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  1. 4 hours ago, 37mm said:

    One of my ongoing side projects (aimed, mostly, at the new influx of Steam Players) is to host an 'All in One' for every CM game here.

    This is my initial effort for RT & its primary feature is a large collection of weathered vehicle mods (by @kohlenklau, @umlaut  & @Aristoteles ) renamed & tagged so that they now work with F&R. It also features terrain mods by @SeinfeldRules, UI mods by @rocketman, @Marco Bergman & @Volksgrenadier, Infantry mods by @EZ, @Tashtego & @Ithikial_AU, loading screens by @umlaut, building mods by @Kieme(ITA) & @Tanks a Lot as well as the ME effects package, ME soundscape & (subdued & fixed) superpack voices by @ironsturm plus many more others.

    I know a lot of people had issues with their old RT mods & the new Fire & Rubble module so hopefully this modpack will be of some interest to them.

    Here's a taster of some of what you can expect...


    Here's the modpack link...


    Really enjoyed the video. Huge thx fir compiling this pack :)

  2. 8 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

    +1.  Awesome screenshots and teaser for this campaign/scenario as always.  Any close up screen shots of the no-gear mod, in the wild, would be interesting to see.   

    Thank you :)

    I’m away from PC just now. This is a shot I took a ways back and had uploaded to imgur - but shows it in action. 

  3. Back in Poland, summer 1944.

    Elements from KG Mühlenkamp counterattack in an effort to eliminate elements from 9th Tank Corps and IV Guards Cavalry Corps.


    Whilst lead elements attack from 8./II./SS-Pz.Rgt. 5 (commander SS-Obersturmführer Karl Nicolussi-Leck) attack, one zug takes up overwatch in a patch of woods.


    The attack breaks into the small village of Rani held by infantry and AT guns from units in IV Guards Cavalry Corps.


    A zug from 10./III/SS-PzG. Rgt "Germania" (commander SS-Hauptsturmführer Werner Westphal) moves into Rani to provide close support to the tanks. @kohlenklau's excellent no gear mod doing grand service here. Ta muchly :)


  4. 23 hours ago, Erwin said:

    That seems to be an interesting departure for your designs.  I very much appreciate the 2 to 2.5 hours time limits that your scenarios feature as it gives one time to think and try out different things. 

    I spend a lot of that time sending units to skulk around to spot enemy positions (usually ATG's or ATGM's) so they can be neutralized b4 making an assault.

    Errrm, not really I think. Just different challenge. Still enough time on the clock to approach this cautiously but in doing so one player or the other will lose the advantage especially if the other plays aggressively (and the AI plans for both sides use this info and the AI does prosecute its attack aggressively). The clue is in the name with this one ;)

  5. 2 hours ago, Chibot Mk IX said:

    Regarding if this scenario is balanced, I would say if both players play this blind then it is moderate pro-Soviets.  German side has too many things to worry about, too much uncertainty to bear with. But if both sides know the map/setup zone well, then it is a balanced or even slightly pro-axis.

    Useful info thanks - as I said was never playtested H2H and I must admit when designing was not convinced it would play well h2H given nature of the mission and the points scoring - seems I was incorrect in that assumption :)

  6. 12 hours ago, Monty's Mighty Moustache said:

    Thanks @George MC, it was guid fun for me and the map is exquisite, my oppo hasn't expressed an opinion but we're about to start another scenario so he can't have been too miffed. I did just go and read the German briefing and it certainly is a tough one for them, lots of decisions to make. I may try it as the Germans one day once the Soviet OOB has faded from memory, although I haven't yet played your von Stroif campaign so I'll maybe wait until I get around to that (it's next on my list after To Berlin).


    I managed to grab some screenshots. Nothing too spoilery in them but if you really don't want to know anything at all then avert thy eyes.



    Great screens thank you. Yeah Germans have a tough one, but as I said if they play their cards right they can bottle up the Soviets. The poor vis can help with a bold approach.

    Different set of challenges playing as the Germans so worth checking out when memory fades (oh there are multiple Soviet AI plans just to keep you on your toes...).

    Thanks for posting your feedback and supporting screenshots. useful info thank you.

    Good luck with von Schroif when you come to play it.


  7. 6 hours ago, Monty's Mighty Moustache said:

    Annnnnnnd we finally finished our PBEM match, I won with a Soviet Major Victory.


    Good effort. Its defo a scenario that favours the bold! In playtesting bold and aggressive approaches (by either player tends to work well) although not sure how it'll play out if both go for the all out 'balls to the wall' approach. Probably be 'sparky'!

    SPOILERS (Highlight to see)

    Yeah if the German player moves very aggressively they can bottle up the Soviet player trying to cross the river. This tends not to end well for the Soviet player. The German player does face some dilemmas (to stay out and fight it out; evacuate Stransky; or evacuate Stransky and stay put). though but that's the point of the mission. I'm not sure in H2H the points balance out and it is 'balanced' (If players are looking for balanced there are always QBs) but if it provides an exciting and fun filled mission then success. Hope and trust your oppo enjoyed it? 

    I was aiming for desperate and slightly hopeless with the German player doing their best. As i said it can work out for the Germans unless the Soviet player is equally wily.

    Look forward to a screenshot as and when you have the time.

    Many thanks for the update and AAR - much appreciated and equally pleased to hear you enjoyed it. :)


  8. In case anyone not sure how to do this in the editor - if you want a WSS Tiger battalion in summer 44 in Poland, you can change the date in the editor (under 'data') to January 45, purchase your WSS Heavy tank battalion, then go back and change the date back to say 14 August 1944. You'll still have your WSS Tiger battalion to play with (though you may have to ensure no Tiger IIs in the ToE).

  9. 12 hours ago, Codreanu said:

    That was a pretty interesting read, thanks! I'm impressed that it's a roll per soldier and not per unit, really adds in a lot of potential variety to your replacements.

    My pleasure - and I think that's why its such a challenging thing to pin down as there is great deal of variability. But agree it does add a lot of possible outcomes (one aspect which makes testing this in campaigns so challenging is several of your testers get 'good dice rolls' at critical junctures and so all seems well, till the campaign is released into the wild and then someone playing has negative 'luck' at the same juncture with resultant negative impact.

  10. On 8/22/2021 at 12:13 AM, Codreanu said:

    How exactly are reinforcements for entirely destroyed units handled in campaigns? I know if you get a lucky dice roll on a squad with even one soldier left alive in it it will be brought back to full strength, but if a squad is entirely destroyed can it still be brought back to full strength if it gets that same lucky dice roll or is it gone for good?

    There's a thread covering this and more. Might set you off in the correct direction.

    re your question (been a while since I tested all this but what i use to work out % for campaign scripts)  is the percentage chance in all categories is for each individual soldier or weapon. There is a great deal of discussion around some tests done, and its all down to a cyber 'coin toss' with the % bar set by the designer in the script at which refit/resupply etc happens. which does introduce a great deal of variability (e.g. player could be lucky and keep throwing 'double sixes' and get over the % bar on successive throws as it were or unlucky and 'double ones' or anything inbetween some of which might take them over the bar or not!


  11. 4 minutes ago, Probus said:

    I went to play CMCW this morning and it wouldn't load. In fact, none of my CM games would work. Hadn't touched a thing from last night, but I did notice my computer had rebooted.

    So I'd click on the CMCW shortcut and the main menu screen would flash up on the screen but then it would go back to the desktop. I knew Microsoft must have pushed an update to Windows 10 last night. Sure enough, they had. Three in fact.

    So I fixed this in two different ways:

    1) I ran the game in compatibility mode for Windows 8. Loaded right up. 

    2) Uninstalled the latest windows update (Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5005031) to be exact).  Everything started working again.

    Hope this helps! And if anyone has an idea on why this broke the games, please let me know. 

    @BFCElvis might have some insight?

  12. On 8/9/2021 at 9:42 PM, Chibot Mk IX said:

    Good to know, actually I am still at Schroif Campaign mission 3, but I have finished reading the campaign briefing PDF File so I remember the conversation between Oberstleutant Voss and Hauptmann Hans von Schroif.  

    Glad to know those are two different missions.


    I have finished my PBEM game . I was playing German side, a minor defeat but I still consider a big win for me because

    1,  most important , I have fun. This is a fantastic scenario . I play this scenario blind and I believe my opponent also play it blind 

    2, I saved the trapped KG, they lost 1 Pz IIL, 1 Sdkfz 251 and couple infantrymen but in the end , they still have good combat effectiveness. :) 



    Thanks for the update. I think you did well there - especially to save the trapped unit. Great effort!

    As equally important is you enjoyed it - that's the key thing :)

    The von Schroif version is very different - so be interesting to see how that pans out.

    Thanks for the update and useful to hear how it plays out. Thank you. :)


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