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  1. Sorry for all the trouble guys, So basically either the Beta testers knew about the path finding glitch and ignored it, or BFC igored it. Anyways I'm still looking forward to the release of 1.04 b/c I know they will fix it. I would have glady waited an extra year for the polished version instead of this.. and the better reviews would have sold more copies in the end.. BFC why so silent on thus thred?? Beta testers for CMSF where are you? Speak up and gain some of our respect back!!!
  2. Hoolaman, what do you mean at this games early stage of development. The game is released and lots of people have spent money for it. You're arguing and posting like this is the play testers forum!!!
  3. Thanks guys, So what we really want to know here playtesters (I use this term with much hesitation). Did any of you try to blow a hole in a wall and run a squad through. If so, didn't it bother you that the pathfinding is wrong? Why was this blown off and the game released anyway? But as I said before I know it will be fixed and much more playable. My feeling is when I read a below average/average review of a game I usually don't but it, or check up on it 4 months later. I don't think magazines will be re-reviewing CMSF: ver 1.04, even though the game will be 10 X's better once ver 1.0
  4. in reply to phil, If they did aknowledge the game was released in an incomplete state. Wouldn't you have more respect for the designers to say, "We have some serious pathfinding issues we have to work out before releasing the product" I think they would have got better reviews, which in turn would lead to more people buying the game. Sorry, but it just breaks my heart heart to watch 9 guys storm the front door after I blew a hole in the back wall of a building.. Such meaningless deaths!!!
  5. calm down, I just feel, in my opinion, that this pathfinding issue didn't just pop up as a "result of the fluid interrelated design changes made duing beta testing" maybe it did. I feel that this had to be an issue that started very early in the beta testing. You can't really feel that way, at least I hope you don't, because you seem like a smart guy.
  6. Thanks for the reply and the info. However, some of us started questioning the pathfinding within the first few days of playing the released version. I don't believe for a second that none of the testers tried blasting thru a wall of a building and sending in a squad to find out they still decide to run thru the front door.
  7. Why did nobody pick up on these path finding issues during play testing. I have been a combat mission fan for a long time and rarely post here, but this should have been caught during the testing phase that went on for a year or more. Anyway I know this group has always been dedicated to resolving issues that arise and look forward to seeing what 1.04 brings to the game.
  8. 2 new things i can think of right now. 1} the ability to select any point on the map and check LOS to any area on the map. this would take the guess work out of moving vehicles and such into good firing positions 2} the ability to tell a tank what type of shell to fire and to lock to a specific target until destroyed, or to only search for certain types of targets first. like priority targets in Tacops.
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