is stuck open. I can move bradleys, but not squads. Its an agrevating game stopping bug like this that has ruined almost every battle I've tried to play with this game. Good luck with patch 1.08, 1.09, and the inevitable 1.20, 1.21, 1.22 add nauseum. (the game is almost a year old, and still not working)
  8. I get the "you may now watch the replay". Its when I watch the replay it crashes (on the last second).
  9. Tried the hotkey fix, mine is still crashing. No mods installed.
  10. This is a version 1.06 save. (game was started with 1.06).
  11. Same here, i just posted a thread before I saw yours. My save game loads, but CTDs on the reply.
  12. (1.06 battlefront patch) Saved a campaign last night 30 minutes into the battle. Save game loads fine, calculates the next turn completely, but CTDs on the last second of the replay. I tried skipping the replay and hurry into the next turn which worked, but I got a CTD on the last second of that turns replay also. I have save game file.
  13. This game is a monster Clunk-Fest, too aggrevating to play. I don't think they can fix it. There, I said it.
  14. Um, an MMG (4 men) team couldn't even stand up if it had 13K 7.62 rounds. Eight men couldn't do it. A 1000 round ammo crate of .308 ball ammo weighs 66lbs. 13K rounds is 858lbs, or 214lbs per man. If 8 men carried it, 107lbs per man...doable, but they aint running nowhere, and arent walking very far either. Alright then, I'm done boring you.
  15. Spent an hour playing again with new patch. I have these two MG teams stuck, will not move at all. (I was actually enjoying the game up till then). This stuff has been happening from 4 patches ago. Keep the dynamic lighting, make the MG teams work properly. I have the save game file, please tell me where to send it. I want to help you to help me.
  16. Please fix the "MG crew given move order abandons deployed MG" bug.
  17. That doesnt bug me so much as a crew given a move order leaving the deployed weapon behind (that still fires, unmaned, as if by remote control). Did this get fixed in the patch?
  18. How do you know both sides have night goggles? Is that an editor option or something?
  19. I talked to my brother, who was a Marine recon in Iraq, about this. He said they used a "ranger line" when pushing up a road or through a city. (its not in the marine field manuals, this is all stuff they have learned since the war began) Its a single file line, and only the first guy makes contact. Then they all lay down fire and push up into the contact. Really no way to do that with the game. But moving small teams is the best.
  20. Units (assigned to setup zones) are placed outside of their designated setup zones when a saved QB map is loaded up for PBEM. This leads to both sides units starting right on top of each other. These same QB maps work correctly when loaded up as a single player game.
  21. I cleaned out my QB folder, and loaded up the QB groups volume 3 maps. Excellent battles. Thats all, I gotta go play now.
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