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  1. Greetings from the distant past...I have made a number of scenarios for CMBN and FI...most are unfinished and not worth sharing...The problem is that I cannot figure out how to delete them...I even re-read the online manual... If anyone knows how to do this, aside from uninstalling, please let me know... Many Thanks, ArchangelSix
  2. AH! Right you are my friend to the north...I seem to have been covered in dummy dust for a while there. Thank You Very Much, Archangel
  3. Gentlemen: I seem to be having a rather odd little issue. I have just d/l'd and activated the British expansion pack...when I click on the CMBN icon the page opens normally, and displays two icons on the left side. One is a Sherman and one is a British tank...the problem seems to be that I cannot switch between them...I expected that clicking on one or the other would select that part to play...however, no amount of clicking will activate the British part. I must be missing something, and would welcome assistance... Many Thanks, ARCHANGEL
  4. Thank you all Gentlemen...(I remember some of you from the early days...CMBO). SO, I am trying to grasp the elevation issues with a small map...as suggested...but one thing especially confuses my aged head, after getting the elevation done, how do you add structures/trees/roads/walls etc when the elevation is not seen on the map except on the "elevation" page??? Do you place the pieces there first, then add elevation??? I won't even ask about the AI right now... My deep appreciation for the assistance & suggestions... Archangel
  5. Gentlemen: I have been having a difficult time creating scenario's for CMBN. The hard to read handbook is of no help, and I have gone online to read it...but I am still stymied. (It was so much easier in the older games.) Anyway, the elevation is kicking my ass, as is the troop placement, (amongst other issues). I put a whole force of PzGrn's in place in a town I managed to build, and when I came back to them, after emplacing the American troops, the German troops were not where I had put them. (and that was just in the creating stage) Has any one posted a You-Tube about this proces
  6. Greetings Gentlemen: I have just set up my new computer. It has double video cards (total of 1 meg), a 3 meg AMD chip and 8 gigs of RAM. I am running in the evil Windows 7 but not in Vista...(Thunderbird & Open Office). When I loaded CMAK and CMBB they both loaded more-or-less noramlly...but they won't open...all I get is the video rez box(es) and the very lowest bar on the opening screen... (that says battlefront.com)... I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have a way to un-screw this situation as I still play both games regularly. Many Thanks, Archangel
  7. Everything goes well until the red line finishes it's circuit...then it is DTD...something I haven't seen since Windows 98...it happens in both the training mission and the battle. My computer is pretty much up-to-speed...I would welcome any appropriate (lol) assistance. Thank You, Archangel
  8. Schrullenhaft, Thank you...I have so seldom used boats I didnt know this was the case...seems odd to me, but maybe the next edition of the AI will be able to use boats... I will test the backslash tonight... Thanks Again, Archangel
  9. Hi Redwolf, 1.You mean every time I use boats that will happen??? 2.Only in CMAK or in CMBB as well??? Thank You, Archangel
  10. Gentlemen: Thankfully it has been a few years since I have experienced any technical issues...however, I once again find that I have a few technical glitches. This applies to CMAK only... 1. When crafting scenarios that are large or huge in size, I cannot seem to convince the game to let me play as allied in the single player mode. It will allow me to play as axis that way, but never allied... This just began in the past few days...it doesn't happen in tiny/small/medium sized scenarios. :mad: 2. Since the day I loaded CMAK (which was the week it initially appeared), it doesnt allow
  11. Parabellum, Good point! (lol)...I try to find it and restore it to it's rightful place of honor... Archangel
  12. Parabellum, Thanks... Manual??? As if I still could find it... Archangel
  13. Hello Lads, I just discovered, out of the blue, a bit of a glitch in a CMBB scenario I developed (for my own use). It is a river crossing, a continually reinforced Sov assault against a German held and somewhat fortified river bank. The problem isnt with the scen, the problem is that when I try to run it I only get three options...Single Player doesnt show up :mad: ...I have been playing these since CMBO was new and I have yet to have such an odd little problem... I deleted the first one when it woulld't work correctly and rewrote the whole dammed thing, STILL, it will not offer SP as
  14. Well, perhaps not entirely. At the time the Sherman was designed and put into production, the known German tanks were the Mk. III 50L/42 and Mk. IV 75L/24, and the Sherman was superior in most ways to either of them. Michael </font>
  15. Yes, excellent job was done by that lovely young woman. She gave CMBB high marks...it was quite nice to see/hear... :cool: Archangel
  16. S, The problem is solved!!! Lacking a shortcut, I wasnt entering thru the "programs" part of the screen...now I am, and I just made, saved, and ran a scen that I created...YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! Now...about READ ERROR, DATA CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK in CMBB install attempts :confused: ...<g> Thanks Again, Archangel
  17. S, There is no icon on the desktop...to launch I have to click on the CD in the DVD drive and launch from within it...strangely, I was never given the option to launch like it did in W98... or if it did, I missed it... Archangel
  18. S, How would I make that determination??? There has GOT to be a way to make this work... Thanks, Archangel
  19. Lads, A few weeks ago my old computer died an ugly death, actually shooting fire out of the power unit. :eek: In this cyber-bar-b-que it fried everything in the box. Being a reasonable man, I wasted no time in getting a new rig put together. I now have an Intell P4 2.25,1 gig of Ram, an NVidia 128, SBLive and a 40 gig HD...(also, an external HD for back up...which didnt exist on the late lamented machine) Windows XP is the OS... CMBO loaded easily...it even plays nicely...BUT...it will not, :confused: repeat NOT allow me to save any scens or ops that I build myself... actually,
  20. Schull, Thank you very much...The tech said he had done the new drivers...all I know is that NOTHING I try to play is working...Funny, when I tried to add Destroyer Command, which never did well with my old Voodoo 5 card, it boldly stated that it does not work with XP...lucky me!!! :mad: I just d/l'd the drivers you recommended...it changed my screen to the lowest rez, but I did reset it...now I will go try CM and see what happens...I had the white out problem in CM with the old Voodoo 5 as well...but I didnt get far enough into CM this time to see if that was a problem again...the on
  21. Gentlemen, The computer I have been using to enjoy CMBO these past few years has died. It actually went alight and shot flame out the back. :eek: In the past week I have had a new rig put together...it's specs are as follows: P4 2.25, 1 gig of ram, SB Live!, NVidia 128, DVD, CD-RW, Zip, floppy etc. What is different is that this one has Windows XP. The reason for this is that there was some issue between the Video card and W98 SE...so the tech put in the XP. Now...Not one sim or game I have will play(well, or at all), in XP :confused: ...CMBO only plays in the lowest rez...it
  22. Thanks Lawyer, I'd love to come and meet another member of my profession, as wella s the rest of the lads, but I'll have to pass until the next event...and until I get a new round of shots to enable me to visit such a remote area as Falls Church... See you next time, Archangel
  23. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Fairbairn-Sykes Trench Knife: So I see the name that's been made public (for the impending action) is "Operation Infinite Justice". I expect there are some names civilians don't get to hear for this one as well. Not that one is able to discuss it here anyway...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I assume by now you are aware that INFINATE JUSTICE has been changed because the Mullahs objected. They felt that such a concept belonged to Allah alone. The irony is delicious. Now it is "INFINATE something else" Archangel In
  24. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Aacooper: Does anyone know how often airplanes show up? I imagine it's a percentage of their experience. I'm trying to finish a scenario... it's a fool's errand to try to balance a scenario with airpower (but it should be fun when it's done).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I frequently put aircraft in operations...although I honestly don't always notice if they arrive or not, since I usually get so busy with what is going on...I have used them as Reinforcements. Archangel
  25. Gentlemen, Early in life I played a lot of sort-of serious tennis...having reached middle life I have been rewarded with "tennis elbow", which has now been exaserbated to the point of approaching frequent injections(not yet begun) to remedy it. I mention this because, as I sit here and play hours of CMBO, I find that my wrist and elbow rebel, in a significant way, when I play even short games...in the intirm I have taken to wearing braces for both...but it occurs to me that a new mouse for my computer might aid somewhat in relief of my situation... Since CMBO is so "mouse" intensive, I am
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