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New Repository and Opponent Finder!

This announcement is no longer active


Gamers love options and so do we.  We've tried to provide as many options as possible to our customers over the years, however there's only so much we can do and do well.  One of the things which we haven't done as well as anybody, including us, would like is providing customers with options for new battles, mods, and opponent finding.  Each of these three services need a level of dedication and energy that we could not spare without harming the other things that we do.  The most important of which is making new games!  As a result our ability to support these important services has not been as strong as it should be.  The obvious solution was to find someone who could.  Finally, that has happened!
Battlefront is very pleased to announce a formal partnership with three distinct services to provide battles, mods, and opponent finding.  Some of you old timer CMx1 fans might find some of this familiar, which is correct since some of the great people behind these websites have been around for a long time.  Now thoroughly updated for CMx2, they are ready to take on new challenges.
The Proving Grounds II and The Scenario Depot III : Resurrected by Bootie this is the go to place for the playtesting of scenarios and the sharing of completed scenarios, maps and campaigns.
The Proving Grounds II  http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2
The Scenario Depot III http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3
CMMODS III is the successor to the CMMODSII we all know and love.  Bootie & GreenasJade have been working hard with other members of the community to get as much content as possible transferred from the old CMMODS site to the new one and finally are ready to go.  The old CMMODSII will still be around but will eventually only be kept for CMx1 mods.  Be sure to use this site to upload and download your mods.  The new CMMODS III supports all flavours of the CMX2 catalogue of games.
CMMODS III http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net
The Few Good Men.  The FGM have been around for more than a decade and excel at running tournaments and campaigns for CMx2 as well as still supporting CMx1.  Opponents are easy to pick up and they are a friendly bunch.  In addition they will also be hosting the annual Battlefront CMx2 Tournament so keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding that.
The Few Good Men http://www.thefewgoodmen.com
The current Battlefront Repository service will remain open for the time being, but will eventually shut down.  The content that is currently hosted will be moved over to the new services at a steady pace.  When all the content is migrated the Battlefront Repository will cease to exist.
We are all very excited about this partnership and look forward to continuing a long relationship on a more formal basis for many years to come!

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