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  1. OK Fair enough, I suspect the idea of "Road to Berlin" is to get you in the the game and in the "action" of playing the game ASAP. Sort of like "Just hit GO! and Play!" the two other scenarios offer the opportunity to move units around in the set-up area in the set-up phase if you like to play around with that. (it is JUST a Demo, and I think the idea was to get new players playing the game and some combat action going right at the start of playing the game) FWIW
  2. OK, In the set up phase you can just select the unit and hit "Move" then place the curser in the set up zone where you want it and the click the mouse the unit will just "pop" over there right? ( in fact I believe any kind of "move" order will do the same thing, Fast or Quick or Slow is the same, just pick the unit, click any of the move type buttons in the "M" orders tab ok?)
  3. Hi Think there is a connection here: and I am not a programmer, but on a 4 yr old mac it might just be the system is stretched to the limit playing the game and alt tabbing out does not function, of course it "should" function and I will let Phil address the question more directly, but on a much newer and more current and capable Mac Alt Tabbing in the game does work. FWIW
  4. I have to agree with this suggestion. Its a good idea to have absolute or direct keys or the option to do so. IMO
  5. OK, with a broad band cable modem it "should" be under 30 mins except at H-hour when its released and EVERYBODY is trying to get it, then well, you know it "could be" longer... right?
  6. My son is 9 yrs now, he wasn't even born when CM:BO came out. I remember that spring and summer of 2000 fondly because I had a new love and married her in the fall (thankfully after the rush of CM:BO wore off over the summer.)
  7. Yes. Its Combat Mission through and through, you can pretty much take that to the bank.
  8. ROTFL Yeah! FORGET the game, (you should just give that away for free ) just charge admission to the forum (per post, or per day! ) to see the spectacle that will ensue when the track dimension of the Tiger 1e is not correct down to the mm
  9. Really? :eek: was it only an hour or two last time for CM:SF (I should remember that but to be honest I don't recall).
  10. Hi They were called Franko's True Combat Rules (or Iron Man rules) I have lobbied to have a fog of war (FOW) state in the game like this to be optional so no self discipline is required. In the game now there is a Fog of War level called "Iron" but the its the same as Elite except you as the player, cannot see your other friendly forces if one unit is selected, so it does not play out the way Iron Man rules intended:
  11. In Canada that is sort of true, but the Law of the Land is the NAFTA or the Free Trade Agreement with the USA, and in it there is a section about software and ALL software shall be imported and exported between Canada and the USA duty free. The real problem is the inspectors and customs agents don't know the law or worse, presume the consumer does not know the law and apply the tax illegally and unfairly. If you are in Canada you "should" get the game duty free. But you may have to bitch about it and complain if a duty is levied by Canada Post are complete idiots to begin with. Ymmv.
  12. Excellent, now everybody is up to speed, let's carry on.
  13. VERY very well done Sergei. Its true, we all work out of our home office or basement office.
  14. If the game is for seniors, then EVERYONE over the age of 65 should get a seniors discount.
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