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  1. Judder, try it in CMAK or CMBB in '43 and you will probably get a better impresison of why this vehicle made such an impact in the war By the CMBO time frame (mid '44 onwards) you are indeed correct...the Tiger had actually been outdated in many ways. The 88 will still packed a hell of a punch though, and its amrour was still pretty tough unless close. Dan
  2. Something to consider is that the Panther could have been hit whilst moving down the slope. If so, then the armour would have been presented at just about 0 degrees to the firer and thus could have been penetrated by a number of guns I would imagine. For those who dont know his is something modelled in CM by the way This is of course assuming that the vehicles wasnt being used as a target range. Although it does have no tracks these could be mash into the mud somewhere, hehe. Dan [ October 22, 2003, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: KwazyDog ]
  3. Roster, the CMBO special edition, as it installs off of the CD, is greatly different from the CMBO we were origionally selling. The buildings, trees, and all terrain have been greatly changed since the origional CMBO. I thought this was important to note as I think you are feeling cheated for reasons that you actually shouldnt be. If you download the origional demo you should see the difference . We included the mods seperatly (as a *bonus* on top of our graphical enhances) becuase we wanted to give people the ability to install the mods they liked whilst not having to install them
  4. Sfm, none of the mods that are included are actually installed in the BMP directory. They may look similar (hehe, I did make both version of the grass for instance) but they are definately different We decided to include mods in a different directory so people could install them as they wish depending on their tastes and VRAM capacity. Dan
  5. Todd, if you already own CMBB then the good news is that you already own 99% of the graphics included with the retail version of CMBO. All you need to do is some renumbering and you will have a game that looks almost exactly the same as the game installed off of the CD. Unfortunately we cant offer them as a download for two reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, is the size. All up the size of these files would be 100's of MB. Offer a file of this size which could potentially be downloaded by thousands of poeple would not only slow down our servers dramatically but also cost thousan
  6. Markshot, Ill pass the idea onto the guys. The the scenarios should be a reasonable size so I guess it might be easy enough Dan
  7. Ermmm, and how is selling our product on the shelf for a discount price, making is available to thousands of customers whom have never even heard of the game before 'crappy', guymuru? How have we harmed you to the point where youd jump on our forums and call us unethical and geedy without even researching the facts? By the same logic we are greedy charging anything for our game in the first place...I guess we should have made it freeware? Dan PS : As John suggested above, we have indeed structured our business to move away from the standard industry practices. This is why CMBO wasnt
  8. Oh joy... Guymuru, if you own CMBB, you already own 99% of the graqphical updates which you will find in the special addition of CMBO. Added to that is a seperate directory in which we have included some mods from the mod guys for people to add as they wish. The interface hasnt changed at all, so Im not sure where you got that idea from... Before you call us greedy, unethical and pathetic, it would indeed be nice if you could do us the consideration of making sure that facts you are basing those statements on are correct. Dan [ June 02, 2003, 06:49 PM: Message edited by: Kw
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