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An advanced option I'd like to suggest...

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Hubert - thanks for the .02 mods, to you and your team.

Now, I can spend the next 4 days (Canada Day + Friday + the weekend) playing my favorite game...:)

Not sure if this option already exists (does it, if so, let me know where to find it), but I've often thought the game would be more challenging if the BOTH the human difficult increased AND the AI automatically gained experience as the game progressed.

For example, regardless if playing Axis or Allied, human starts game at beginner w/ AI experience set at '0'. By mid 42, human difficulty automatically gets bumped to 'Intermediate' and AI goes to '+1' experience. By mid 44, AI difficulty automaitically gets bumped to 'Advanced' and AI goes to '+2' experience.

This would reflect a more historic balance (making it more difficult for world domination) and therefore consistently challenging the human player by making the game more difficult as game progresses, and AI more advanced as game progresses.

I'd make this an option---not everyone would like it of course---



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