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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are investigating now and will get this fixed as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!
  2. I want to buy your game but I can not display your home page Battlefront.com. The only connection that I can get it from your forum.
    What can I do? Logging in the Central Europe. My ISP says that everything is fine and the fault is on your side.

  3. For a disembodied brain floating in a jar full of Red Bull, you're a wonderful human being! ;)

  4. (MacOS) Please install to the Applications folder. That's how it's meant to work. Trying other locations may cause some files to be placed incorrectly.
  5. On the Mac, please go to the "Documents" folder where your CM Battle for Normandy app is located. In "Documents" you'll see an icon for "Activate New Products". Run that. It will let you enter your BPack activation key.
  6. The new QB maps are there, but just have older file dates. Look for any QB map with a "BP1" at the beginning of its name.
  7. Everyone, Sorry about the file name problem. It seems many of you have got it working already but just in case not, please rename your downloaded file to: Windows CMBN Windows 3.12 Update Installer.zip Mac CMBN MacOS 3.12 Update Installer.pkg This has been corrected on our server for future downloads. Apologies for the confusion and I hope you enjoy the Battle Pack! Charles
  8. Thanks, and I'm glad everything is running smoothly now. Right. It lets you peek at the setup screen, but won't generate a quick battle.
  9. We fiddled with a few dials and levers under the hood for v1.20. Er, I meant to say, under the "bonnet" for the British Forces.
  10. The computer player and human players all have equal spotting abilities. There is no difference.
  11. Mostly not, but it is a little bit related. For example, the optics on the Stryker do get a small bonus even in daytime because of thermal abilities. It's pretty abstract because it's difficult to attach precise numbers to this sort of thing, but high-quality optics/thermals do generally give CM soldiers a modest spotting advantage. Mainly it's the big ATGM though. CMSF's environment is intentionally sparse, and even the brush is "light" brush. There just aren't many places to hide in the desert. And at less than 500(?) meters range to the enemy, the ATGM teams are starting out in a situation that's not ideal for them. They'd rather be at 1000m or more, where they can hit but are harder to see and (mostly) outside of small arms range.
  12. Thanks but it won't be necessary. It doesn't appear to be a bug. Hiding doesn't add much concealment to troops when they are mostly in the open (i.e. they have nowhere to hide) and/or have a big difficult-to-conceal weapon like a tripod-mounted ATGM.
  13. v1.20 allows the specific spotting of heavy weapons, like large ATGM launchers on tripods that stand out quite plainly in a relatively open landscape. And once you see the ATGM launcher, you know where to look for the crew. It's not hard to find them, especially when there are dozens of eyeballs looking, many with binoculars, at soldiers who are in what is very nearly open ground, as in the example posted just above. Additionally, the ATGM crew does not appear to be "hiding" as claimed (hiding is a specific state in the game). They are prone, but that is not the same thing. Everything looks fine to me about that situation.
  14. You're right - it shows unallocated ammo. But it ought to show total ammo, so this is a minor bug. I'll fix it.
  15. Troops who are panicked will skedaddle and end up facing the direction in which they moved. And then they might do some more skedaddlin'. These guys are scared and thinking most about running away. Troops who are not panicked, but make an evasive move, will turn to retain their original facing after the evasive move. These guys are still under control and prepared to fight.
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