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  1. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KwazyDog: Considering we are aiming for a release late this year that isnt something we can afford <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Maybe it has been answered before but I was not here for a long while (mea culpa), will CM2 run on Mac OSX ? I'd say yes but if anyone can confort me on this ! Many thanks to BTS and staff !!!!!
  2. Well, CM comunity is getting bigger and bigger everyday !
  3. I already did a search and I found nothing about what I'm about to ask. I currently play 5 PBEM games with absolutely no problem, but the last one is a pain in the ass. Here's the story : we both play on PC so there is no problem with encoding or anything for that matter. I sent him 4-5 different games but only one worked and only once. When you edit the .TXT file there is a line on top saying PBEM game etc. (I don't recall the exact words). That happened once and it was the only file my friend could open. Otherwise, no such line and he was unable to open the file. I can't figure out why it
  4. When I load the game, and when the screens change (i.e. from the main menu to the screen I selected -play game-) a one inch side square of the previous screen remains on the new one where the mouse pointer is. It never happened before, and reinstalling the game did not help ! This happened in the beta demo as well. (not that it matters now but it may explains my problem much better than I can)
  5. Hello ! <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Berlichtingen: Well with a Pc you have the choice of 3 CPU (AMD, Intel and Intel Celeron), you also got or are able to find so cheaper card that works just fine for about half the ammount of the original one. But I admit that if you buy the latest Intel PIII processor and the latest brand card you get about the same price as a G4. One thing I hate on the G4 is the keyboard and the mouse. I think they suck. I really want to do the switch over but I don't know anything about Mac, whether it is easy to use a
  6. Thanks guys. It really helped. I knew just about nothing about Mac so I'm seeing the light. The worst thing is that a G4 is much more expensive than a PC but I 1 year time I think I'll be able to buy it. Mirage2K ready for a game ?
  7. My question is no mean of starting any flame war or anything for that matter but I own a PC and I'm not very happy with it. What distracted me of buying a Mac was that you could not find any good games. Now that CM is there I don't need to keep my PC anymore. My question is this : Is the Mac a good computer ? Ok, some of you will go down on me for such a stupid question but I really wanna now if you find good softwares and if you can choose many of them ? Is the OS stable or more or less like windows ? etc. I asked all that because you guys from both "world" live here and I think it is wher
  8. You guys are the best. I'm happy that the whole work you've done finally paid off. Congrats !!!!!!!!!! Jeff
  9. Gary I'll take you in "Fear in the Fog" and I would like to be German. You can send me your setup as I should receive my game this week. Here's my address : jeff@worldcom.ch Already waiting.
  10. Crazy panzer, voici l'adresse du site en français du jeu : http://appui-feu.panzershark.com On prévoit le jeu pour cette semaine.
  11. Bumbrush, there is no revision planned for the gold demo as it will take too much time and I think it is not worthy. If you go on this site http://combathq.thegamers.net and then under the POTD (picture of the day) archive you will fing some amazing pics about the new explosion Charles just added to the 1.01 patch. And more to it you will find the MDMP which is new graphics and sound for the game. Plus you will find updates about what happens in the CM world. BTW Madmatt (webmaster of the site mentionned above, beta tester and graphic man) and BTS work very closely. So if you want any ot
  12. PawBroon I hope you are wrong, otherwise CM will never reach Switzerland since we did not take any part in the war, except for some spying stuff !
  13. Oh it sucks, I was for the Pacers. What's funny with you guys is that as soon as you win your championship, you are the best of the World. Well it might be true for Baseball (my favorite), Basketball and Football but for the rest................. At least it's a good thing for LA.
  14. Got me ! I was already jaleous ! What's weird is that I have the patch but not the game yet !
  15. BTS rules Need I say more ? Well I could have said : BTS for president ! or BTS we love you guys ! or BTS, my wife hates you ! (indirect compliment) Mata Ray I fully agree with you. BTS has done such a great job. Listening to us, redoing the game over and over again. They fixed bugs faster than anyone and a patch is available before the game is even released. I could go on and on for ever. BTW my wife says that the tree graphics are terrific. And believe me for her to pay attention to a computer game and a wargame it is a huge step forward. This shows the depth of her
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