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  1. Echo

    Looking for victims

    I should say...for CMBN
  2. All my previous ones are deceased.
  3. "we are custom creating a QB with 12 000 points" How do you do that?
  4. Needs fixed. Bridge. Enemy cover bridge with smoke and run across. My MG cannot fire along bridge I KNOW then enemy is crossing. Area firing with HMG crews is how they were used mostly. Crops and smoke mechanics are a pain.
  5. The trouble with HMG area fire, and direct fire in general, is that there is no bullet dispersion. A 6-10 round burst in the game results in a laser like stream, with all the bullets hitting a single point. The mgs could be single shot, and you would get the same results in game. No real advantage to firing a burst at all.
  6. I just saw this twice in the same game, by two different tanks. Its the only reason I decided to post about it.
  7. Some infantry appears right in front close to my tank shooting an mp40. Bow, co axle, and main gun all pointed at him. My tank pops smoke and reverses. ?? How about doing this..."gunner-Target-FIRE" then rotate turret and shoot the damned infantry. In this case, mine didn't need to rotate turret, they were right in front of the tank.
  8. Guns need the old covered arc command "Armor only" from the old CM games.
  9. Seems a bit pricey for an add on. I hope it has enough new maps and QB maps with AI plans to justify the price.
  10. So I have an American armored scout car, with a driver, and a loaded HQ. A big juicy .50 cal with 1000 rounds sits on top. Unbutton order is given to the car, and the HQ unit. There is a soldier sitting behind the gun. But they will not area fire. I gave target command to both the car, and the HQ riding inside. I've never got this to work in game, it has to be a bug.
  11. "Having to pay for foxholes is no odder than having to pay for snipers or barbed wire." Well, snipers need to be recruited and trained. Wire needs to be manufactured and hauled into position. Foxhole is...just a hole. " I imagine if they were 'free' some players would be tempted to litter the setup zone with foxholes" Limit one foxhole for each squad.
  12. For a defender in quick battles? Its not a material unit. Its a hole that can be dug by any infantry unit. One foxhole for each squad.
  13. This has happened twice in a row now. Attack QB "Huge" map. The attackers setup zone is in the defender area, where the objectives are. German attack, allied defend. Map # is QB-125 btt. I didn't bother to look at the first map I saw this happen.
  14. Save games from v1.00 ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.01, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before upgrading to v1.01.
  15. Echo

    CMBN PBEM oppo?

    I'll play, send me the file. I only ask for maximum time limit. Cause who like the game ending right when the shooting gets started
  16. In a foxhole, all one should see exposed is a mans head and his weapon. In game, they all kneel, exposing their whole torso. To be accurate, the foxhole "mound" needs to be piled higher, or men need to be programmed to stay prone in the holes. Shell holes seem to work better. Maybe those should be available for purchase.
  17. Wego McPbem, yours is a better description of what I'm seeing.
  18. Not concerned about the setup time. Concerned about pointing the gun in the right direction. Would post screenshot, but screenshots aren't working in the game.
  19. In buildings, its difficult to get HMGs to set up pointed in the correct direction. Using a face, or target arc command before telling the HMG to deploy, most of the time the MG is pointed 90 degrees off one way or another, and not the direction I tell them. Or worse, sometimes they do setup pointed the right way after the 4 or 5 minute deploy time. But then inexplicable pick the gun up and start to setup in another direction, even though they have face or target arc commands. So I have to wait another 4 or 5 minutes to use the gun. The crews usually get killed jumping all over like this, and spend very little time firing the gun.
  20. I was looking for some of these in a setup once. I think for heavy ammo like mortars and AT rounds, one has to buy a formation with the trucks as organic units, they aren't available individually. Real pity. Regular trucks that can be bought have just small arms ammo. Opel Blitz and 2.5 ton are the only 2 in game I think. Now get busy and fire me our next turn. [grin]
  21. I'm not seeing any option to buys tanks equipped with hedge cutters in the QB setup.
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