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  1. You would be better off reading and re-reading the free online manual. Trust me on the one.
  2. The fact that the manual is at the printers should be viewed by all as a very positive and very concrete sign that the end is very near. The beta testers come from virtually every time zone in the world and you should rest assured that all hours of the day 24/7 there is almost always someone somewhere trying to find the latest bug or break the game for the glory of reporting the latest bug, and that challenge (finding the latest new bug) is darn near impossible now. The development cycle virtually never rests, and I too feel very honored to have been part of the beta testing community. Trust
  3. Adobe is a BIG company, granted the last time I checked they don't sell games, but without a doubt if you want a Windows copy AND a OS X copy of CS5 Creative Suit you will have to pay the full price for one of EACH license and they won't care how much you bitch and whine about it.
  4. The first 4-5 mins is really dark, then POP it brightens up. Its hard to watch only from the point of view that I WANT to play it while I am watching it. It REALLY makes you want to play the game, (sitting on the YouTube sidelines watching stinks )
  5. Fantastic post! I have never seen those graphics before. Just know one thing, you NEED to trust Rexford, and if you don't know what I am talking about don't bother posting, FWIW.
  6. Right on! That sounds like a fantastic deal to me, I definitely want the whole enchilada.
  7. it is just my personal opinion but I don't believe CMx2 is like that, being simply fast with the mouse won't save you or help you if your tactics stink and your feel for the battlespace is not of the highest strategic level IMHO FWIW
  8. I am pretty sure that is a direct quote from general Patton. "We have the best tanks and the best soldiers in Europe" Or something like that
  9. The "Creator" (ST-TOS fan speaking here) has pretty much covered all the bases here....
  10. this is probably worth repeating at this point in case you missed it
  11. I would like to suggest that for those folks here new to the game or who have forgotten the opening words of the CM:BO manual, as a look back to capture the original CMBO feel and intent of the manual, (which has not changed ) I thought I would quote this passage from the CM:BO manual about stats and calculations. Get used to it because this philosophy has not changed in the past 10 yrs So there you have it, the details of the calculations and armor penetration will remain hidden from view and are intended to be discovered by playing the game (and yes trial and error IS a valid meth
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