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  1. OK cool I had not thought of that iggi you are almost as demented as I am he he more evil laughing -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by iggi: You can also eliminate surrendered units with area fire. Less hassle.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> [This message has been edited by aka_tom_w (edited 06-01-2000).]
  2. I have seen that as well I think it is VERY realistic that they first surrender and then try to escape... Then you can gun them down if you are paying attention as they try to run away When they escape they (In my experience IME?) always escape un-armed so they are easy to kill them if you can get a shot at them It think this is A VERY cool and well thought out feature yes you have to guard them.... and yes your troops will disarm them, and if you let your troops abandon them, and let them think they are escaping, and then you can have another unit shoot them in the back as t
  3. This request, or one very similiar to it, has been made in the past. But I will restate it again. As CM will be mailed to people who are eagerly awaiting its arrival all over the world, and some people will get it before some other people (perhaps even a few WEEKS before some other people ie, Australia) and then those people will naturally want to start writing and talking about the NEW "unspoiled" scenarios,..... Can we please have a special sub section of the forum set up for a place to chat about the NEW scenarios a where the WHOLE conference or forum could just have ALL the new scenari
  4. I had a 105 or a 81 not sure which one it was hit that Panther in VoT directly on the top of the (buttoned) turret and take its gun out Yup my opponnent left the Panther sitting on the top of the hill and I unloaded all the arty I had left on it and YES! one lucky shot and it hit the turret and took out the main GUN! ( and he was PISSED to say the least) yes that was very satisfying sure I would say try to drop arty on tanks if you can, but you have to get very lucky to do anything other than scare them or make them button up -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><
  5. ditto GTP <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gaffertape: GTP<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  6. great story but now pics I'm on a Mac using Netscape 4.7 and I can only see the broken image graphic no picture -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by von Lucke: Bloody hell!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  7. Yes in indeed AI verus AI would be VERY entertaining and a great way to test new custom designed scenarios by those of us who just can't wait to get our hands on that fancy new scenario editor. I bet I will play with the scenario editor more than I will with the game its self. AI vs AI and then watch a movie of what the battle looked like would be a very cool way to play with the game and learn more about comabt and tactics and what works and what doesn't. I fully support the idea of a CM being patched to let us play AI vs AI and see what happens. -tom w
  8. I think the AI is pretty damn good the best I have ever played against in a video game war game. The more you play against the AI the more it will surprise you. Does it make some questionable judgements, yes? Does it use smoke well? sometimes it can use smoke VERY well and surprise you. I think the AI is very challenging and unpredictable and I could not really ask for much more out of a $45.00 game. I would like to know what other WWII tactical combat sim games any of you think have BETTER AI? -tom w
  9. Thanks Spook I did catch that and I should have appended that response to this thread, during the re-post, but you sort of did it for me so thanks -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Spook: If in case you didn't catch it in another thread, tom_w, I think that BTS announced that bunkers/pillboxes WILL get the "hide" command added with the first (1.01) patch.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  10. yup this one has been coverd too death Steve and Charles and BTS know all about this and we have been told it was a conscious decision based on the inability of consumer level cpu to accruataly keep track of LOS of and LOF of units that are moving during the minute of the turn in a 3D environment. and yes it should be addressed -tom w <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andorski: Apparently vehicles don't block LOS. So infantry walking behind an advancing tank gets no cover, and tanks can shoot "through" other tanks? Isn't this something which REA
  11. If you wnat ot talk about a REAL 3D battlefeild I believe that Myth II set the standard! Serioulsy it is the most beautiful and graphically stunning 3D battlefield you will ever see, it is in REAL time yes RTS and there is NO resource harvesting. Same theory as CM this what your forces are, and you might pcik up some guys on the way or get a few eienforcements and thats it. If you have not seen Myth II I would suggest you not comment further here as it is a stunningly beautiful RTS game in true 3D, mines that actaully explode true gore and blood and guts and flaming arrows, but sadly no true
  12. WELCOME to all the new folks To all of you who are new here since the Gold Demo release we all welcome you, as we are all commiteed to seeing BTS sales figures grow so we can't get quicker updates and better version of Combat Mission in the future Since the gold demo release a few threads have started up , with questions about careers, occupations or the ages of the people who post here. If you read the thread called "Work" and you can get past the first few posts you will see it is really the best and largest collection of who does what in there "real" life to make a living. From t
  13. An old topic re-visted here soley for the benefit of new members who may not have read some of our more interesting threads from the past. -tom w
  14. HI Mike I agree I find that we usually see most things about this game from the same perspective. Is there any chance you recall that thread that was entitled something like "tweaks you think CM needs?" I think we both made posts and contributions to that thread and I'm wondering where it went. any idea? -tom w
  15. there was a great threat somewhere, sometime before the recent crash that dealt with a large number of suggestions that were considered "tweaks" to make CM or future versions perfect. but I can't find that thread and I wonder if it was lost in the crash? yup I tried the search engine for all the key words I recall from the thread and still found nothing... any suggestions thanks -tom w
  16. An old topic re-visted here soley for the benefit of new members who may not have read some of our more interesting and controversial posts/threads from the past. -tom w
  17. An old topic re-visted here soley for the benefit of new members who may not have read some of our more interesting and controversial posts/threads from the past. -tom w
  18. OK Hi Jeff I would like to take issue with this one. It think this mind set is a hold over from a 2D board game. With out over reacting to this one I feel if you play CM you will find over a few scenarios that getting a "feel" for what moves where and how fast it can get will develop. I strongly dissagree with the need for any information pertaining to how long it will take for a unit to get where they are going. I think that the way movement is simtulated in in 1 minute increments is EXTREMELY well modelled. I think is it part of the fog of war FOW that you SHOULD not know how long i
  19. Hi Steve We are all very hopeful to see BTS continue to grow and become more successful. You have indicated that your future production schedule is booked solid and "Nothing is going to change that" I'm wishing you all the best success and may you become so profitable and grow so large that you can oversee and direct the production of perhaps more Combat Mission variations and updates simulatenously. With the Future that includes that large team of artists and programers who are flocking to your doors to be a part of this BOLD new Simmove 3D WWII strategy wargame intiative. I look for
  20. yup I was one of the people who was persistant and tried to post while it was down (I too suffered withdrawl syptoms while the server was down) thanks for all the dilegence to bring fully back to life So I WAS a member with many many posts and now I'm just a junior member oh well -tom w rides again
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