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  1. I just tried the 1280 x 1024 screen and I get more stretch on my Dell 22in Monitor than the 1400 x 1050 screen. My desktop works great at 1680 x 1050. Again, just wish Battlefront would dp something with their resolution preferences to include 1680 x 1050 if the monitor is setup that way for maximum performance. Rob
  2. It seems 1400 x 1050 pixels is the highest resolution CMBB and CMAK offers. My 22 inch Dell Monitor is set to 1680 x 1050 pixels and my windows graphics look great. Just wish Battlefront can update the resolution preferences to 1680 x 1050. Cheers Rob
  3. Regarding Radeon Cards. I recently purchased a X1300 Card. It is nice and fast but disppointing that still there is no fog-table emulation and no foggy games. I downloaded an ATi Tray tool tweak and using advanced tweaks I ticked off Fog-table but still no fog in my games. Rob
  4. I have the same problem with my Athlon 1100 using XP recognizing my Celeron 1000 that is using Win98se but bot the other way around for LAN networking. The one good thing is that my Linksys router does give each computer a DHCP IP address. I have for the Athlon and for the Celeron. Of course, both computers have their own hostname. I am glad CMBB works well with the LAN connections and CMBB recognizes the IP addresses, but still puzzled why I still cannot do other forms of networking even with full sharing capability on. Rob
  5. I read from you on this board somewhere of first uninstalling the old drivers before installing newer graphic drivers. I did not do that with the older drivers and maybe there was a conflict causing freeze ups in CMBO and the TCP/IP in CMBB. Anyway,glad the 3082 drivers work fine for me now Cheers Rob
  6. Hi, I finally got it work by uninstalling the Ge Force Graphic Drivers and installing the newer drivers The TCP/IP came in without any freezing. It was strange before that only the TCP didn't work but the PBEM and solitaire worked (but I did notice the odd freezing during gammeplay). I use ADSL high speed internet BTW. I just hope it continues to work. I guess those older Drivers were a problem as I also got the occassional game freeze in CMBO. Cheers RW
  7. I cannot understand why the TCP/IP portion of the CMBB demo freezes as soon as I get to the part to put in your password or IP address (if connecting to someone). You put in the password or IP address and when you click OK it picture freezes and I have to do aCtrl+Alt+Del to reboot. I tried re-installing the demo a few times including Directx 8.1 and the same occurs. Any ideas what is the problem? I have a: AMD Athlon 1.1 Ghz Processor Asus A7A133 Socket A M/B w/Ali chipset Nvidea Geforce2 MX 400 Video card ver. drivers Creative SB Live Sound card 639 MB Memory Using Dire
  8. Thanks for the response Schrulle. I take it you just allocate what computers' LAN IP address you want to do the the IP forwarding to ports 7023 and 7024 with no DHCP disabling? I have read that disabling the DHCP and assigning a new static LAN IP Address go hand in hand. RW
  9. I am having the same problems with my Linksys Cable/DSL Router. CM is only recognizing my LAN IP address and not my WAN IP address when I try an online game. I tried the IP Forwarding as suggested and from reading my Linksys manual but when I disable the DHCP I lose all networking ability. Sort of at a lost of what to do now. RW
  10. I played a TCP game today and found the problem is ICQ. I Have ICQ on and load up the game I get a black screen at the bottom, and if I disconnect ICQ before loading CM for a TCP game then the screen is normal. Perhaps user resources are low with both the TCP game and ICQ going at the same time. I have lots of RAM so maybe you need a faster computer to avoid this problem.
  11. Lately I am seeing graphic problems ONLY with TCP games. Once connected the bottom of the screen becomes black with white wordings but the the symbols are missing. When playing I have to guess where they are to get the game to work. If I change the screen to a PBEM game there is no black screen. Is this a bug because if it was my computer or graphic card then it should be showing black at the bottom for all type of games you would think? I have a Celeron 466 with 256M Ram and a NVidea TNT2 32M Video Card using the latest drivers and directx8.
  12. Harv, I was having the same problem with my Nvidia Riva TNT card but it was more intermittant and all the time but just about all the time with the FOG turned on. See my "Fog Table Emulation Problem" entry. I installed the directx8 beta update and disabled the AGP texturing as it froze on me on the 3rd test (first 2 times it went ok, thus I guess probably why the intemittant problem). I then ran some game turns with FOG turned on fully and voila no more freeze ups! I have tried these game turns 3 times and no freeze ups so diabling the AGP texturing is the thing to do. Thanks Harv
  13. Thanks for all the help. I will install the latest bios for my Motherboard. I did install the 0634 drivers for the NVidia card and was successful in one turn with Fog turned on without the screen freezing but this is an intermittent problem so I'm going to be optomistic yet if the problem has been fixed. BTW my NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 32M card was by Sniper. RW
  14. Madmatt, when the game locks it just hangs and sometimes by continually hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del the system will reboot or if that fails I have to manually hit reset. It locks about all the time in Foggy scenarios (sometimes in the beginning or half way through a given turn) and very seldom will lock up with the the FOG turned off. When it does lockup with the Fog off or in other type battles it is because I am using the latest detonator 3 drivers for my NVidia TNT2 Model 64 32M card. Earlier drivers never lock up except for Foggy scenarios with Fog turned on. This is really baffling me.
  15. When the game locks up even the mouse pointer freezes. I tried disabling the sound card and the game still froze with the fog on. I'll try using the 0634 drivers as the 0635 drivers even caused lockups in games with NO fog. I have an ASUS Slot 1 Mainboard P2L97. RW
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