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Issues in QB game

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Hello, I managed to take a few videos to document some issues I had in a QB game the other day.

Video one shows a close attack to the flank of an American tank by an AT detachment of pioneers. My problem is they did not use their demolition charges? Did I do something wrong here? Why would they only throw grenades?


Video two shows what I thought would have been a fine way of moving a pair of tiger tanks but they keep acting like they were going to bump in to each other. Again, is this normal behavior? I've seen it when vehicles are lined up on the road, but not when they are side by side like this.


Video three shows a German Pioneer squad which has advanced to a low hedge. Two soldiers for some reason lagged behind terribly as shown in the video, with one of them running with his rifle going invisible now and again. Eventually, by cancelling the move order and resetting it, the soldiers stopped glitching and moved normally to join their comrades.


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