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[UFC #1 / AAR] Minty Monty (Allies) vs Living Legend (Axis)

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Ok so summary as we start 43

Fritz has made little progress into Russia albeit at huge loss to the endless hordes of Russians. His few german units are rock hard but not unstoppable, they just take a lot of killing. He is poised to push in the North in Spring and will probably make some progress towards Leningrad or Moscow, maybe swing down to Kursk.

Nothing in the South, Odessa still holds and Kiev is firmly entrenched

US has done almost nothing in 42 on the ground except land a couple of lightly armed armies and a HQ in Belgium. It's 2nd rate allies vs 2nd ratenazis puppets in western europe so far but that may change in 43.

I still hold Bergen. BEF have been there since 39 and not moved. Some super vet 14 corps pinging them for the last 2 years

Japanese armies are huge in number and exp but are close to their limit. All original russian and japanese cities are under usual control after a year of desperate fighting. It has taken a lot of units to contain them. Same in Burma. I think we may have reached high tide mark for the empire but he does have 3 vet tanks that are free now china has fallend so if they arrive somewhere en masse they could open it up again.

The IJN though is in tatters, he lost 2 carriers and at least 5 maybe it was 6 BB. Yanks controll all the outerlying islands up to Iwo Jima. IJN not out of it but is hiding in ports somewhere around china coast. USN has lost only the 1 BB , no carriers and now heavily outnumbers the japanese.

Med has been quiet apart from Istanbul where a lone panzer (well around 300 probably) are trying to hold back a combined Russian / british force.

This is not as bad for Rambo as it all may sound. His units are helluva tough. USN may have leapfrogged to close to Japan but there is no way I can land major forces in Tokyo any time soon AND Normandy. He has many new forts across France and Germany and the luftwaffe are on full exp and inflic brutal damage on my aircraft with these damn double intercept rules.

Russia is powerful but fighting at her limit having to hold back the full weight of the germans and the japanese on land. It could crack before the yanks arrive and if it does would go quickly with such tough mobile enemies on both front. We're even fighting on china / russian border in central asia by caspian sea.

Finally although his u boats have never appeared at any given time in large numbers they are still around and I don't like that. less of a hinderance for my MPP but a major concern for getting troops across Atlantic and remember he controls spain and gibraltor thus splitting my sub hunting force in two while he can move from atlantic to med and back. costing me a lot in destroyers and upgrades

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March 1943

Yes, the Allies did punch the IJN in the face. But in any cage fight, you gotta knock me out. The Jap Army in Burma is flat out tough. HQ-Umezu is a know 2-star general commanding the 17th Korean Army 3-Star, 3rd Kure SNLF SF 2-Star, 1st Paratroop. The Jungle army kills Wipro-India unit per turn, take minimal damage myself. We even retook Rangoon after I had left it unguarded. Yes, I have alot of territory on the mainland Asia, can't patrol it all. The Chinese have partisans popping up which I must contain. The 3-Armor have not shown their faces, after taking 2.5+ years to finally conquer China. The Yanks have shown up in force, they control the ring of fire away from Iwo Jima. Mt. Surabachi has already seen air attacks, but as you know, Japs dig in caves & can fly planes.

In Manchura, my fighting force at Ulan Bator is now in a nice 3-prong type position to fight supplied in the mountains out of Mongolian. It took me awhile to position things for positive supply because movement sucks. HQ-Kimuma is a bear, killing lots of Commies. In Manchoulio, we've backed off to a defensive posture, because the Reds have a badass Tank working that rail. We are in the city & behind the river. Extra units have been sent to Vladdystock. We got another kill, a fresh recruit Red Army lived for one turn, they sent to the bone factory. Vladdystock has been a grave yard for the Russians. This is needed to help the Germans. Minty does not want to lose any ground in Asia.

France as he explained is a mob scene & a parking lot for units under the cover of winter. Things will open up when weather breaks for the Krouts & the Yanks decide if they want to exculate things.

Russia, we kill another unit with our strong units. Yes, I'm outnumbered, but have the experience against the mob of MMP units. Isn't this always Russia?

Yes, Istanbul is holding on with full strenght Rambo Panzer...getting pounding by a tornado of ground & air. I do have experience & cover, but for how long.

Sub kills RN-Cruiser-Exter just South of Barcelona. I also have U-boats raiding :) He won the battle of the North Sea, but didn't finish off all the subs....enough to keep him honest.

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Istanbul falls, that's 2 dead panzers in 2 turns for the russians for no loss of Soviet tanks. ( 2nd legend panzers got tag teamed by T34s east of Smolensk the turn before) however air recon reports tigers in Romania. Hmm , and some very new tank sprites in China that I haven't seen before. I may have to send some of my new KV1s east as I only have 1 tank unit in siberia at the moment.

Mad Mintski 1st paratroop brigade of soviets flies across mountains by silk road to try and recapture china. After all who would bother defending it? Who would be crazy enough to try this stunt? Well it was empty a turn or two ago when my bombers checked it out but someone must have got wind of my plan as a 4 star 13 strength Jap army is in it now. Ah well would have been a top move if it had worked - China liberated - I can dream. at least it's good entertainment for the folks watching at home. Jap army look like the toughest SOBs in Asia so my paras run away west instead and take a chinese / japanese mine back. More coal for my soviet steel mills USN subs start hitting convoys too. As I'm maxed out on land unit to build we see a Soviet sub popping up in Baltic and pings swedish cruiser. What next commie carriers?

US sub appears off Vladdystock and pings the fuso for 2 points. 2nd madmintski suicide soviet paras land in Japan to cut off Sapporo from mainland and gain control of that naval passage. Lots of Japanese in Japan. Shouldn't really be a surprise I suppose. My para won't last long.

Other stuff, usual people killing each other but none decisively so. North west europe coast looks like WW1 with lines streched out from Hamburg to Dunkirk. neither side commiting heavy units to that theatre yet just an airwar and light corp gaining exp against each other as both sides entrench.Rmabo has built a lot of forts in west europe and multiple U boats pinging convoys again in Atlantic.

This one is going the distance. Cracking match so far

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April 1943

Asia, Vladdystock is taken with Tactical Aid from the middle of Manchura. Didn't know you get a plunder bonus, that's nice. Yeah, a couple subs (Russian & Yank) by Vladdy, but no worries. Russian paratroops are on Mainland Japan, holding a canal, would rather have him there than somewhere better. 2nd Russian paratroop is attacked in mine, he has nothing else to drop, so I don't need to protect the capital. I also chase a few partisians around China, mop up work I guess. Rest is business as usual. Massive USA naval movement. Battles in Burma & such.

France is overloaded with units. It rains & snows so much impossible to mount an offensive. Same with Russia.

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Fairly quiet turn. Fin corp approaching leningrad dead courtesy of KV1. Tiger tank getting pinged as I try and break west out of turkey. German engineer trying to fortify west of paris killed by RN shells and US tac air power from over the channel. Line of allies troops now stretches from north of paris to Hamburg.

Japan surrounded by subs. USN starts shelling west coast including tokyo down to a 6.

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April 1943

No Legend, No Cry

[Russia] Rain grounds the Luftwaffen. Russia Corp killed South of Smoltz area in rain, over rivers, in swamps by experienced Nazis. Partisian Bolaski Brothers killed in the Swamp by a mega 5-hit by a stubborn Bunta Army. Russian Sub sunk with Nazi Carrier & weak friends near Hellsinki.

Russians own all of Turkey, they use DD-Russian to block the Istabul ground canal. We ding him or killed him, can't remember now.

[France] Allies have all kinds of Air Units in Britain plus Carriers in the English Channel (RN carriers, no Yanks spotted just yet). They are pounding France, waxed an Engineer Nazi, not cool, I need those forts. Lots of rain, so my only real mission is bombing the port of Brussels, he's landing his entire force pool of ground units. Minty is doing 1943 d-Day. His units are on the beaches, he'll need bangaloo torpedos, John Wayne & such to kill all my corps. Some brave (but stupid) British Commando-SF got himself beside Paris, got himself waxed. On the other end of the mega Allied beachhead we kill some other worthless out of supply corp.

[Norway] Nothing doing. This front went from hot & heavy to worthless, all the action is in France.

[south Atlantic] British Destroyer +2 tech hit my limping U-boat, run, run, run, dive.

[burma] Meshed ground units in the jungle, we nearly kill another freah Wipro-Indian-SF, he's down to strength-1, no damage on my end, maybe a point.

The rest of Asia, I blow away Red-Army by UldaBimor, damage other units, ping sub, chase partisans, and no comment on my ships. Both Red paratroops tied up, and preparing to die out of supply.

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May 1943

Much Legend, Some Cry

[Russia] The dude is throwing his troops into the swamp to die. Some crazy RedArmy charges Minsk. He's given Tactical Bombers to his no entrenched position. Luftwaffen Fighters haven't flown for months in support, we sortie with the Commies. One dead RedArmy. Usual fighting around Smoltz, he takes damage, can't even remember, did I kill another? I know couple more heavily damaged.

In South Russia, we have backed off. Commie tanks are poised for either a drive to Warsaw or Romania. Allied pilots fight with Swedes in Romania, what a combo. Axis stay away from the coastline.

[MedFront] Some British subs sniffing Italy's butt, scouting me. He gets a 2:0 pop from plane in Sicily.

[France] D-Day 1943 is going to take more than the Allies are doing now. Two more British Corps become crosses on the beaches. Allied & Axis air battles are top notch. Luftwaffen Legends are battle aces against the green Yanks & rebought RAF. Another fort is built to the East by the Italians, dig in & fight boys.

[Atlantic Ocean] Notta

[burma] Rain & jungle warfare, what a mess. We are meshed together, slugging a cage fight. My Paratroops call Ragoon home while they are cutoff from the jungle fight. Indians know how to take damage, while their Tank is sucking on the oil well. Figures he doesn't want to fight me & keep the black gold.

[uldaBimor] Reds tired of losing infantry against my moutain cave Japs, they send big badass tank. Despite the odds, we attack anyways. Doing some juicy damage to the Tank, he's reduced to 3 or something, can't remember? I took couple hits on both my stout Japs. 3rd unit in the area pops as usual.

[Vladdystock] Another Russian Corp killed, it's like fighting ants, new fresh unit comes "when the one with the rifle is killed".

[Pacific Ocean] There are Yankee Subs all over the place, like flies. Sniffing all my positions, ships, etc. We play in cool. We don't sink anything, but give a few pops & try to stay away from obvious detection. Yanks have heavy BB's and such pinging the Jap Mainline. I have couple planes for spotting. Also have to move some transports around, he's pressing some action on Phillipine's Mine. That Corp is doomed, he'll be marching to Bataan.

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Finally some action. Zhukov's KVs and a SF take smolensk albeit just from some rock hard german who is now toast. I need to kill those vet units , they are so tough. There will be pain next turn from stukas but red air force becoming respectable now and giving some cover. First red army victory in the west. German armies best hope is the insanely tough Japanese who are increasingly drawing more of the Red army east. 2 Jap armies with no AT smashed my lv2 Tank T34-85 down from 10 to 2. What did they use? sharpened bamboo? Mr Miyagi's crane kick? Soviets back off a bit but still hold most of their ground apart from Vstock.

My jap para has just made it back over the border through the chinese mines but some badass 4star vet army has been running after him all around west china in some benny hill style chase.

Asia is hotting up. More russian sent to vladstock area but they spot a new huge sprite. Jap tanks must be lvl 4 at least. we'll find out soon enough.

Burma a stalemate. both sides not even bothering to attack. It's like some Paul McCartney music video but with bamboo and malaria.

Allied invasion less of a D day and more of a B day. still it is holding up most of his minor krauts and providing some painful flying lessons for the allies. Despite brutal aircover from veteran axis air my tac air pops off another little gerry.

Turkey / Romania front is most ridiculous international affair you have ever seen. How anyone can coordinate anything is a mystery. He's got germans , swedes and I think Italians and maybe bulgarians holding off my russians , brits, americans and australians in turkey. Both being cagey and not committing our big tanks. It is the one theatre I have air superiority so going to soften him up a bit first.

USN subs are roaming at will but IJN tucked up in port. more 16 inch shells thrown at tokyo but we'll need something bigger. Now what was that clever german sounding dude saying about pollytonium again......

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June 1943

Russia, he wants to fight, we punch right back @Smoltz. Dead KV, dead Corp, now nobody owns the leveled city. Tiger Panzer with Army reduce RedArmy near Odessya.

France, D-Day is funeral parlor of Allied units. Yankee Army, KIA, Brit-Corp KIA, massive airshow, Hitler passing out medals like candy. His port has been leveled, only one Army left in Brussels entrenched x6 + some unknown Yank-HQ hugging the beach.

RN-sub sniffing Sicily, it takes more damage. Sniff again he'll be dead.

RN sniffing West Atlantic coast Spain island & France. Italian fight pops BB near Brest, tons of air battles every turn.

Manchura, we celebrate "kill a Russian day". Beautiful KIAs at Ulda, Manchoiki, & Vladdystock. We let the lilimping paratroop live West China, he's no threat at strength-notta, jump again, I'm keeping the capital. The other RedPara died last turn on Mainland Nippon, not pretty to be a prisoner.

IJN pings subs, sails away. Fighter in Tokyo pops BB for 2.

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Mixed turn for allies. I try another war winning gambit to take out Italy in one as my subs and DD scout all around the coast. . Rome unsurprisingly occupied but Venice and Milan empty. Rhoedesian LRDG now really long range as they enjoy expressos in Milan square and wait for fashion week. Desert boots are so in this year darling. Downside is I'll lose a DD next turn for getting too close to Italy , maybe a sub too that could get trapped up east coast. I did finish of his last BB although it was only on a 1. Milan is way too close to Germany to hold for more than turn or two but. still a distraction for his overstreched german forces.

Russians in west advance and pursue a clausewitzian strategy of engaging the enemy where he is strongest for a decisive result. It takes rockets, TAC air, inf and Str 11 KV1 but we destroy one of his super str 12 4 star armies. We shall not see their like again.

B Day is getting what it deserves - very little. Allied TAC air pings some germans for practice

Russia is bleeding in the east but finally put a big dent in his super samurai vet army that has been chewing through T34s like they were made of cardboard. two Lv4 jap tanks are going to start pushing along from V stock

Not much at sea, my subs are getting wittled down but have at least confirmed the IJN is confined to the chinese coast. USN starts pinging Iwo Jima and Philipines.

Royal Navy pops up and try to shell Dutch east indies, lands South africans at top mine to north of indonesia. Burma is a stalemate.

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Mixed turn for the Axis.

[France] As expected, D-Day is over. All air attack the Yankee x6 entrenched in Brussells. Then, send in a wave of rotating Corps. KIA USA-Army, ping the Russian Cruiser in port. HQ-Bradley is stuck without troops, city or port.

[MedFront] Allies took a risk, they did grab a city. Other bad news. My Level-3 sub sneaking around for an attack in Spanish Isles runs into an extra Destroyer. THIS REALLY SUCKED, because I had many, many moves. I'm tired now, shouldn't have played this turn.

[Russia] War is war. We attack back. Kill RedArmy near Warsaw. Kill something near Smoltz (just played Xwormwood turn, can't remember).

[Asia] Quiet turn on both sides. After the slugfest, both sides searching for the late game strategy. Allies are working the perimeter of my Empire: Burma, South side of Dutch East Indies has navies sniffing me, landing a unit on a port. USN is pinging/sniffing nearly everywhere. Obviously he's building up on readying for a target. My biggest punch is heading North of Vlady, killing a unit per turn. 2 Extra Jap tanks deliver punch.

Legend is tired.......goodnight

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War is Hell. We are at the height of this with both sides at their peak in summer 43. Death and carnage on a global scale. subs sunk in atlantic, Couple of Axis rentanazis wiped out by the increasingly tough US TAC air in England. thought I had got the kill on the Italain BB last turn but it goes this turn. Rest of the world is just massive attrition from Japan to Mongolia to Burma and Europe. USN has IJN bottled up so RN is surrounding Indonesia and smashes port to reduce supply. Soviet corp also takes swedish mines. USN continues to soften up Phillipines and Iwo Jima and paras land on east of Borneo to take oil.

Have I mentioned how tough Axis troops are? Rambo has one Gerry corp on str 14 with 4.5 stars of exp who basically headbutts russian Artillery shells for fun. I throw absolutely everything at him and he loses a couple of str points. Japs also have a tank lv4 on str 12 with 4 exp who looks so hard and indestructible he is basically the Yamato on wheels. Expected losses in attacking him across the river were something like 10-0 even with AT2 so I thought best not to.

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I've been ticked off for 2 days about my Sub running into your Destroyers. I had escaped for years, knew those Brits were chasing/covering that African trade route South. Couldn't afford air spotting operands. Knew I should have sailed North, dang it. That was a juicy Sub+3 tech. You traveled in pairs to sweep the shipping lane. I had so many other moves and good ones with the Uboat AND I knew the position of the first DD beside the Spanish island port.

I'm really ticked off I gambled trying to bang the DD with his buddy there! What was I thinking? Even if I get a big roll, I'm going to face wrath.

I account that to be tired, played that at Midnight.

Crying about one Sub.

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Rambo, if it makes you feel better the sub tied up a lot of hardware for months. I had my eye on it from canadian long range bomber out of Algeria and 2 DD positioned such that you were pretty certain to bump into either as soon as you left port. So it may have died right away but it did take the commitment of 3 british units for about half a year. They could have worked round africa and joined med fleet or pacific where are much needed. in the words of Admiral AkDernitzbar-"It's a trap, we'll never repel firepower of that magnitude"

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August 1943

Enough crying about my Sub. Everybody knows I love my troops, camp, & followers.

[borneii Island, North of Dutch East] Combine Naval & Ground forces counter-attack in force against US/India agression. Ground units immediately sent to Borneii Island to attack 82nd US-Airborne. Ah Lordy, Minty loves paratroops, so lets really get this piece. Corp, x2Armies smash the airdroppers, CV finishes him off for the KIA. Another Carrier KIA's a transport that couldn't land or didn't land for some reason with one shot, have no idea what I killed, but I'll take it. CV also blasts India CA-Suxxe (KIA) which is finished off with a sub. India DD-Hotspur split open by monster BB+2 +12 of the Japs.

[burma] Jungle warfare, we hold positions & strength. Dish out 6:1 hits.

[ulan Bator, Russia] Time to back off, supply & movement sux. He's got healthy Tank & Artillery, not my style to charge that.

[China] Partisian KIA

[Khabaroski, Russia] 2nd Red Fighter is given ground & pound because he's in a bad position. I get a good view of the Commie technology Fighters +3. Didn't do him any good dying on the ground to a 4-prong Legend attack.

[brussells] USN DD-Spence just joined Channel funeral parlor KIA. Don't sit in my ports. HQ-Bradley sitting on the beach by himself.

[Adractic Sea] UK-sub being chased and bombed by weak Italian units, we do 2-damage

[sweden] Rogue Russia unit on my mine is pinged by Carrier & Swede Army

[Odessya] Dish out 8:1 damage to RedArmy

[smoltz] Corp KIA, Army KIA compliements of the Nazi ground & air forces.

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Russia reinforces in the West to hold Smolensk but gets greedy and tries to pop off a weakened tiger. oops thought I had aircover and TAc air shot right out of the sky. Ouch

We sense blood and invade Mongolia. His super tough Jap armies have taken a pounding from my artillery and KV1s and are startingt to crack. He'll have to reinforce them soon with green recruits.

I land some Kiwis on coast of Malaysia to try and take bangkok. Bump into Big Jap Army. Kiwis won't make it home. oh well , worth a shot. I'm still pleased with taking Milan which is holding nicely for now.

IJN is one side of Borneo in Java Sea popping off the RN while USN is other side phillipines, SF from US and AUS take Daveo with Carrier bombardment. Will a shot at my carriers tempt him out? He is heavily outnumbered but could cause a lot of damage.

Not a lot elsewhere, more sub hunting in south Atlantic , smash a sub down to 2. I have lots of DD. my sub that scuppered the italian BB is trapped on east coast of Italy and willnot make it home. Brave boys.

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September 1943 --- Turn right back at him

[smoltz, Russia] Tilling the soil again. Russian SF & Army, KIA, we retake Smoltz.

[Odessya, Russia] 7:1 damage dished to Army

[brussells] No action, accept dented HQ-Bradley to strength-4

[Atlantic] Lost my subs, except one. VERY poorly played on my part.

[Manchura + Burma] The usual.

[Dutch East Indies] Naval battle. We kill India CA, heavily damage couple other units, get intercepted by x2 Carriers (RN & India). My Carrier has no planes & is adjacent to DD. Not good.

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Akagi just survives bombardment from RN's two Indian fleet carriers and shelling from a very understrength RN BB. When I say just I mean just ship 1 air O. He brought in fighter cover which made the difference and bluntened by swordfish attacks. RN only have NW 0 :(

yanks try from the other side but german uboat protecting her rear. Very fearsome Jap BB in jakarta harbour looks menacing.

Yanks land tanks next to manilla to shoot up Jap airfields. whole island is full of ship busting Tac air.

More u boats death in Atlantic. My DD have really come good and been patiently positioned. He made the same mistake twice in a row though - focus Johnny focus!

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October 1943

[Europe] Quiet, nothing really. Well, US HQ-Bradley just became a tombstone on Normandy. Port of Brussells, back in Nazi hands, as is all of France. My Sub play stuck in mid-game....I had 2-juicy ones thrown away. Russian front is rain, we reinforce. Wait, we do get a kill Northwest of Odessya.

[Pacific] More instense fighting. Burma, we kill SF-India, tired of it, moved my position back a hex, come on in. I get sorry luck in Phillipines, well, who knows. Rain stops my Tactical airfield missions. All planes operand out of Phillipines. Even if I stay, his carriers would probably munch them. His tank is cutoff by Manilla, I pinged, got sucky rolls, he's like strength-2 left. I'm expecting major pain in return, upto him.

Down by the Dutch East Indies, we kill BB (Royal Navy), Sub (USA), damage another Sub (USA), sink x2 DD (USA). Come and get it, we'll fight down there. Some sorry South African Corp got KIA'ed trying to steal my oil, we send Jap-SF North up the islands to deal with him, there's another who wants some too. The rest of my ships scatter from his view.......Allied move & decision. Either his chases my fleet, or he attacks Phillipines. His choice.

Manchura, frickin' Russians are tired of dying, they now have x2 Tanks in Ulda, this isn't good, I'm in sorry supply, nothing to eat, city has been supply 1 forever, what's with that? Stalemate everywhere else this turn, need some punch & less rain.

Great game on both fronts.

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Late Fall 1943

[burma] Jap Jungle Army (HQ, 2-SF, Army) KIA on India-Corp in the middle of the country. We're living off berries & bayonets. Enemy has multiple India-HQs, India-Armor, US-Tactical. With the badness of Chinese partisians (now three of them, I've lost 3 cities) we will accept the Jungle as our home for this outpost.

[Java Sea] Rather large naval battle. We counter-attack with couple Carriers, Fighter support, Tacticals, surface ship, sub, etc. Total Allied losses KIA's: DD-Electra, DD-Taylor, BB-Nevada, BB-Iowa, BB-Unknown, CV-Enterprise. Missed out on killing weak Subs, they dove. Also ground battle on Northern Isle of Dutch Indies. Allies have the port, but we are pinging it from the South.

[Manchura] Heavy Russia Tanks threaten Mongolian. Our once famous 11th Army with 4-star experience is now reinforced with children, we are a green unit. Feeling weak in China, and also he has partisians roaming, this sucks. Rest of the country is minor activities, shuffling units in Vladdystock...he's behind the river, entrenched, and staying dry from the rain.

[Russia] He got great weather last turn. He had no rain, while my side had rain, thus I couldn't intercept his Tactical onslaught. This turn, I wax RedArmy with air near Swamp. Forced to shuffle units, and operand Tank & Corp to fill the gap he opened. We KIA Russian Corp beside Odessya.

[Atlantic Ocean] I lose another Sub, limping for life at strength-1 sails into DD.

[Milan] Still pinging S.African SF-Grukas, this sucks.

[France] Rain

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IJN pays the prize for it's boldness. RN seafires from the west draw the japanese fighter cover in Jakarta away leaving the seas wide open for USN carriers to attack from the east and go in full naval attack mode. Brutal damage for almost no loss. BB, Sub,CA x2 and finally a Jap CV go down. Only a mix up on the flightdeck of the lexingtion arming full CAP instead of naval attack spares IJN from further pain.

Don't want to get sucked into the gobi desert. 2 USSR heavy tanks pull back from Ulan bator after smashing the veteran japanses attack force.

Rain , rain, rain eslewhere.

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