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  1. I'm not seeing a significant difference. On map US mortars integral to the TO&E take 3 minutes to call in. Off map mortars purchased separately take 4 or 5. So its all about battalion chain of command. Then again I play Warrior and avoid Elite and Iron simply to avoid the extended waits for artillery
  2. Everyone has access to the editor. If you want to construct a 'typical day on the front' low casualties scenario all the tools are there. But spending hours on a map trying not to get noticed and not to get shot sounds pretty tedious. That's not what people come to the game for. Its like visiting a porn site and only watching videos of couples shaking hands goodbye on the doorstep after a dinner date.
  3. There's still an outstanding tweak to the title that they're waiting on, I think its called PBEM+ and its coming from Slitherine. Once that's taken care of the title will get offered for sale on Slitherine/Steam and a demo will come out.
  4. Its on the other side of the world and in CM Cold War timeframe, 1982. Brief footage of Argentine jets going up against the British Navy. This looks like some VERY dangerous flying.
  5. You reminded me of a documentary I saw long ago about the battle for the Falklands. The British special forces (? I believe) complained about their silenced weapons. They said against a poorly trained enemy the noise of gunfire is a big contributor to suppressing morale. Silenced weapons only do half the job. In a similar vein, a .50 cal mg is much worse in the anti-personnel role than a 7.62 mg. But a .50 cal sounds like a .50 cal which has a morale effect on both sides.
  6. The original premise was infantry in to open at 100m. That 100m is important because its in accurate lethal range of EVERYTHING (bar hand grenades). Its kind'a hard to minimize your troop's exposure in those conditions, especially as everyone's got automatic weapons. I'm reminded of an old Henny Youngman joke: The patient says, "Doc, it hurts when I do this." The doc says "Then don't do that!"
  7. Convoy spacing to guard against air attack, artillery and ambush was a minimum of 50 meters, more often closer to 100. That's much more widely spaced than CM players are typically trying to do with road movement.
  8. Ah, remember the good old days when there were snipers on the US side?
  9. If you don't want your men to think, just get from A to B ASAP (like sprinting across the street) I'd advise FAST. The chance that they'll give up, drop to the ground and crawl back is significantly lowered. But sprinting from cover to cover is not the same as advancing over open ground. Your only hope out in the open is to immediately suppress/eliminate the threat before continuing forward. That means having your men dispersed enough so no one weapon can get all of them but still able to lay down massed fire on targets of opportunity. Players often use the 'assault' command wrong. Where you'd place one destination waypoint for 'quick' you'd place five waypoints for 'assault'. The intent is to have half the squad bounding forward then dropping down while the other half keeps LOF on the destination to provide covering fire. So you need multiple waypoints for multiple short bounds
  10. In the real world some US tank destroyer units hated turning in their M10 tank destroyers for M18 Hellcats, and a few units even reverted back to M10s. Because M18 couldn't stand up to 7.62 mg fire.
  11. Open topped and unbuttoned vehicles usually get the small arms treatment. Closed-in and closed vehicles usually don't, unless the armor's particularly thin. For Greyhound, if the TC doesn't dare peer over the top he's functionally blind.
  12. Its been said the Russians liked Valentine IX because it was reliable as a hammer. Comparing it, I supposes, to T34 which was only expected to go so far before needing a complete overhaul. Also, Russians were already used to a two man turret (T34-76) and no mg (SU-76) so their expectations were limited to begin with. Valentine originally wasn't going to be in the module. Steve had to be presented with documentation showing that they were around in sufficient numbers/in this timeframe/in this theater to warrant inclusion.
  13. I don't think anybody's sat down and run comparison tests between AA missile types against various targets. There have been 'I think this/I think that' suggestions during the Beta process but I can't recall any rigorous testing. If the difference is '45% hit rate versus 33% hit rate' it would be almost impossible to reach those numbers by testing
  14. I have a copy of a US intel assessment doc from around 1979 that said the Russians had swapped out their 82mm for 120mm for organic mortar assets. BFC is aware of the 2B9 Vasilik 82mm automatic mortar but is saving it, I suppose, to spice up future modules. Oddly, a 1982 Defense Intelligence Agency 'Russian artillery field guide' in my possession fails to mention 2B9 at all. Was the US entirely unaware of that mortar?
  15. From what I understand, they did some thinking-outside-the-box and labeled the extended tube a 'bipod' so so when the weapon is deployed the 'bipod' (e.g. extended tube) appears. One of those things that's obvious only after someone first thinks of it.
  16. I want to give T55A a spin to test out its new APFSDS round.
  17. ♫ ...and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee ♫
  18. My seat-of-the-pants impression (based on nothing quantifiable), is protection against HE on T64/T72/T80 upper bow may be a tad low, it almost feels like armor equivalent against AP and HEAT may be the same number, not higher for HEAT. Shillelagh should be no better at penetrating T72 frontally than Dragon but you still get surprise upper bow penetrations sometimes.
  19. At the very beginning of the Cold War Beta I asked the obvious question: Is this title being constructed from the viewpoint of 'Glorious Soviet army conquers the west' or from the perspective 'Valiant NATO forces hold back the red hoard'? (CMRT, for example, is primarily from the viewpoint of the Russians winning WWII.) After some discussion it was settled that the Cold War title is primarily viewed through American eyes, not Soviet. So leaning heavily on depictions of American forces is a deliberate choice
  20. A bit more nostalgia. Just a mile from where I live there's a rusting M60A3 acting as 'gate guardian' behind the post office. The real-world M60 is just as much of a monster as it appears in photos.
  21. This is the game being VERY generous to the player.
  22. I don't have a clue about that. The powers-that-be are very mysterious people.
  23. It's something that's already been fixed and will show up in the first patch/Slitherine release.
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