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Help with windows 7 text issue

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The answer I assume he found was the 'Radeon_Text_Fix', which is a set of replacement bitmaps of the text. This is for text that is part of the 3D display (including the info panels). Here's our Knowledgebase article on the 'yellow on white' text problem. There is an FTP download of the .zip file that is within the text of this article, so you'll have to look at it closely to click on it.

If you do not see the text in the initial menus, then the only known recourse is to minimize the game and then re-maximize it. This should hopefully force a 'refresh' of the screen to draw the text properly. Sometimes moving your mouse over certain areas of the screen may be necessary in order to see some of the selection boxes.

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Hello all,

I bought Combat Mission Beyond Overlord many years ago, had great fun with it already. Now i tried to install the game on Windows 7 with partly success. At first the text was gone at the main screen. I disabled AA & AF. That helped.

But now in the 3D screen i have missing text too as you can see in the picture. I tried to download the Radeon Text Fix, but unfortunately this file isn't hosted anymore.

Does somebody on the forum still have it?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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2 hours ago, Schrullenhaft said:

I have a copy of the file. How would you like it delivered ?

Thank you very much, that's great new. I will send you a private message.

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