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Other ways to find opponents

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Besides posting here, make sure to try some other ways to find online opponents for your Battlefront games!

Buddy List

Did you know that the vBulletin forum comes with a nifty buddy list feature, which allows you to see if other forum members are online and PM them? Live chat is not possible, but by exchanging instant PMs you can set up a game just as fast!

You find the Buddy List in the menu bar on the top of the forum, right hand side under Quick Links -> Open Buddy List.

The list is likely to be empty when you first open it. You can add users to your Buddy List by looking at the user's profile that you want to add, or by opening the Buddy List Management feature in your User CP (control panel).

Battlefront.com Browser Toolbar Chat

Do you know our Battlefront.com Browser Toolbar? Besides offering a quick way to interact with all the news from Battlefront.com, including Repository and Forum posts, News and Announcements, you also get a live online chat right in your browser, connecting you with all the other users (tens of thousands that is!) that have downloaded and are using the Battlefront.com Toolbar! Needless to say, the Toolbar is entirely free, no strings attached, and it's easy to install and deinstall (or hide) if you don't like it.

Here is a direct link to the Battlefront.com Browser Toolbar page, explaining the details, and offering free downloads. The Toolbar is available for the following browsers currently: Microsoft Explorer, Firefox, Safari

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