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    Commanderski reacted to Aragorn2002 in New Module coming For Blitzkrieg   
    It's Ready when it's Ready.
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    Commanderski reacted to Aragorn2002 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    The only reason why I'm happy with pre-ordering (and did pre-order) is that it's a sign that the situation is under control and the¬† game is coming. Less happy with the fact that it can take a couple of months more, but let's not get into that again....ūüėČ
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    Commanderski reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    As I'm scripting for small units moving through a city right now, I can only imagine how long it took to test the AI plans for that lot.....Just one more thing that those bleating loudest for rapid release have absolutely no conception of, I strongly suspect.  Yet they'd also be the first to complain if pixeltruppen started doing the zombie-march-of-doom down all the main roads during their QB adventures! 
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    Commanderski reacted to t34577685 in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
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    Commanderski reacted to CHEqTRO in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    Fantastic! Thank you a lot for reconsidering its inclusion. Cannot wait to face those steel beast against my IS-2s
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    Commanderski reacted to danfrodo in Fire and Rubble Update   
    If pre-order doesn't make sense for anyone, then don't do it.  but why bother to comment on it here?  
    I do it to show support for a small company that gives me hundreds of hours of historically-based wargaming entertainment and doesn't sell out and become World of Tanks or some other twitchy gamey thing -- the kind of games that make a lot of money. 
    Now that I've been nice to them I demand they immediately release eastern front 1941-43. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Fire and Rubble Update   
    You absolutely have a choice.
    I do it to support BFC's cash flow.
    There aren't many companies I would trust to pre-order from, but after over 20 years, I have no worries about not getting the product or regretting having bought it.
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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    I am absolutely thrilled to hear that! Hope shines bright.
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    Commanderski reacted to Probus in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    Modders could take that weight¬†off you guys, ya know. I know you know but I couldn't resist. ūüėĀ
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    Commanderski reacted to IanL in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    LOL - not Game Stop
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    Commanderski reacted to danfrodo in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    OHHHHHHHH THIS IS THE REAL PRE_ORDER THREAD!!! Yes please, take my money!¬† I thought this was still the earlier fake thread.¬† Dumb I am.¬† ūüėÄ
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    Commanderski reacted to Double Deuce in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    I've been working up details for a Crimean Offensive based campaign (yes I know it's a few months before the CMRT timeframe but still) and I have to say,¬†it's really good to see the addition of partisans. Time to double down on my design notes and get cracking on those maps.¬†¬†ūüėĀ
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    Commanderski reacted to pintere in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    Well considering that the period covered probably included more military casualties than any other single conflict for the remainder of the whole 20th century it's nice to see that us players can get an appropriate sense of the scale involved. Kudos to everyone who's worked on it so far! If the TOEs are any indicator the module probably has enough content to satisfy even the most nitpicky of history nerds.
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    Commanderski got a reaction from JM Stuff in Pre-orders for Fire and Rubble are now open!!   
    Aragorn2002¬†must be sleeping...ūüėÄ
    Do they mean 20 scenarios or 20 campaigns? Would love 20 campaigns.
    Already ordered...ūüėÄ
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    Commanderski reacted to chuckdyke in Fire and Rubble Update   
    What are the advantages of buying your games on Steam? I fear that the game will concentrate more on eye candy and less about realism. Seeing a drunk army on the march on GM got me disinterested. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Glubokii Boy in Combat Mission History   
    It's a bit of a shame that many of the youtubers that have shown off the game after the steam release are playing it in RT...
    It really does BFC no favours...
    Many of them seem to have a very imited understanding of the game and they play it like some kind off click-fest game in RT...In a simular fashion that they likely are playing other games...consequently it does not look all that great unfortunatelly...
    CM shines in WEGO¬†ūüė鬆and what makes¬†CM...CM...is thoughtful play in WEGO
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    Commanderski reacted to Lethaface in Combat Mission History   
    It is perhaps not the most intuitive system but basically boils down to a way how they can and did support old titles going forward. I like it. Everything has pros and cons, for a system originating in 2005 orso I guess it has held up quite decent
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    Commanderski reacted to Warts 'n' all in Fire and Rubble Update   
    All together now. "When it's ready."
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    Commanderski reacted to MikeyD in Welcome to 2021!   
    I had to lobby hard to get Valentine into the game. Steve was originally not going to include it. He'd imagined Valentine numbers had petered out due to attrition by the title's timeframe.  But I provided documents with Valentine numbers in specific Russian units in the closing months, plus photo proof of their use in battle. Steve said he was genuinely surprised how many Valentines were still active. One reason why the Russian loved their Valentines was the darned things just didn't break. As reliable as a hammer. It also had a tiny light tank silhouette while mounting a medium tank's cannon. So yeh, its a MikeyD favorite. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Welcome to 2021!   
    Happy to hear that. More is good.
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    Commanderski reacted to Drifter Man in Some tank duel tests (CMBN)   
    Thanks for the tips. I've set up the tree test with a Type B "grid tree" in the middle of the action tile, right in front of the tank, and fed it into the machine. Let's see what it spits out.

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    Commanderski reacted to Tashtego in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    In case you did not notice, I am surrendering! No, really.

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    Commanderski reacted to SimpleSimon in Some tank duel tests (CMBN)   
    Reality is (reflected by this experiment) that tanks of peer tonnage and armament are likely to get lots of kills on each-other and it's going to be bloody. Even crew quality might much be softer than usual, someone's going to get lucky eventually and put a 75mm round into your tank somehow. 
    In just about any example one could pull, Villers-Bocage, Prokhorovka, El Alamein, etc tank losses on both sides were usually heavy as long as both sides applied tanks. With the defender typically coming off worse in terms of permanent losses or losses overall. Tanks are not very efficient for defensive work, but they're usually the only way to stop another Tank Army. This is a big reason why the Panzer Divisions were constantly under-strength, because the Red Army wouldn't pause very long between offensives and just kept forcing German Commanders to commit them in order to save the Infantry Divisions and stop whole Armies from getting rolled up. The other reason was the frustratingly slow adoption of the Panther, on the other hand having one of the Division's tank regiments away from the war's biggest battles might also save a Panzer Division from total annihilation, and there was no hope of expanding the total number of tank Divisions after 1942 anyway. 
    Nice job on the research Drifter. 
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    Commanderski reacted to kohlenklau in Welcome to 2021!   
    That Matilda would be great for improving my 1942 Kholm Pocket mod...

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    Commanderski reacted to 37mm in HD Pack CMBS   
    I recently put up an "all in one" modpack which includes the @Kieme(ITA) HD mods...
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