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  1. I had included T72s in my Fahrbahns scenario because I imagined they might never show up in a scenario otherwise. Because why would anyone pick T72 when you can play with T64s and T80s? I guess i underestimated the nostalgic appeal of T72.
  2. Lets remember the horror experienced in the Pentagon when an F-17 stealth fighter was shot down over Serbia in 1999, by an old 1960's era SA-3 AA missile system! I recall reading somewhere (while working on the Cold War title) that the U.S. expected to lose 75%+ of its A-10s in the first 3 weeks of combat in a European war. That was probably optimistic. In 1979 Republicans in Congress directed that the Pentagon study use of the old WWII Mustang (renamed 'Encorcer') for use as a ground attack aircraft as an alternative to A-10. This was a case of nostalgia for a legendary aircraft trumping common sense, much like the fight over A-10 today.
  3. I conducted my own test too. First a near miss immobilization, lots of rounds not even falling close, then BOOM! turret top penetration. This probably wouldn't have happened in CMBS. Modern Bradley had an applique layer of titanium on the turret top, I believe. Baseline M2 Bradley turret top is aluminum.
  4. Unit willingness to follow orders is dependent on experience level. A crack unit will hide like the Predator monster, a green unit will get spooked, get themselves noticed, and will open fire on what they consider an immediate threat.
  5. There are a lot of CMSF2 scenarios that don't have M1A2 Abrams hanging about, which helps balance out the scenarios nicely.
  6. I recall an old WWII Pacific fighter coworker saying they'd remove the armored shield from their quad .50 mount because the armor was too thin to really stop anything and the rounds that did penetrate would tumble and rip you up like a meat grinder.
  7. Over on one of the WWII chat groups I recall someone set up a test to see how many vehicles an 88 round would pass through. I believe the max number was 8(?).
  8. This probably wouldn't work on CMSF2 or CMBS Bradley but CMCW Bradley has MUCH less armor. so the results will be interesting.
  9. Wooow, all these years and I had never noticed that, myself. I just did a quick search through rez exploded CMSF2. There are mdr models for wire fence, stick fence, picket fence, low bocage, hedge, and fence, but the low walls and tall walls appear to be hard-coded in. About swapping out terrain .mdr art. My only exprience with that was replacing 'trees' with [ntc] tagged 'bush' mdrs in Cold War and the bush characteristics came along with the model.
  10. Since the game defaults to Group 1 I typically reserve Group 1 for my 'do not move' forces. Mortar teams, air defense, Battalion HQ, random trucks, defensive positions, etc. So anything I neglect to assign AI orders to stays in place. You can still give timed AI orders to units without painted movement orders. Like having a mortar team area fire on a designated area after a trigger is activated, or having units go from 'hide' to 'active' with a tripped trigger. No need to paint AI setup or movement orders.
  11. The assumption (by me at least) is CMCW is a war of choice for the Soviets. That means they could have given themselves some lead time to get serious about training-up the troop, throw in some patriotic indoctrination and a bit of anti-west propaganda on top of it. In the meantime US forces in Germany are smokin' weed, drinkin' beers and readin' Playboy ('79 Playmate of the Year was the ill-fated Dorothy Stratten).
  12. Even for the old hands here Steam is still something of a mysterious creature. We could come up with suggestions but don't know if it would apply to Steam or not. Try posting to the BFC helpdesk, they probably have more Steam download experience. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  13. Fanatical troops will usually die in place because... they're fanatics. The lower the morale the lower the ability to control them.
  14. I read somewhere the flack vests in Vietnam were seen as more of a danger than a help. You wear the vest in the hot jungle environment until it starts to stink then when you get shot the vest not only causes the bullet to tumble, it pulls stinky vest debris into the body cavity.
  15. The Youtube videos are multiplying out there.
  16. Next project they're going for the BIG bucks. 'My Little Pony' iphone roleplay game for the Japanese schoolgirl market. That's an old joke of mine, I usually post it on threads that are criticizing BFC's business model because it doesn't operate the same as (insert high profile game company name here). If BFC was only in it for the big bucks we'd be seeing a very different product out of them. We're lucky their passions and our passions coincide.
  17. Pentagon could have obtained a simple 90mm Mecar medium pressure gun to chuck HE for close infantry support a decade before Stryker MGS came out. But Stryker needed to be the NATO standard 105mm gun... though it couldn't fire standard rounds because steel shell casing tended to jam in the breech. Anyway, Stryker MGS's preferred round was HESH which has the same muzzle velocity as a smoke shell. So basically after all that trouble is was just a medium pressure HE chucker, anyway.
  18. Setting an actual helicopter down on a CM-size map within range of an enemy with AA assets wound be suicidal. Helicopter transport can be simulated, though. Enemy reinforcements arrive - a blocking force to our rear is jeopardizing our supply lines. Call them paratroopers or call them helo-borne infantry, the bottom line is you've got light infantry on the map. I went with that narrative for two CMSF2 scenarios.
  19. Does this resemble your AI orders? Note I didn't give the group a painted setup placement. that anchors them where they are on the map at startup. Order 2 is their destination
  20. From the American side they saw the battlefield as presenting them with a 'target rich' environment. The Soviets looked at the same battlefield and saw overwhelming offensive firepower deployed. Sure, you've got a dozen enemy tanks in front of you like a shooting gallery but they're all shooting back - at you!
  21. I just did a (very) quick test and everything worked properly, the guys rushed up to the beach to their AI commands. I'm about to ask a dumb question so please forgiven me. If your guys with AI orders are Blue are you playing the scenario from the Red side so the Blue guys will use the AI orders? If you play Blue to watch your Blue guys in action they'll just sit and wait for your orders.
  22. A looooot of people play the game high up, camera level 4 or higher. Dropping down occasionally to camera level 1 to look over the should of your unit to see what they see has its advantages,
  23. I recall an obscure old bug on Tiger I in a WWII title. The tank was was doing an unusually bad job of spotting. It was a vexing problem to track down. Eventually it was found the (invisible) tank commander had been sitting sideways in his cupola so wasn't looking out his optics properly. That was the first indication that there's much more going on 'under the hood' with these CM titles than we give them credit for.
  24. Don't expect too much from them. They're provide some cover from small arms fire. Vehicle protection against RPGs only works if the rocket happens to strike the sandbags before the vehicle. Which could happen, I suppose, but don't bet the game outcome on it.
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