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Bannon DC

Attn: Scenario Designers -- Brest Litovsk Maps

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Over at The Proving Grounds web site, I uploaded a zip file containing 4 maps for the Fortress of Brest Litovsk set on the eve of Operation Barbarossa. I was working on this several years ago when CM Campaigns was announced (2005?). I was invited to join the CMC scenario design team and used this map as the basis for my campaign that would have been called "Barbarossa Begins." It would have featured the assault on the fortress and the exploitation of Guderian's forces up to the original Polish/Russian frontier.

The zip file contains four maps. One is a maximum sized "battle" (something like 3k by 4k... the max size allowed) map that covers the entire fortress and surrounding area. This was still a work in progress, but most of the armaments of the fortress have been set with some inventive use of armored units and pillboxes. The map is an accurate 75% scale. The others maps are cut down to the 2 km x 2km size that would have been standard for CMC. These feature the north and south parts of the fortress while still at the 75% scale. These are set as "operations."

I'm not really interested in putting in the effort needed to make what would be a great fight on these maps. I post these maps here on TPG for other designers to use them if they wish. All I ask is for credit as the map designer. If you are truly serious about working on a scenario to completion, I would be willing to share research information. You can probably find enough through a quick internet search.

In addition to this set up maps, I also have a handful of other maps for the campaign that would make good battles. One was based on one of the first armor vs armor clashes along the exploitation route (I believe near Poddubno). No T-34s. Another would have been the German vanguard's encounter along the original 1939 Polish/Russian border with the stripped down frontier fortifications. The Germans were held up here for a few days near Slutzk. Also, made a map for the city of Brest Litovsk itself. These are CM maps... not the CMC maps.

There are some more in my photo album... feel free to browse, it is all CM stuff.

You can contact me through TPG mail or at ZAPMC --at-- MSN.COM



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