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  1. Lets see... time to check in on the Mutha Beautiful Thread

    Old idjits still here:                                             Check

    New idjits here:                                                 Check

    Joebob delusions of grandour:                         Check

    Boo still an idjit:                                                 See Point #1

    Useless dribble going on:                                 Check Check

    House Rune still going strong:                         Money Order


    The more things change, the more things should be nuked from orbit.  Its the only way to be sure.

    Carry on, carry on...



  2. Joebob, you talk about the National Felons league Dallas Cowboys, then digest them? I thought we had the discussion and agreed there will be no cannibalism in The Mutha beautiful Thread.

    I see Emrys is still here. I still blame Joebob for this. Weren't the two of you supposed to get together and see who had more age spots or sumfink?

    So what Houses are still represented here? House Rune and House Shaw obviously, anyone else? Well, think we still have the House in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun. Who else still lurks in the darkness of the Cess Pool?


    You see lads, once again my judgement regarding SSNs has proven infallible. Not only does sburke (spelt but not bolded) ask respectful questions about his duties, he then makes thoughtful suggestions ... in this case it's a stupid suggestion, we drink what we damned well please thank you very much, but that's how he learns so in this case I'll not apply the *BOOT* (can't be too careful what with the pitiful example set by the NFL ... Speaking of which my Beloved Dallas Cowboys play today ... but I digest). And I note with pleasure that he's already added the Serf tag to his sig line.

    As to his question regarding where to empty the pissbucket ... It's emptied where it's always been emptied ... I hope that clears up any question he may have.

    We do need to find a worthy opponent for the lad though, we can't judge his performance unless he, you know, performs.

    Yours in Justicariatness,

    Sir Joe Shaw, JFLPCT

  3. NG Cavscout I should of never spared the *Boot* with you. Only *Boot* you could make Joebob Shaw, the only player here who makes Monty look like a tactical genius, look good. You are lucky *Boot* that I can't reduce you in rank back to a plaything for Seanachi.

    Joebob, I hope you haven't forgotten to use the *Boot*. Look at some of the part Morons of House Shaw. On second thought, just having eaten, Let's not. Even the strongest stomach can only take so much. Remember NG Cavscout defeated players from House Shaw to get his knighthood. You should hang your head in shame. On second thought, just hang yourself.

    Sergei, you self-appointed pond scum, for you I could make an exception. I will give you a German Kübelwagen and have to face a division of KV-2s. To help balance it out, I'll give the Russians several brigades of infantry. Best of luck with that.

    I see Boo Boo Radley is still abouts. Why? The men in white coats haven't caught up to him yet?


  4. You leave for a few years, come back, and Joe 'by god i'm dense' Shaw still has visions of being average. He was never the same after watching me actually land aircraft [iL2 Stalingrad soon] while hs made a nice flaming pile. [insert your own comment here] I also see Nidan1 still around. I thought someone bought him a ticket and pinned directions home on him.

    I see House Rune still survives with No Good Cavscout still bringing the pointy end of a stick to a SMG fight. I may have erred by not giving *BOOT* enough incentive to do well but *BOOT* you can only give so much *BOOT* training until they call the *BOOT* SPCA on ya.

    I see a few of the true olde ones about. it is eerily like watching feeding time at the old folks home. You just never know what is going to dribble out of their mouths.

    Oh, and for those the knew, my youngest son got home OK from Afghanistan where he spent a year building FOB Shank, which is now being torn down. The base was attacking everyday the entire year he was there. He is in a Horizontal Engineering Company, which means they don't trust them to build anything above 1 story. He's been home a year now.

    No, I won't make you scum any maps. I have more important things to do, like *BOOT* getting a Knight of House Rune to actually win a battle. *BOOT*

    Nice to know somethings never change, like the smell in the Cesspool, or Boo radley's underwear.

    The Rune

    Owner and proprietor of House Rune

  5. Ghostrider 3/3, I will respectfully call you on that one, as I have done tons of research on this, and both what he did and where he did it has never been solved. Matter of fact, reports from the Americans say they didn't lose the amount of tanks he claimed that day. There was an attack against a defensive line nearby, a scenario I have made based on other reports, but no one is sure where the attack/ambush took place. If you are interested, I'll send you my version, but again, mine may not be accurate either.


  6. It—or its equivalent—has already been done. Why else would it look like it does? And how else could such a bizarre mutant lifeform like Shaw have arisen?


    Alien life form? Breeding experiment gone horribly wrong? Mother Nature introducing the missing link? A muppet experiment rejected? A cross breeding experiment between Peng and the mother creature from Aliens? A Stan Wilson creation? [Obscure references for 500 please Alex]

    Boo, Downers Grove on its worse day still beats Ohio. there is ZERO reason for Toledo.


  7. *Sniff* It's so good to see when your son [oldest] takes after you. *Sniff* I just watched him create a battle of Rune proportions. The Nasty Hun attacking with an armoured infantry battalion, vs. a sinlge spotter with some trps. His support consisted of 20 battleships, a 155mm battery, and a 81mm mortar battery. The scenario ended after the first turn... anyone want to guess who won? Of course to be truely evil, he should of added a flight of b-17s, but he is learning.

    By the way, 20 battleships firing 14" shells in a preliminary bombardment reminded me of what I'd like to do to Utah.


  8. [Real Life on] Apologies for not sending the file yet, but that thing called real life has intervened, and I had to get my youngest, who is serving in the Illinois National Guard, ready for his deployment to Afghanistan, where he is now located. I'll try to get to the file this afternoon for you to play. [Real life off]

    NGCavscout is one of mine, and I hope he is doing well.


  9. If you read this, even the Churchills admit nothing other then themselves would be able to cross where they did. i quote:

    "After landing in Normandy we were encamped for a week at a small village, some four miles East of BAYEUX, named ESQUAY-SUR-SEULLES. At about 7.30 in the evening o Friday July 28th we were ordered to move at once South-West to the neighbourhood of ST. HONORINE DE DUCY - a village four miles North of the town of CAUMONT (7059). We were not expecting this, being at no particular notice to move, but by 9 o’clock we were off, in two separate columns, one of tracked and one of wheeled vehicles, on a difficult cross-country night march of 23 miles. It was not until two hours after daybreak that we finally reached our harbour area, which consisted of a couple of very dusty cornfields on a rather exposed slope (705648). Sherman tanks of the 11th ARMOURED DIVISION, passing through us, covered everything with thick white dust as we dug pits, washed and ate. Then we got down to some rest, which was somewhat disturbed by intermittent shelling.

    Meanwhile, the Commanding Officer had been to get orders. We were to make a break-through South of CAUMONT on the following day to enable the armour to break out of the bridgehead.

    CAUMONT stands upon the crest of a ridge 750 feet high which runs for two miles from East to West. From the summit one looks across five miles of small fields, orchards and copses to another ridge which runs up from South-East to North-West and culminates in two summits of over a thousand feet each. A Northern spur of this ridge forms a separate summit of 850 feet between the two. Radiating from CAUMONT two roads strike across this country - the one South-East to AUNAY-SUR-ODON (5182), and the other South-West to ST. MARTIN-DES-BESACES (6750) and VIRE (6331), each dominated by one of the summits of this Southern Ridge. The angle enclosed by these roads however is intersected only by cart tracks between high banks, crowned with hedgerows and sunken lanes. It is a country such as no vehicle but a CHURCHILL tank could hope to cross. (Bolded by Rune)

    Briefly the plan was for the 15th SCOTTISH DIVISION to thrust through this triangle of “bocage” and seize the Southern heights, thus enabling the 11th ARMOURED and GUARDS ARMOURED DIVISIONS on our right to push down the road towards VIRE. The 43rd (WESSEX) DIVISION was to conform as far as possible in the difficult country to our left.

    15th SCOTTISH DIVISION’s attack was to be made by 227th (H) BRIGADE with 6th GUARDS TANK BRIGADE in support, and these Brigades were to move up that evening to the reverse slope of the CAUMONT ridge. The following morning 2nd GORDONS, with a squadron of GRENADIER tanks, were to strike South-East, after some preliminary air bombardment, and clear a strong enemy position in LUTAIN WOOD (7158). Half an hour later the remainder of the GRENADIERS, together with 9th CAMERONIANS were to clear the hamlets of LE BOURG (7058) and SEPT VENTS (6957) on our right, in order to free the other road for 10th HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY and 4th COLDSTREAM GAURDS to advance towards ST. MARTIN-DES-BESACES. Meanwhile, in the centre, we were to advance due South through the “Bocage” in support of 2nd ARGYLL and SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS and, at about 11 o’clock, to attack the first slopes of the further ridge close to the village of LES LOGES (7054). From here, if all went well, we could push on still further with 7th SEAFORTHS (lent by 46th (H) BRIGADE) to the most westerly of the summits on the ridge ahead (Point 309). For the first phase of this attack we were to have the advantage of an air-burst barrage moving at the rate of a hundred yards every four minutes.

    Of the enemy little was known and it was impossible to identify his position in the close “bocage” of the valley. One Field Division - No. 361 - was believed to be opposite to us, two “regiments” (i.e. brigades) up, and the 2nd PANZER DIVISION within easy reach. We expected to find a mine-field in LE BOURG and Anti-Tank defences in all roads and lanes.

    We moved off in the evening of the 29th and harboured in some steep fields under the CAUMONT ridge and just East of the town. (The precise spot is beautifully illustrated in a double-page photograph in “The Illustrated London News” of August 12th). The night was warm and quiet too, except for our own guns; but at dawn some shelling and mortaring of the valley behind us made things uncomfortable for the infantry and eventually the ARGYLLS moved close up under cover of the ridge.

    The attack on LUTAIN WOOD proceeded slowly and it was nearly 7.15 before we crossed our Start Line and began to descent the forward slope of the ridge. As we advanced, with Right Flank on the right and ‘S’ Squadron on the left, we encountered heavy fire from 15cm guns and 12 cm mortars. For the next quarter of a mile the strength of the enemy positions between LE BOURG and LUTAIN WOOD made fast progress impossible and at one time time Right Flank were deflected to support a Company of the 2nd GORDONS into the Western edge of the wood. At half-past nine we were still fighting in the LE BOURG-LUTAIN WOOD area and it became clear that unless we hurried the pace we should miss the barrage for the main attack. The Commanding Officer therefore ordered the tanks to move forward as fast as possible in spite of the opposition. This they did, dealing successfully with numerous enemy pockets on the way: but the result was that we outstripped the ARGYLLs who were unable to keep up over the rough ground.

    By 12.15 we had advanced well over a mile, killing many Germans with Besa and HE fire and causing a considerable number to surrender. But we were now so far ahead of the ARGYLLs that we were ordered to halt and wait for them to catch up. During this halt ‘S’ Squadron were worried by sniping from various cottages but Lieutenant HUMBLE and Lieutenant CUNNINGHAM silenced this with HE and later a number of corpses were found in the buildings. By 1.15. it was apparent that the infantry were so far behind that if we waited longer for them the chance of benefitting from the barrage and gaining the ridge without undue opposition would be gone. The Commanding Officer therefore obtained permission for us to push on with all speed alone. Moving with remarkable rapidity ‘S’ Squadron reached the left slope of the feature with has been described as forming a separate summit at 2.30 p.m. Right Flank, unable to pass through the village of LES LOGES without infantry support, were forced to turn left and follow them. The position was consolidated by 2.30 with Right Flank on the right, ‘S’ Squadron on the left and Left Flank in support. We were now ready to go on to Point 309 - the final objective; but permission to do so was refused and at about the same time, information was received that the attack upon our right had succeeded and that infantry mounted upon tanks were to be passed up the VIRE road to secure this hill. About the fortunes of the 43rd DIVISION on our left nothing was known and it was impossible to reconnoitre in that direction since CHURCHILLs were the only vehicle which had succeeded in crossing the rough ground.

    Meanwhile the point which we occupied was a full four miles as the crow flies into enemy territory. If it was lost the door which had been opened towards ST. MARTIN-DES-BESACES would be closed again. An immediate German counter-attack, with Armour, was therefore to be expected and until such time as the infantry could get up with some Anti-Tank guns there was no question of our being able to withdraw. Unfortunately the position was so exposed to shell and mortar fire that the ARGYLLs were reluctant to come up further than the village of LES LOGES; so there was nothing to be done but remain where we were.

    About 6 o’clock, just when the BBC News of the battle was coming over the air, the Germans put down a very heavy “stonk” hitting Captain BEESON’s tank twice - the second time killing him as he got out to rescue his wounded hull gunner. Five minutes later the long-awaited counter-attack arrived - but from an entirely unexpected direction. It began with a hail of armour-piercing shot from the depths of a thick wood some 300 yards to the left rear - an area which according to plan should by now have been cleared by the 43rd DIVISION. They were, alas, far behind.

    The first three shots knocked out the whole of Lieutenant CUNNINGHAM’s troop, the guardians of that flank, thus clearing a path for the enemy attack. The force consisted of three enormous SP guns - Germany’s latest and most formidable, the JAGD PANTHER, until then never seen by the British in action. Two of these monsters, covered by a third, charged through the gap into the center of ‘S’ Squadron and then slipped out of sight over the ridge to the left front, leaving eight more flaming hulks in their wake. Their approach had been masterly, covered from the supporting squadron (Left Flank) by a cottage and some thick hedge; but they were engaged going over the hill and not without effect: for some time later, two of them were found, a few hundred yards away, their tracks leading back to the scene of the action. The hit on one, which was burnt out, approximated closely to a claim by Lieutenant BANKES’ tank.

    Though over in perhaps five minutes, this counter-blow was a heavy one; the more so since Major CUTHBERT, the Second-in-Command, had chosen that moment to move over to look at the Left Flank. He must have met the enemy head-on, the tank being penetrated through its heaviest frontal armour, the ammuntion exploding and the turret leaping clean off.

    At about half-past seven our own SP guns were at last got into position and at about 10 p.m. we were able to withdraw from the ridge to a “Forward Rally” near a burning cottage at the Eastern extremity of LES LOGES. We had been for nearly seven hours upon the ridge after a long and bloody attack following two almost sleepless nights. As we moved back in the dark to find a harbour area we fell in by good luck with Major Sir Charles MACLEAN and ‘A’ Echelon and turned aside into the nearest field. The cooks had a hot meal ready for us as soon as we had filled up with petrol, but most men were too tired to eat.

    Speaking nearly a year later of this battle, the Commander of the 2nd ARMY, Lieutenant General DEMPSEY, described it as one of the most important in the whole war: he considered that after it had been fought a victorious end to the campaign was a certainty and was only a matter of time. It is known that our attack wiped out a complete “Regiment” - or Brigade as we should call it - of three battalions belonging to the 361st DIVISION. The enemy did not apparently suspect that tanks could be employed in such country. Unsupported by Anti-Tank guns, they were completely demoralised by the CHURCHILLs’ fire power and offered little or no opposition to the infantry following up. Our own heavy tank casualties emphasised the lack of some form of reconnaissance vehicle that can keep up with CHURCHILLs over bad going. "


  10. Won't work and would require major re-coding. Both sides do get an ai plan, but the side you pick the ai plan is NOT used. The AI just works on the opposite side. have asked for ai vs ai since cmsf alpha for testing scenarios and it hasn't been done, you won't see it coded any time soon.

    in the meantime, you can balance a scenario to be played either side, just takes a lot of practice and play testing a scenario. MEs do work out, but can be done with attack/defend scenarios but moe difficult. However, I agree, there is ZERO chance I am making 3 versions of a scenario.


  11. Mr. Rune, I don't think you are allowed to bring your nonsense out of the Peng Challenge Thread. So either begone back to that fetid hole or challenge me yourself in a calm, civilised, gentlemanly manner.

    I have special leave from the powers that be, being a tester since the cmbo days. Besides, a gentlemanly challenge would never do, and the minions have a strong union. Or was that a strong smell? Be that as it may, you must work your way up to challenge. Besides, Buzzsaw only managed to win one game, you need not fear.


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