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  1. We're talking about Normandy right? Not interested in points. I'd like the ability to grab formations of units, any formations (by companies, or battalions), much like it is now in the CMSF editor. Leave it to the players to agree on how many, what types, etc.
  2. I booted up the demo last night. Pretty easy to learn. Eighty four turns later I look up, and its 4AM. Its causes the "one more turn" syndrome that only a few other games hook me with. I'll be buying this one. Also found a bug. I could not upgrade Dreadnoughts to Battleship in a port with a shipyard. (I had enough money)
  3. Replayability is my #1 concern. Whether I decide to buy this or not depends on what is being done with the quick battles. I'd like to hear more about that.
  4. CAD cards are the same as "regular" off the shelf cards. Literaly, the hardware is the same. The difference being, their drivers are optimized for comercial CAD software, and nothing else. You will probably have alot of problems getting games to run on one of these cards. (and they cost more too.).
  5. Ibuypower. http://www.ibuypower.com/ (oh, saw someone posted it already)
  6. Cant play the game anymore. Out of memory error every time I start it.
  7. You cant in game. And swapping files like that is a PITA.
  8. Why not allow selection from TOE in QB like in the scenario editor? It cant be that hard.
  9. I was hoping for more quick battle improvements.
  10. Thats good news for sure if they are working on the QB code. I played more CM1 QBs over the years (single play and head to head)than pre-made scenarios in any other game I own, CM included. Anyone have any tips at getting the QB working decent? I'm gonna try Mark Ezras QB maps, and see how those pan out.
  11. I dont like designing misions, I like playing the game. Also, there arent alot of custom missions being made by community. That leaves QB generator, which I to play most of the time, and it has lots of problems. Battlefront isn't doing anymore work on this part of the game, so how do you make this rusty nail spit out a halfway decent battle?
  12. Trying to make a scenario, I deploy the purchased units on the map in the editor. When I run it in game, all the units deploy in one spot, litteraly piled on top each other. I've tried painting the setup zones, and even deleting all the setup zones, same problem. Whats up with this?
  13. Trying to register, it says my email is already registered. So what is my user name and password? It say click on "lost password", but I dont see that anywhere.
  14. Awesome man. These are the kinds of battles I bought Marines for. Can't wait to try this one. I'm thinking of making (part) of the battle of Falluja in 2006. Would be similar to this one.
  15. One man gets stuck leaping back and forth over wall, rest of crew keeps moving toward waypoint. V1.10. Old bug, but not happening as often as other versions.
  16. I get out of memory error with CTD. Windows diagnostics says its a problem with Nvidia graphics drivers. Running on Intel quad-core/ 4G Ram/ Vista 32bit/ geforce9800gtx/ latest certified nvidia driver (180.xxx)
  17. USMC uniform mod by M1A1TC. Instructions say to place files in Z folder? Where is the Z folder?
  18. Its two more sets of eyes watching the sides and rear of the vehicle. My brother rode one all the way to Baghdad, they never buttoned up, even in firefights. Their LAV column was ambushed on a road in the middle of the night by entrenched infantry on both sides of the road. They were killing crazy charging fedayeen 10 and 20 yards from their vehicles, from the fighting hatches.
  19. See the fellas in the back? Those hatches arent for keeping cool, those are fighting hatches, Like the stryker hatches that squads can fire from. Not working right now, something to be fixed?
  20. I bought and paid for (broken) CMSF a year ago. Why am I still waiting for a patch 1.10 to make that work???
  21. The game is a year old already. How about a working patch.
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