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Happy 20th Birthday to Combat Mission Beyond Overlord

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It is really, really hard for us to believe that 20 years has passed since Combat Mission Beyond Overlord was released.  However, we checked and it seems the numbers are accurate.  Therefore, it's Happy 20th Birthday for Combat Mission!

If someone used a time machine and went back to 2000 to tell us how successful Combat Mission would become, we'd have likely recommended you check into a mental health facility (aka "Loony Bin") for 3 square meals a day inside a padded room.  At the time we weren't even sure Battlefront would make it through the rest of the year, so talk of decades of CM would definitely been crazy talk in our minds.  Sure, thumbing our noses at the traditional games industry and selling directly on the Internet only seemed like a good idea, but we had our doubts.  After all, the prevailing opinion of games publishers and resellers at the time was the Internet wasn't a viable tool gaming.  Yet here we are and here they aren't.

At this time we at Battlefront would like to thank all of you customers, testers, modders, and general supporters for keeping Combat Mission going for all these years.  This extraordinary adventure would not be possible without all of you.  Although I can't promise you Combat Mission will be around for another 20 years, the past 20 has shown us one never knows :D



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