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  1. Its silly. In reality, the time between lasing and pulling the trigger is a split second. You wouldn't have time to pop smoke.

    You may have a second if it's an older t72 shooting. The laser bore is off from the aiming recticle, so you have to adjust aim slightly after lasing.

    Even if smoke is out, firing unit already has your range (he just lased you), and will fire through the smoke anyway.

  2. CBU 105 and CBU 97? 


    I just looked at all the US air support. No cluster bombs. General purpose bombs are not what they are going to be carrying in this kind of conflict. 


    The real life tools the U.S. has to deal with mass armor formations are not available. I see the Mavericks, but every F16 going out with 4 mavs is gonna have 4 cans of CBU also. 








  3. Well thats a shame. I cant believe its not in the game. 


    Cant properly simulate a modern armored war without it. The U.S. has it, and uses it currently. So do the Russians who have not signed the treaty.  And its a game changer. MUCH more so than precision GPS rounds. 


    I recommend you fellas play some Steel Beast some time. It wil make a believer out of you. 

  4.  Its predictable, and total waste.  All the QB attack maps are designed to drop pre-planned arty on  the attacker. 


    I'm the attacker. I wait 1 turn to see where the arty is going to fall. Then I just wait 5- 10 minutes for AI to dump all his arty, then attack 10 minutes late. 


    The battle would be tougher if the AI didn't waste his whole load like this. Its just a map deign flaw. 


    Does anyone know where the QB maps are located in the directory, I think I'd like to edit this out of them all. 

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