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Sandbag squares

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They offer both cover and concealment. Units lying down behind the wall have an exposure of 0%, while those upright behind the wall will see incoming firepower reduced by 70%. You should note that the center of the sandbag emplacement is open ground and will do you little good. Place your troops close behind the walls to obatin the effects.

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Thanks. What page is that on in the manual. All I could fine is this (which is not that helpful re effects):


Sandbags represent prepared fighting and

firing positions, which can be used by infantry,

guns and vehicles alike. As hasty defensive

positions (piling up sandbags is done quicker than digging trench

systems) or whenever rocky ground prevented digging, these were

encountered often in Africa and Italy. Being terrain tiles, sandbags

can only be placed by the scenario/map designer, and cannot be


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