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  1. Honestly, back in the day, this thread was pretty incredible. And getting to meet some of these lot in real life, was pretty ok too. You can blame Berli for bringing me here. Seems a bit weird that he's been gone for almost a year. And Boo, I know deep down, you were writing about me in the post I quoted. Appreciate it.
  2. I don't frequent here much anymore . But it was Berli who brought me here. It was Berli who I worked with for many years when we were both in newspapers. It was Berli who introduced me to many of you. I won't hold that against him. And it was also Berli who influenced my love of Apple products. We have stayed in contact through social media but I haven't seen him in ages. But rarely does a day go by in which I am not reminded of his influence on me. I am beyond sad. He was a good soul. Those are rare these days. And I will refuse to sit when told to. Instead, I will stand in his honor.
  3. I've got to say, I'm mildly disappointed at the venom I'm feeling at my return. Have you lot lost your touch? And what is this tripe about Boo and olde one status? Yeah, couldn't bother reading most of this sad thread. Unlike most of you, I actually work for a living. Now, I must go and pray for your sad, pitiful souls.
  4. I heard mention of Rune's bottom some time ago and thought I'd pay a visit. So how are all of the lovelies doing? It's beginning to look like an old folks home in here.
  5. What has happened to the boards? They're all new looking and pretty. Me likey the old one better. This is far too modern. I feel like I need lessons on how to use these new boards.
  6. Drippy Dicky? shooting incident? half assed? You can't possibly expect to use this combination of words in sentence and NOT expect me to comment on this? Drippy Dicky is bad enough.......this is potty humor heaven or grog porn. I'm not sure which.
  7. Boy, I am tired. I originally thought this said "Joe had been stuck in the butt." I mean really, what Joe does for fun is nobody's business but the sticker and the stickee (pitcher or catcher?) Miss me?
  8. Or the toilet is overflowing and we are seeing all the tiny little nuggets floating to the top.
  9. I think we all must have ... I blame the three MBTs on one page. I suspect that they opened a rift in the fabric of time/space (probably corduroy ) and allowed a temporal and possibly lobotomized anomaly to escape ... in other words ... Abbott. Joe </font>
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