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  1. Am I blind? Am I looking in the wrong place? I'm still not seeing anything posted EDIT: Nevermind... apparently there's a CMMODS 4 now... I was looking at the old(er) site... EDIT 2: Actually... can't find my CMRT version there either.
  2. The one I'm missing is the CMRT version of the Final sound mod. Right now, I can only find two version of "the final sound mod" on greenasjade (admittedly, I'm finding it hard to navigate that site), and neither is for CMRT as both explicitly state in the description that there's a separate CMRT version. EDIT: Sorry, missed the entire thread above (only thought there was one answer, silly me). I have NONE of my old mods. I'd appreciate anyone who could upload them. I've downloaded the "final" one on greenasjade, but that's all I have.
  3. Hi guys (and gals)! I just came back to CM and after installing all the games I owned, I discovered to my horror, that I couldn't find the CMRT version of my final mod on greenasjade. Could some helpful soul fix that problem for me?
  4. Nevermind, all has been fixed through support Now I just have to figure out why I can't download the v4 patches that I bought... just says "shipent status: pending" on them with no download link (Why, oh why, does it have to be so complicated?) EDIT: Nevermind, it was in the junkmail
  5. It's ok, though... I mostly play WarThunder these days. I'm just installing CM as a thing I can play with my buddies when they come over (And for those times when the internetz dies)
  6. That's the thing... I didn't buy CMRT for myself the first time. A friendly forumite did. After that, when I ran into some cash, I paid that forward by buying it for my friend. However, there is no such purchase on my record at the battlefront.com store, so I think he might have just gotten the money from me to buy it.
  7. Well, damn... looks like my buddy lost his copy of CMRT... And mine is somewhere at the bottom of a moving box in the basement. I'm considering whether I should buy it now or just wait until I've moved and checked through all the boxes...
  8. Yeah, the only updates I had was v3 for CMBN. Don't think I got any updates for CMFI or CMRT. I just bought the big update pack, though, so that's got me covered. Also, don't expect any mods from me. I'm out of that business I thought it worked the other way around... people who only like modern but not WWII were the blasphemers
  9. Just got an e-mail from support. They gave me the license keys to all the CMX1 games and the copy of CMRT that I must have squirreled away somewhere (in the process of moving). Ironically the games that I DO have easy-to-access hard copies of, are all in my order page for easy download So, the CMX1 games I can now download and install. The CMBN and CMFI games I can either manually install or download and install. CMRT I'll have to go look for. I didn't get the CMSF 1 key, but that's ok, because I didn't like that much anyway.
  10. Actually considering buying all of them again here. Most of what I've bought were physical hardcopies, but now I can't find most of them after several moves. The games I do have are CMBN and CMFI. And I've got updates to v3 on both, I think. The rest are nowhere to be found on the "my orders" page, so I'll be looking at buying them all again. I'll have to buy upgrades for CMBN and CMFI anyway. So the question is... do I have to buy the upgrades as well or are they included if I buy a new copy of the game?
  11. Ok, so apparantly greenasjade has redesigned the page completely, and now I can't find my CMRT mod at all any more. If anyone has it downloaded, feel free to upload it again, as I no longer have it due to switching computers (I mean, why should I save it? It was safe and sound on greenasjade... right?)
  12. I think he means "outsiders" as in not employees of BFC but hired in for special work.
  13. I don't have CM:BS since I, A: Don't have the money and B: Am not really interested in modern day settings. However, should anyone feel like making a soundmod, feel free to use my soundmods as material if you like any of the sounds. Personally, I'd say that modern weapons have a slightly different sound than most of the WW2 weapons, but that's up to each to decide. Anyway, feel free to use any of it and publish it. Just remember to cite where you got the sounds in a ReadMe file (not because I want the credit, but because the sounds in my sound mod are not created by me and crediting my soundmod will in a way credit those who I credit in my soundmod... if that makes any sense)
  14. Also true. And that's why I release my mods. Not because it's something I've created myself, but because others might not have access to the same size library of sounds as I do.
  15. Thanks. But none of the stuff is really "done" by me. It's all just stuff I've picked up here and there over the last 15 years or so.
  16. Been looking and I can't find any reference to a canister round for the 76mm sherman.
  17. Sad to say, but I've given up on soundmodding for the forseable future. I agree with the rest of your post though. Alot of people around here seem to get bogged down on the details and not able to enjoy a good movie.
  18. And those movies aren't riddled with clichés and factual errors????
  19. Oh trust me, with the degree of pickiness that people are using to rip this movie apart, they'd find flaws in even Das Boot. Things like in the ending scene where planes fly straight overhead and yet manages to strafe the ground beneath them at the same time... The difference is that this movie was made by Brad Pitt and is a Hollywood movie with a few hollywood clichés. But it doesn't deserve the hatred it's getting in this thread. Stalingrad is my favourite war movie (or rather anti-war movie) and it's considered a very good war movie by most, but even that is riddled with flaws and clichés.
  20. Name one war movie that not once strays from historical accuracy and stays 100% true to facts. (and yes, since someone complained about Pitt not looking down the sights when firing, those tiny things count too)
  21. I'm sure nobody ever stabbed anyone else in the eye during the entire war, and they all acted like perfect gentlemen.... The point of the movie is not to glorify war, but to show how brutal and dehumanising it was, and how it turns seemingly good men into monsters at times.
  22. One thing that struck me about the movie was that they stated that they had been in the same tank as the same crew since '42 (IIRC). So it was probably supposed to be a 75mm armed sherman, which would explain alot about the fight with the tiger.
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