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  1. Well, well. Glad to see Die Alte Gang is still alive and kicking. Greetings to all. I can't say I haven't had my own moments of fist-shaking (mostly mental, not actual, mind) at Steve, Charles and all the other code monkeys up in the woods. One wonders if they actually bathe up there... anyway, I digress. I have had a hunch for years now that one slightly insidious human condition might be in play. Namely, a variation of the old standby "Can't see the forest for the trees". Now, don't get your hackles up, all I mean is that this WW2 TO&E stuff is best handled by those with long e
  2. Steve: Glad to see you and Die Alter Gang are still plugging away at CM. I am looking forward to the next patch so I can start all over again (been away awhile). By the way... when was the last time you let Charles out of his jar? **tsk, tsk**
  3. Yep... old ways for the Old Guard; who just happens to be rapidly losing his hair and turning into an Old Fart (I am 54 yrs). 😩
  4. Hey all: It's been years since I last logged on, but checked in today to test the new site. About the only issue I had was forgetting that I ended up having a Username for the Store and another variation of that for the Forums. I ended up confusing the two and eventually found my 3x5 index card with the login info, so reset went fine and I am up and running again. Now I am surfing around looking for a status update on CM:WW2... Good to see everyone is hanging in there. Gromit - one of the Old Guard
  5. Looking good guys, finally get my beloved Hetzer again. Cheers!
  6. It's been quite a while since I was active in the community here, and CM in general. Guess I am busy with other things. John, glad to see your latest post here is thoughtful and open to different view discussion/acceptance. Without getting derailed here, in the past I found that wasn't usually the case. Enough said. With regard to your observations, it does kind of make one wonder just who has the right of it when comes down to what really happened on the Ost Front and why. Seems to me the Soviets did a bangup job of strategic setup, smoke-and-mirrors and execution, i.e., they had some ver
  7. Weapon Grog... Calamine lotion works purty good when you get to itchin' from seeing those texture faults. Just saying. ;p Oh, and guys... it's somefink if you're an old fart around here. Surprised Steve didn't call foul. Looking forward to all the Market-Garden goodness Steve- thanks!
  8. Here's to John, the crusty old basterd- get well you curmudgeon. @ Belenko: Seems like crap is all that sells on cable these days...
  9. Putting the whole issue of just why we tend to like this kind of stuff aside for a minute, I would have to say that at 48 I have a much better grasp of it than I used to growing up. My father was 40 when I was born and I remember being slightly sad and a little puzzled that he didn't show any interest in my wargaming hobby. I also knew that he served in WW2 from 1942 to 1946 in the US Navy as an Aviation Ordinanceman 2nd class aboard the carriers Randolph and Bon Homme Richard. Among his keepsakes, I have a silk aviator's map of the seas around Japan- there in ink around the edge are all th
  10. I am pretty sure the website under downloads says that only 1.1 is needed at that point; but you should go back and read it as they may be some mitigating circumstances.
  11. *shrugs* Again... where do you draw the line? Only BF knows. Having said that, I do agree it would be very cool to see more realistic depictions with buildings. Perhaps when they tackle fire down the road another look at deformation will happen.
  12. Apocal: I believe this is something that BF had to decide where to halt the investment of CPU and GPU cycles before things got out of hand. In other words, a more realistic representation would take many more resources than it would be deemed "worth" to display. I imagine Charles and Steve had to make many, many of these type decisions, as they have a finite amount of memory to work with. Until we get computers with an overabundance of memory and graphic capability at reasonable prices, things will remain this way.
  13. Mike: I think a lot of your issues are due to an improper install- not that the above makes it any easier mind you... (meant to mention it to BF) I noticed this same "checkbox" confusion a couple days ago when I got my CW and 2.0 downloads. Here is what I did for a complete installation (as I only had Fortress Italy installed at the time). Items needed: a) CMBN disk or DL CMBN patch v1.1 c) CW disk or DL d) CM v2.0 disk or DL 1) Install CMBN from disk or download; start and verify OK 2) Install CW from disk or download; start and verify OK 3) Install CMBN patch v1.1; start and v
  14. Hmm... good question Michael. I haven't gotten to anything resembling a scientific test yet. I will keep an eye out for any differences based on amount of men and equipment though.
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