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  1. Yeh, it is hehe...I made an oops somewhere there and went from just having one of the models incorrect to all of them Itll be sorted by released...by the end of the weekend all going well!
  2. Not sure what we can really do here guys short of removing the bazooka from seated soldiers...Ill run that past Charles.
  3. No probs Bil...its one of those things that youd hardly notice in game directly hehe, though the results will show...wheels, tracks and weapons mounts are tracked individually also for instance
  4. Actually the opposite it true guys. The skirts are separate parts of the model and are treated as such for LOS and damage results. If you get given a Pz-IV with a missing skirt, and a heat round happens to pass through that section, the hull will take the full brunt of the impact. The same was even true in CMSF for M1 and T series skirts, so in theory those wacky fold out wing type skirts on the earlier soviet tanks could actually pre-detonate an incoming missing (even saw it happen once hehe) and could, in theory, make a difference. If you are seeing otherwise please let us know as I am doing a lot of extra naming of objects for no reason if so hehe. Dan
  5. Thanks guys, I thought we had squished that one
  6. Could you do a quick test and confirm those results are still valid Tamptest...if so Ill pass it onto Charles as I believe that may not be how they are intended to work. Dan
  7. Thing is if we put this simple version in now chances are a more detailed version will just be pushed further down the to do list than it already is. Something we have wanted since day one are destroyed versions of tanks...the problem is that that means we also need to make LODs for them, exponentially increase the work load of such a feature. I do believe it will happen, but we need to flesh out our vehicle model list first so we have less new vehicles to make per module thus allowing us to concentrate on this sort of stuff Dan
  8. Certainly hope so, in fact I would like to do a lot more with terrain in the future and as we build up our 3D vehicle 'database' as such that should indeed be possible including many more trees, flavour objects, etc. One tricky part about cars as a flavour object is that to be realistic they need to be able to burn and they are large yet light enough to need to be movable or destroy-able by vehicles, which will likely require some further work on Charles end. In theory we could make a simple one that would somewhat work under the current flavour object system, but Id prefer to wait until we are able to have them go from a regular car, to a destroyed car to a burning car as they should. Something I am working on for the nearer future are modular build roofs with proper 3D models for damage showing beams, etc. For such a small change as such (well not on my end, I think it requires around a couple of dozen models hehe), the overall affect of them should be very pleasing I think Dan
  9. Hehe, I was meaning to say shipping containers there...full of beer
  10. One thing I never realised (nor had particularly thought about hehe) about tanks before making 3D models of them is just how vulnerable their engines are due to the need to cool them. Check out the rear deck of a Tiger or Panther in a photo and you will see huge open slats allowing for this. I had always assumed that there would be some sort of further armor plate below these, in the darkness, but there is not...in the case of the Tiger tank directly below either of these vents are the radiators, fans and fuel tanks for the vehicle, all of which would be highly vulnerable to shrapnel. Even the moder M1 Abrams has a similar spot to its rear, where the slatted armor allows air into the cooling system, which has proven very vulnerable to RPG fire and has prompted armor upgrade in this area. Dan
  11. Yup thats correct guys, they provide cover and its variable depending on how solid the object it...the design of flavour objects though is that they arent large enough to block LOS as such. In the future we hope to add a large type such as say, storage containers, that will provide both. Dan
  12. Along with their machine guns that reload the spent rounds into the clip lol.
  13. To answer the topics question with a simple answer, as with everything is comes down to development time...for this release the development time we spent on the interface went into the quick battle system which we felt was the better choice. We do wish to make some notable changes to the in game interface overall and we didnt feel we had the time to do them justice with this initial release, so keep an eye out in the future guys. Dan
  14. Heh! Yeh we just matched the color to that off google maps as close as we could and generally the testers were happy with the result. Some prefer a more desaturated 'old film' look like was used Saving Private Ryan though which is what mods are for and Im sure there will be many! Dan
  15. Yup ammo does cook off in burning vehicles Abrams...not good for any infantry nearby either
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