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HQs linking

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I've not well understood how to link HQs.

If I put a HQ close to a city with supply 5 it should receive a supply of 8,

and if I put another HQ clost to this HQ with supply 8, it should have a

supply of 10, is it right? This last step does not happen.

for example in Canada, as axis, even having 2 HQ in this region, within 2

hexagons, I noted a supply of 8 for both.

Could someone explaint that to me?

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Hi Flu,

For probably the best explanation on how HQ linking works take a look at the Global Conflict online manual found here:


Then go to page 32 and read the relevant sections and it should paint a better picture of how it all works.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks Hubert,

I've now understood that supply form cities is calculated first and prevail over the one coming from a close HQ even if this last HQ has a supply of 8 and the city of 5.

Is the range of 5 hex, to receive the influence of a HQ, affecetd by terrain values? like for supply?

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Another 2 quick questions:

- the Anti-Aircraft research increases the Air Defence Value AND gives 1 more Dfence Bonus to the unit located on a atrategic resource?

- does it work even on a US uinit located on a USSR city, considering that the AA research has been reached by USSR and not by US? In other wordrs does it prevail a geographic criteria or a unit criteria?

thenk you very much for your help.

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