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  1. Some of the formations can be toggled between mounted, and dismounted only. At the bottom of the screen there is an option to make them mounted, and buy the halftracks that go with them.
  2. If your a pbemer (ha, peebeemer) drop your name in this thread. My email is in my profile.
  3. Use hide command, or a short covered arc to keep your infantry hidden.
  4. Holy ****, that Flashget program really works. I went from 100kb/s to 1MB/s. Good stuff.
  5. I hope you don't consider American 75mm as a big caliber. Tigers would get hit 20 and 30 times in a battle with no effect. The Tiger crews were supremely confident.
  6. I did much better as German, but didn't think to take a screenie of after action report. I left all my men and armor on the ridge above village. Plastered the town with arty and mortars. My Panthers knocked out all the american armor as it came over the ridge. Hammered buildings with Panthers and SP guns. Layed covering fire with MG42s and smoke, THEN sent the infantry in, with armor behind it. It was a route. I did lose the scout cars, but that is what they are for. I won as American on my first go too. Stopped the German infantry rush with 105 arty, and knocked out the Panthers and SP guns from hull down positions on my side of the map. Lost 1 M10.
  7. I just had several runs through the demo. Excellent representation of bocage fighting, you really nailed it. Grenades flying, MP44s shooting through the bush, Panzerfausts taking out armor at point blank range, and one wild assed tank crewman who jumped out with .45 and shot 2 of my men before running to the rear. I think it was George Patton. The best rifle in the game, American M1 Garands fire too slow. Slow is good for long shot, but at close range, you would never know they were semi-auto rifles. They should be unloading those 8 rounds as fast as they can and reloading. They fire like they are bolt action rifles.
  8. AT guns waste their AP ammunition on infantry units. We need the old command from CMBO "Target Armor", which was a covered arc command. AT units would only engage armor units that entered their covered arcs, and ignored other units.
  9. "Then I discovered that there was still a large process named CombatMissionNormandy or something in memory, that prevented a new instance to start." This is my problem. I'm on Vista 32 bit. Demo will start again when this process is ended.
  10. Demo to booted once. I noticed AA was not enabled, exited demo. Enabled AA in ATI Catalyst control. Now demo will not boot with, or without AA enabled. ATI 5850, 4G, Q6600 quad, Vista 32, blah blah blah.
  11. I liked CM1 air support better. You didn't know when it was coming, or where it was going to hit.
  12. AMD has better image quality. I have a 5850, my first AMD card after only ever using nvidia. It looks much better.
  13. I can tell you the game play in CMSF was not better than the original CMBO. Shock Force had no map generator, which is needed for long term replayability. And the quick mission generator, also needed for long term replayability, was practically unusable. The generated quick missions had limited maps, and very strange force selections which made for some uninteresting, or completely unrealistic battles, which had me restarting the game more than I played it. The original CMBO was so good because it was like a sandbox, you could make any kind of battle on any kind of map with just a few clicks. Thats very hard to do with CMSF. It sounds like it may be easier to make battles with this new CMBN, but I don't like making maps, or programing the AI (which is necessary if you build a map with the SF engine). I'll be wasting a lot of time online trying to find new maps to play on.
  14. All levity aside, about the time this thread originated, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against class action lawsuits. People suing corporations and businesses now must do so individually. http://www.latimes.com/business/sc-dc-0428-court-class-action-web-20110427,0,1239412.story
  15. It's a shame there is no mechanism to command hull down. Steel Beasts does it easily enough, and in real time. The tanks just move toward the hill/ridge until they clear the top with 1000-2000meters LOS in front of them, measured from the gun tube. The same thing could be coded for this game, if they really wanted to. Like this: Two clicks, one to begin the hull down command movement, the other click is the spot on the other side of the hill you want to see, and the tank stops when it has moved far enough to see this position, measured from the gun tube. There should also be a turret down command, for safe spotting from behind a ridge without getting hit.
  16. I need a big map. I'll probably build the battle of Arracourt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4bB5DTydb0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Arracourt The biggest U.S. tank on tank (and nothing else) battle of WW2.
  17. Will the game generate maps for the quick battles? Or will it only use pre-made maps?
  18. I don't recognize any of you bums, except Emrys. (BURP)
  19. Same old tired cm2 engine with a crappy mission generator? I won't buy that.
  20. That was the problem. Thanks fellas. This is my first ATI card, its been a pain in the ass so far.
  21. The blue and red unit icons that hover over units ingame are unresponsive now. Clicking them does nothing. Clicking directly on the 3D unit model works, but that is difficult to find the "click" spot sometimes, makes gameplay a chore. This is on Vista32.
  22. Gas tank. (boom) Pretty to look at, fun to fly, but it isnt finished. Gameplay is where its lacking. And some irritating graphic freezes and stutter that make it very hard to shoot accurately. (I'm on a quad-core). Multiplayer is all but dead, and the canned missions are...canned.
  23. Spent evening playing with my brother. We had numerous CTDs and lost connections. We fought it for about 80 turns before calling it quits. We turned off ingame voice comms (which work well), but that didn't solve our issues.
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