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  1. One of the nice things CM1 does is to leave a little gap in between different types of tree tiles. If you cover a 10x10 tile area with, say, pine trees, you get a 100 tile area unbroken and completely inaccessible to vehicles. But if you were to alternate pine and woods like this: PWPWPWPWPW WPWPWPWPWP PWPWPWPWPW WPWPWPWPWP PWPWPWPWPW WPWPWPWPWP PWPWPWPWPW WPWPWPWPWP You would get a checkerboard tree pattern (obviously) with a narrow grid of open ground running between all squares. In a less extreme application, you can use this to make "forest trails" that vehicles can negoti
  2. Big ol' list: http://www.battlefront.com/community/search.php?searchid=952338 NCrawler's CMBB sound map: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=38850&highlight=sound+map Hope it helps!
  3. Since you need to enter a password to view the opponent's setup, when he gets the file he won't be able to get in. If you (the hypothetical cheater) were intending to generate another file to send the opponent, it would contain new random forces that you hadn't seen. On second thought, there is a way to do it, but it's all pretty bush-league to begin with. Cheat on your taxes, if you must, but CM is sacrosanct. [ May 07, 2008, 03:01 PM: Message edited by: Impudent Warwick ]
  4. AOH - Specially designated artillery/army CO - Secret Service (section) From RKKA in WWII (click the Abbreviations button, then the "Typical Soviet Abbreviations" link) Not sure about the others; try the other abbreviation info on the site, or e-mail the owner (amvas) - he's helped me out in the past.
  5. That TALACOSI game on the site looks nice, too... anyone tried it?
  6. Jason - I followed some of the discussion on the 80mm StuG issue, but quit before the end to keep my head from imploding. What was the reason BFC gave for not changing the penetration values in one of the patches?
  7. Dowarisch, maybe you did this first, I don't know - but is CMSF set to run on only one of your twin processors? It was unplayable on my system until I did that (although even now I don't display shadows because they flicker a bit).
  8. Good stuff, but nothing beats the CMBO armored clown car.
  9. To be fair, everything the reviewer said is true in terms of gameplay. Your units move slowly, deceptively so when they're using Advance (Move speed but Run animation). Tanks are slow, especially off-road. You can shoot and shoot at an enemy squad and never see an effect, thanks to FOW. Those of us who play CM don't care - in fact, we like it - because it's all done that way for reasons we understand and appreciate. It's not the reviewer's cup of tea, but most of his favorite games are probably not mine.
  10. If fortifications are terrain, and (AIUI) are unspotted by default, does that mean the rest of the map is unspotted at game start also? Or are "fort-terrain" and "ground-terrain" treated differently for spotting purposes?
  11. Hmm... how many polys for a flail tank?
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