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[UFC #1 / AAR] Minty Monty (Allies) vs Living Legend (Axis)

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Octagon UFC #1

Location: USA

Scenario: Default 1939

SC-Global Conquest

Tale of the Tape: A complete Unknown quantity versus the longest running name in SC. No way to book this game, not enough information to go on. I've been playing Vypuero's material in SC-Pacific and taking a look at his current masterpiece.

Turn #1 (Axis) ---- First, lets think about the scenario. In my opinion, the creators are begging for an Atlantic battle. I have no idea how this dude Monty plays. We work over Poland real good. Blasting about with everything available, waxing the Polish HQ, couple units (air & army). Gave the Polish Air a "Ground & Pound".

Not sure where I'm going with this one......will need to work on my game. Lots of rust.


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October 1939

-German tank groups 16th & 19th are officially renamed: 1st & 2nd Legend Panzers

-Loyal Legend Panzers adjacent to Warsaw at the beginning of turn blast away.

-Polish troops destroyed, except for one surrendering unit, mine captured.

-Good dice rolls, only 1 damage point to a corp.

-Poles surrender, Land division pact of Poland honored.

-Albert Speer & the other Buntas do some planning & review political stances.

-Austrialia & South Africa join Allies, I think.

-India joins Allies, think that means no Indian Army unit forms in Egypt?

-Japs notice Chinese in the South get behind Changsta River

-Elite+12 Jap Army dings Chinese 20th Army across river for 3 points, receives none.

-Japs put wheels on units in reserve, going to need Honda mobility.

-Other units are cautious, only pop rounds on Chinese frontline HQ, lots of entrenchment.

@Snowstorm --- I'm required by my sponsers to build up the hype for ratings. Considering the view hits of this thread, I understand.

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"Clubber,what do you predict for the fight?"


Early doors. very solid Poland take down, no overstretch,positioned nicely in turn 1 so he could pull his tanks out west on his second turn with minimal damage. Same in China. For a big guy he's light on his feet, keen eye for position.

for those of you wondering if I have a deathwish, I choose Allies so at least if the game is as short as Legend claims it will be I will get to see his offensive charms in action and learn a few things.

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Late October 1939:

-German treasury secretly spending cash, by who knows on what?

-No action

-Japs using Elite+12 & Special forces scoring hits across river.

-No city attacks, Chinese entrenched, need more punch to bother.

-In the North, Japanese Corps splite Chinese corp to attack fighter.

-In the South, Jap Corp split inside to take pop on HQ, carrier does the same

-Refused any 0-1 attacks into entrenchments, looking for weak spots.

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Rambo really trying to outflank me to the north and south, but proves a bit of a stretch for even his emperor's finest as the Chinese slam a sucker punch into the centre of the Japanese killing an Army outright. Resist the temptation to follow up right away and hold my ground. Nice to get an early Axis kill in though and bloody his nose a little, I'll get little pleasure out of China for the rest of 1940 I'm sure.

Winter approaches nothing elsewhere.

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November 1939


-All quiet on the Western Front



-North line, SF ping top of the Chinese line, corp supply 5

-Middle, notta, missing an Army after a monster hit & kill

-North of Changsta SF + Elite-12 do 4 damage to 20th China army

-South, carrier(s) hit HQ & Nanning, Army pings Nanning

(basically, looking for spots of low supply & entrenchment, attrition style)

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Want some killer carriers Rambo? With those double strikes you can quickly build experience, but make sure you keep them overstrengthed. Cycle them in and out of the >5 supply harbors and use them only after you have reduced the target with LB air and ground units, never use them at less than 11 strength unless you've got a sure kill.

The "chow" coastline is easy pickings, they can strike every turn and by the time USA comes in they are as good as German TACs and get them some range in the process, save the NW and Adv Air till later. China is toast!

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@SM --- The default is much diff than Vypueros mods. Limited movement & no cute toys to buy here. The tech advances are very limited, they want to point Axis to tanks & subs. Vypuero has his carriers neutered while default version we know where the power is.

I'm thinking about ground & pound UFC style. Carriers are a lovely knee kick.

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Well either way the Chinese will stand firm aginst the japanese. supervet gamey carriers or not. nothing for winter, chinese just redeploying to hold the line from north to south.

French try a spot of surface raiding whilst they still have a fleet but can't even seem to get that right and just upset the norwegians. other than that I await spring 40 and the unleashing of the legend panzers on the poor belgians.

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I like using the French navy this way - pissing off the Norwegians is not too serious, unless you really push it and the Germans will probably invade anyhow. There are also spots closer to Germany where you can do this. I really appreciate the surface raider changes (and the blockades) - Navy's have more impact. Its much harder for Germany to forget the Sea to concentrate on the Land for this and other reasons.

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December 1939


-Merry Christmas Belguim, I just gave you as a gift to the Fuherer. It was a white Christmas in Germany (snowing), but not in the low countries. Luftwaffen fighters attack first, minor intercept by French which are North of Paris. Stuka next, then a panzer & army, Brussels is mine for Christmas coffee.

-2nd Panzer goes to the Ardennes, attack 3rd French Army along with German army, we get the kill !!!

-Kreigsmarine gets lazy, does not read Norway sea supply reports that the Frogs have raided, thus on my U-30 route from the North Sea. What am I doing? Read the damn report. I was 2-hexes away from a Battleship.

-Adolf Hitler attempts to release ship support for U-30 to no avail, French Cruiser/Battleship blocking Kiel on Danish/Nazi canal border.


-North China entrenched line: Jap Special Forces + Corp + Corp are pinging the right flank Chinese Corp. Did like 2 damage, it's attrition up there in the cold weather.

-Middle China north hex of Chansta: Elite Jap Army is rotating attacks with 2-Armies over the river against 20th China Army. We reduce him down to strength-1. The combat feels like SC-1 in China.....just wanna dish out damage (MMP cost to enemy) while taking none & gaining experience.

-South China: Carrier pings Nanning, nothing. His HQ across the country have backed off, not giving me a chance to ping. South Korean Jap Army attacks Nanning, we both take a hit.

-Jap units in the rear are given Honda Accord wheels so they can have some movement.

-Jap carriers need vamped up.

-Swapping stronger garrison units in East, need some punch in the front lines.

@Minty --- How do you like being on Center Court, the world is watching son. You're in the Octagon, fighting in the Cage, enjoy the enegy, feed off it. You had the balls to play, now you're being rewarded with fame & fortune.

-I am Legend

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January 1940:


-British DOWN on Norway, using Carrier, Battleship, Army, Corp.

-Norweigans though they lose Oslo, do not surrender

-Swedes take annex Norway's mines because of Allied invasion (Script decision)

-Norweigan Destroyer-2 goes haywire, sails into RN, dead.

-So suicide French Army lands behind my lines, WTF?

-French BB & CR clog up the Kiel area against U-boat.

-French BB pings Germany Army on the shoreline.


-Sub U-30 submerges RN attack North Sea, survives & goes his own way :)

-Snow flies in Europe, Luftwaffen grounded for repairs

-1st & 2nd Legend Panzers rollout, no need for repairs or upgrades. French Army blasted, sent "straight to Hell boy" --- The Clash

-Sudo Maginoit line is worthless, French Corp killed. Panzer goes into the mine.

-The suicide French Army which landed behind my lines is mopped up with rear units, easily.

-French have 2-units in the Magnoit line cutoff, Tank in Paris, 1-Army, therefore, no need to be conservative.


-Things feeling much better. Nanning is attacked with 3-carriers (6-attacks total). The morale of the unit & entrenchments pinged hard. JapKorean Army + Corp + Fighter ALMOST take Nanning, the defending Chinese Corp is reduced to 1.

-North: 5 attacks on top flank Corp, minimal damage.

-Middle: Just check popping Chinese 20th Army above Changsta. He's taking damage, I'm gaining experience.

-Just a matter of time before something gives. Not much the Chinese can do.

Overall, this feels like SC-1 in the way to ground & pound. Keep attacking weak or known areas that will dish out damage with only taking minimal damage. Gain experience, cost the enemy MMPs in repairs.

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feels like winter 1914 in China and the race to the sea, only this time the race to the mongolian border. Chinese pull back from the centre to avoid being outflanked as Rambo pushes on in the north and south.

France is standard stuff, will fall by May at the latest. Axis keeping away from shore so as not to get pinged by 14 inch shells. Italian early entry catches UK malta corp practising in amphibs... where were they going? back to Malta .....for now.

Britain liberates Norway from the er.... Norwegians. nothing the Krauts could do about it with the full frog navy blocking the baltic. Swedes and Fins don't like it but Winston cares not for their sensibilities. No time for niceties when you're defending democracy. Anzacs turn up in the Middle east.

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Feb. 1940


-Denmark DOW, land paratroops, destroy the defender-1 in Copehagen, the Danes are Nazis anyways, plunder 48 MMPs.

-French lose 2 Armies, minimal damage. We are adjacent to Paris with 2 of our own Armies & Panzer.

-French have their Tank in Paris, with entrenchment +6, we'll need to do some surgery on it.

-Luftwaffen reposition

-Magnoit Line is captured North & South end, trapping lone survivor in the middle of it.

-Italians ping Marsilles


-Same old, ping Nanning, the 20th Army North of Changsta, and attrition winter battle in the North.

-Carriers support Nanning.

-Chinese units don't have the MMP support & Japs have +1 infantry

-Just attrition, picking spots.

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French tanks don't wait to be destroyed in the ground by Stukas but come out fighting knocking 1st Legend Panzers down to a 2. Tout pour le Glorie de France etc. They are renamed 1st cheese eaters and dig in at Str6 awaiting the inevitable destruction of the 3rd republic

Nazis must have flown into Narvik before Oslo fell, RN keep an eye on them and throw a few 8 inch shells into the port

China is bleeding MPP but not cracking yet , it's a thin blue line, trying to use geography wherever possible to gain any defensive advantage.

first time playing anything but 1.00. gives me the option to reinforce Singapore. not sure what my money will buy me but historically this would have been a great idea so Winston signs the cheque. what will I get for my British Gold?

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March 1940


-Rain ground the Luftwaffen, no attacks on Paris

-1st Legend Panzers are heavily damaged, they go back to Germany, help finish off French Army

-No reason to attack entrenched x6 Paris this turn with rain pouring. We kill French-HQ and French-fighter for free.

-Yes, Narvik is under Nazi control, figured I'd send some air units up there to prevent British convoy.

-French Navy lurking the coast, my paratroops in Denmark are spotted marching home.


-Italians run into French ship North of Libya, he has them playing risky, might as well.

-Ethopia has sparked Allied interest. 2-ships attack the port, infantry sniffing me.


-Nanning falls, this is good, first objective captured. Bringing an extra Army to that assault enabled the capture.

-North, just attrition, weather sucks.

-Middle, Chinese 20th Army is batting practice, heavily damaged.

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April 1940


-Rain once again in France, grounds the Luftwaffen.

-Hitler orders Paris to be taken despite weather, we barely take the target.

-Some minimal damage taken for Paris, nothing the plunder can't repair.

-Vichey France is formed, I see 3 French warships disappear in English Channel.

-German Cruiser docks in Norway Navick, attacks British Cruiser, not sure why I did that.

-Brest converted to supply port


-RN harrassing Mogadishua port


-North: nothing but attrition, he's using HQ's to defend line, he's thin.

-Middle: 20th Chinese Army destroyed, we cross the river to cutoff Changsta :)

-South: resupply frontline units

-China has been punched in the face, looking to follow up this summer's weather.

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May, France is gone and U boats come out into the North sea, rough seas prevent my destroyers from doing much damage. Narvik hots up as Swordfish raid the cruiser and reduce it to a 5. Me109s sting the RN on way back to the carrier though.

in china shanghai falls to Chinese. The thin blue line is stretched but holding for now. HQs make poor frontline troops but China desperate to not to let Japs cross the river to the north / mountains in centre / jungle in south. South now looking the most dangerous as Rambo's monster exp Armies are bulletproof.

He's posturing for a sealion and can the UK hold with troops / Navy committed to Norway?

1st legend panzers last spotted by RAF being somewhat less than legendary on str 1 on the retreat out of Belgium.

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